Share Your Overall Thoughts About the Love and War Event…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

We’re gearing up to record our final Addicts Live where we talk about the Love and War event, time to wrap it up with a pretty bow!  We’d love to get your input for the show! So in the comments below share your thoughts about the Love and War Event as a whole.  What did you like about it? Hate about it?  You know your Good, Bad, and Ugly.  Also, let us know what you wish they did differently, and what you think we might see next in Springfield!

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I LOVE having y’all participate in Addicts Live, that’s what makes the show so fun, so please let us know what you think and we’ll share your thoughts on Addicts Live this Saturday!


P.S. No new Little Addicts Adventure tonight.  Sometimes I have days where I simply cannot function no matter how hard I try, and yesterday was one of those days.  So sorry! The Little Addicts will be back next week with a new adventure!

22 responses to “Share Your Overall Thoughts About the Love and War Event…

  1. The event was boring.

  2. Abandoned the event and grinded donuts to get Titania. Started early as I knew she would be difficult to acquire. Very happy, hard work but a week or/then a month off coming up, something for everyone in this game

  3. I’m glad I could finish these little events with my busy schedule. Funny new characters now in my Springfield.

    I only wish we were able to buy chocolates/gifts for our neighbors for valentines. Lol.

    Off topic. Where can I get courts for awards trophy? I remember them being available for the realty currency but haven’t been able to find them. I hope they weren’t just an event item.

    • The tennis courts?
      I think they pulled them because there was a glitch with the bonus % and the ones you could buy for sh currency. But I could be mistaken. If anyone else has a difference answer I’m all ears

  4. Wish that brought back all the limited items and all those brickstone houses, even though we are buying with donuts we need to fill our Springfields towns. I missed 2019-2020, of course I missed so much items. I love tapped out but it’s disappointing how coming back of the 60 friends I had only two play, the rest left lol.

  5. This was a solid B+ from Act 1 to Act 2, but by Act 3? I lost interest! Yes, Harpoon Hill ruined it for me (at least I didn’t have a crap attack and quit the Game App in anger like those who hated Pagan Christmas 2016!) I bailed on Act 4 (too many Marge Simpsons Variants, too many Artie Ziff Buildings, too many Tokens = 12 🍩’s!) This Multi-Act Event gets an F (for Failing to deliver a worthy Event, because it was padded with Crap Prizes!)

    Out of 💯 new Content, only 30% is used, and that’s because I was only interested in those things related to Temperance / Cyrus Manly / Captain Mordecai (with the exception of Harpoon Hill – that belongs in the 🗑️ along with the Springfield Dog Pound!)

    The icing on the cake of “this is really L-EA-Z-Y” ? We get a Tunnel of Love, but not one permanent Visual Character Task at it! C’mon EA! Do I need to look at this as the best we get in 2021 …. or will you try harder? (not even the writing could save this Multi-Act Event!)

    This should have been a Mini Event for 2 1/2 weeks with nothing Artie Ziff related! This technically was supposed to be Valentine’s themed, but it wasn’t (then again Halloween , and Christmas, last year weren’t respectively themed!) The only things Valentine’s themed was the Mystery Box! I wish we got Buildings and Decor that were related to and Edwardian era Coastal Town (wishful thinking! you know, like thinking we’re going to get more Land?) 🙄

  6. There is really noting fun about the events anymore. I could even do them with my eyes closed. The stuff we get are just stuff to put on the land. Not impressed for the last few years. I have so must stuff in my inventory I don’t know what to do with it.

  7. Toooo long, bring on the next event, something green

  8. So most of my characters are stuck somewhere and I can’t move on it’s say there ready but when I try to click on them nothing happens I did a hard close and reopened but all I got was a download and nothing any help please

  9. Back in the day, this event would have been a C but as of the last few years it’s now a B. I guess we’re lucky the game is still going. It’s still kinda meh. Not memorable just kinda forgotten.

  10. What I noticed is that there are various characters which don’t appear in the Yearbook and can only be obtained through special events. About 1/2 of the old premium characters can be obtained through the Yearbook but for the rest they can only be obtained through tokens in events.

  11. D – same as all recent events, I assume the servers cannot cope with anything more complicated. Prizes were a random bunch where they will be placed apart, much prefer grouping event prizes together as a reminder of the event. Bring back the stonecutters – never forgotten.

    • Same here D for me, was going to give it an F but hey I’m in a good mood as the sun is shining.
      Totally forgettable event, overall some of the worst prizes I can remember. Come on EA if you are going to stick with this lame format, at least give us some decent content.
      I’m afraid I’m spending less & less time now playing tapped out, there is just nothing to keep me interested. Used to be the first game app I opened each day, now sadly the last.
      Shame, it was a great for a long time though & I am grateful for that.

  12. 3 things I liked about the event:
    *The dialogue was great with Artie and most of the characters from the event getting involved.
    *The content was pretty decent since the buildings were the best items from the event followed by the characters, animated tasks and then decorations.
    *The building were really well designed in this event since the Ziff-Bouvier Mansion, Ziff Wedding Home, Ziff Hotel and Downward Doghouse Yoga Studio were the best designed items in my opinion.

    3 things I didn’t like about the event:
    *I didn’t like how most of the decorations didn’t have tasks or extra animations with them since the Love Tester, Artie Holo-present and Harpoon Hill are the only ones with extra animations or a task.
    *I didn’t like how the prize buildings only had one permanent character task with them since Temperance should’ve had a permanent task at Temperance’s House.
    *I didn’t like how 3/4 (6) of the characters were premium and the other 1/4 (2) were freemium prizes. I think EA should only offer either a character you buy for real money or a Gil Deal character along with the 1 premium character per act instead of both a real money character and a Gil Deal character being offered in the same event.

    Overall, I gave the event a B grade. It was good but not great since there was parts of it that EA did well on (the selection of items available) and things that EA didn’t do well on (the new items only improved vanity and consumerism on the Conform-O-Meter). It was also nice to see an event have more female character than male characters.

  13. David billington

    I only gave it a D because some of the prizes were absolute rubbish, not enough new content. I love new buildings and characters, I think we should get 2 buildings per act and 1 character plus the usual donut splurge for the premium character.

  14. I’d rate it a B+ marked down cause it dragged on a bit and I miss the event days of having Invading tap-ables to tap e.g. Bob clones.
    Though any event where I get to make a new area I’m happy.
    I hate the events where the prizes are nothing special and just get placed anywhere.

    Unfortunately I did hit the 10,000 limit warning because I dared to buy valentines trees. ☹️

    • The nerve! 😉

      The good news is you have 4,000 more items before you actually cap out. So that’s still lots of room for improvements!

  15. Richard VonErich

    I long for the days when events were brilliant you know something like the stonecutters update now that was a top event and when visiting your neighbors was fun oh well I can wish I suppose ☹

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