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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

I know we’re still about a week away from the end of the Springfield Choppers mini-event, BUT we’re gearing up to record the Addicts Live Springfield Choppers wrap-up, time to put a pretty bow on it!   We’d love to get your input for the show! So in the comments below share your thoughts about the Springfield Choppers Mini-Event as a whole.  What did you like about it? Hate about it?  You know your Good, Bad, and Ugly.  Also, let us know what you wish they did differently, and what you think we might see next in Springfield!

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Also as a note for those who are looking forward to sharing input about the most recent episodes of The Simpsons.  Next week we’re going to do an episode where we talk about all the episodes since “Diary Queen”…so “Wad Goals”; “Yokel Hero”; “Do Pizza Bots Dream About Electric Guitars”; “Manger Things” (the 700th episode); and the new episode that airs this week.  So look for a post similar to this early next week to share your thoughts! 🙂

I LOVE having y’all participate in Addicts Live, that’s what makes the show so fun, so please let us know what you think and we’ll share your thoughts on Addicts Live this Saturday!


22 responses to “Share Your Overall Thoughts About Springfield Choppers…

  1. I give the Springfield Choppers event a A/B grade. The content and dialogue were pretty decent. My favourite prize was either Spiro or the Ball of Death but I do also like Homer’s Motorcycle and Homer’s task there. Greaser’s Café and Wolfguy Jack seem like decent premium items. Wilbur Nurple seems like a okay character plus he helped with the event (I remember when Sven Golly was first released, he helped earn currency in the Springfield Jobs event) even if he costs real money and isn’t voiced for some reason (he was voiced by Hank Azaria in the show).

    The only complaints I have for the event is that there wasn’t any St. Patrick’s Day items brought back this year (3rd year in a row now) and all the returning content costs donuts with nothing was available for in game cash (the Motorcycle with Sidecar should’ve been brought back for cash instead of donuts since 40 donuts for it is a waste of donuts).

  2. I really like this mini event. I especially liked the ball of death and Spiro character. I would grade the mini event a B. What I hope to see next is something to do with gardening 🧑‍🌾. We could get more bushes and flowers 💐 🌺 🌹.

  3. As always, I think the mini events are actually better than the longer events these days. The writing is crisp, the prizes are worth tapping for, and they make sense. I’d be fine if they never had another major event again!

  4. I can give this Event an A- / B+ , however the message should be clear with EA!

    We need more Land!
    Mini Events are the way to go!

    10 days, 4 to 5 quality Prizes, 1 to 2 Premium Character Combos!

    It would be nice if Decor was available for Simpsons 💵, but I’m fine spending sprinkles if I want it (that’s Decor which increases your Bonus % and XP, or has a Character Task!)

    I quit at Act 4 during the last Multi-Act Event, I reckon there are others who quit during Act 3 (or didn’t bother to Tap at all!) Take the hint EA, ’cause the message is all over your TSTO Facebook Page. 😉

    • Generally speaking I’ve always preferred the mini events. This preference has been cemented by the ridiculously long major events. I understand that more time to complete events might be of some help to players at the very early stages of the game, but 9 days per act is ridiculous for the majority of players.

      • gasboss775 👍🏻

        It sure was fun in this Game App way back when an Event had you Grinding for Content (we had a time limit, but we had various ways to be rewarded, along with more to do with your neighbourenos) …. and that’s how I could describe the first year of the Multi-Act Event format (it was fun, now it’s just dumb!)

        The Mini Event format reminds me of the original Level Update – a Variety of new Content to choose from, including Premium – and back when obtaining Simpsons 💵 meant something (except there’s not much to spend Simpsons 💵 on now).

        I can understand those who may be brand new (Level 30) to the Game App, but so were we at one time (and if that meant expediting / grinding when you can? you did that). It was more of a challenge, but Noobs have it easy now.

        The true differences? back then we didn’t have so many Network issues (I got my 1st Bart Simpson Screen of Death problems back in 2017), and we’re all savvy Tappers now (we do not need 9 – 10 days, when 5 days is enough).

        My big concern personally is the next Multi-Act Event being the same experience since the last one (I quit after Act 3, I could easily quit during any Act from now on if it’s not worth my time and effort).

        • Guess you were lucky with network issues. I started my first town around day 10 of act 1 of Winter 2015. It wasn’t Bart – curse – reload then either, it was retry, retry, retry and sometimes give up after an hour.
          I was clueless back then too, trying to deal with piling snow and getting hot squishees and unlocking level content to release characters so I had more than just Lisa for Send Kids !!
          I started my second town just in time for Winter 2019, a bit less clueless by then but I still had to juggle to unlock everyone for the event. The new format helped. Back to when I started my first town and I was just beginning to make progress then pop, Act 2. Still got a pile of snow somewhere I can’t do anything with.
          At least the rolling acts meant I could go all out on levels for a week in my second town, and then catch up. Got all the prizes, but only just, so I wouldn’t say a noob has it easy.

          Maybe they could balance things a little, perhaps unlock each new act after a week but keep it at 5 weeks plus the kind “finish the quests you’re on until we issue an update” extension.
          Higher level players can get on with it and have a couple of weeks to design and mess about with side-quests and the noobs can still have a good go at completing it all.

          Be nice to see neighbour actions and tappables back too, but I guess EA haven’t sussed how to deal with four possible currencies on the go by the final week. I have a thought on that, which I think is a nice simple solution.
          It tracks where you’re up to –
          got prize 1, OK here’s the tasks for prize 2 . . .
          Simply check what is the oldest incomplete prize track and that’s what the currency is for the NPCs. If it is complete and the next part hasn’t triggered or you’ve finished it all then let those NPCs pay a little cash and XP so they’re still worth tapping.

          • Graham-S

            I store my NPC’s (unless it is used in a Character Task), very fortunate that I haven’t gotten the ‘roll back glitch’ (nor have I been locked out of Origin Account), Leveling Up is easier compared to pre – 2016, getting Tech Support by EA hasn’t.

            Multi-Act Events have run their course. Too long, loaded with too much Content that gets Stored, and Network issues force one to expedite with 🍩’s (or sit out the Event when it’s not worth it).

            Mini Events work fine (for those who’ are running out of space). There will be more Tappers not bothering to complete a Multi-Act Event if it keeps being a “rinse and repeat” format.

            I don’t have time for an A,B,C Game, I respect there are a few who do have the time, but I join everyone who misses more interaction with neighboureenos.

            It’s a small dedicated EA Staff running TSTO and it shows. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  5. Here in the UK we finally get Dairy Queen in a couple of days !?!
    Considering how the internet has taken off in the last 3 decades and the fact most of the rest of the world don’t wait months ( we got ep1 in January ) it’s high time they sorted broadcasting rights for over here !!

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  7. Less than half a day for the poll. Not good.

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