Where Did THAT Come From- Wilbur Nurple and the Stolen Bicycle Graveyard (BONUS WDTCF on the Bully Bus, Group, and Boss)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Look, guys, I’m back with another WDTCF!  I guess they didn’t scare me off too bad…we’ll see what happens in a few weeks… 😂

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where Did THAT Come From?

For this post, let’s tackle a few of the items from the latest mini-event to hit our pocket-sized towns…Springfield Choppers.  Time to examine where Wilbur Nurple and the Stolen Bicycle Graveyard get their origins from…

Both these items (as well as a bunch of returning items, like the Bully Boss, Crowd of Bullies, and Bully Bus) come from the 2014 episode, Winter of His Content” S25, E14.  

Now we’re at a little bit of an advantage with this one here at Addicts…because when this episode came out, Addicts was around.  And back in the Spring of 2014, we were actually writing episode re-caps! So if you want the FULL re-cap of this episode…including both the A and B plotlines…travel in the TSTO Time Machine and check out Bunny’s post on this episode here.

So for this WDTCF I’m really only going to get into the specific items from this event, since we already have a VERY detailed re-cap up.  So, to set the stage…Bart defends Nelson when it comes out that Nelson wears his mom’s hand-me-downs…including her undies (ewwww) and Nelson is grateful to Bart for sticking up for him.

And this sets the scene for all of the bully content.  Flashforward to nightfall in Springfield.  Bart is awoken by a rock through his window, with the message “Come Outside”.  Bart knows this could only be good.  So he climbs down the rain spout outside and he’s kidnapped by the bullies.  They stick a hood on him and wheel him off in a shopping cart!

When they pull the hood off Bart discovers he’s at their secret place, the “empty swimming pool from the country club that closed down rather than let women in.”

And right next to the pool is the Stolen Bicycle Graveyard…

It is in the stolen bicycle graveyard where the bullies tell Bart that they’ve decided to make him an honorary bully!  And they want to bestow upon him the necklace of unknown retainers (*shudders*)

Bart’s not sure that he wants to be a bully, but Dolph tells him it’s too late…he’s seen their faces!

Flash forward a few nights later and the bullies are sitting around the stolen bicycle graveyard when a tweet from Chester comes through.  Who’s Chester you might ask?  (as Bart did) He’s the most legendary bully of all!  According to Jimbo, “they say he once wedgied a kid in half”!  Ouch!

Look familiar?

Anyway, Chester’s calling a Bully Summit for next Saturday night!

So now we flash foward to Saturday night and the Bully Summit at Six Flags Over Krusty!  “Everyone who ever took anyone’s lunch money is there!”   There’s the Blinky Sneaks, Krusty’s Kids, The Purple Nurples…

Notice who’s not in the Purple Nurple group? I don’t see Wilbur…

Anyway, moving onto the other groups…there’s the The Scary Potters and, my favorite, The Baseball Furries…

Why couldn’t we get these guys in our games?!

Anyway, the Springfield Bullies arrive by train to the Bully Summit at Six Flags Over Crappy Krusty.  Where they’re advised to not be “packing”, so there are no accidents at the summit. Bart’s not too thrilled by this, and we see him keep his slingshot despite the warning.

Enter our first instance of Wilbur Nurple…although no mention of his name is ever given.

He wants to know how the “babies” got there…

Inside the Summit, Chester is giving a pep talk to the crowd!  “The Day of the Bully has just begun!”

And we see someone lift the slingshot out of Bart’s pocket…

We see Bart’s slingshot make its way to Wilbur.  He’s going to use it to take out Chester!  When someone asks why he’s doing it he replies “Because I don’t want to sit around like Prince Charles waiting for the queen to die!”  He lines up his shot and takes it…

A direct rock to the head hit for the Bully Boss Chester…

Of course, a giant fight breaks out as a result and when they’re looking to find out who shot Chester, Wilbur of course grabs Bart and says “this kid did it, his sling is still warm!”

Bart and the Springfield bullies run!  They hide on the Ferris Wheel, and they ask Bart why he did it.  When Bart says he didn’t, they ask why he brings his slingshot in then….and he replies he feels naked without it.  Dolph gets it, that’s how he feels about his eyebrow piercing!

WHAT?! So that’s what Dolph’s been hiding under that hair all these years!?

Anyway, the Springfield Bullies are spotting on the Ferris Wheel by Wilbur and what I assume are supposed to be the Purple Nurples…although they don’t look like the same Purple Nurples we saw earlier!

And they make a run for it!  Encountering lots of angry bullies on the way, including the SAT Preppers (aka the Bully Crowd)!

And they’re chased by the Bully Bus!

They finally make it back to Springfield and think they’re safe!  Only Wilbur and his bottles are still on the hunt for them! “Bullies…come out to play”

Ultimately they end up in a showdown at the beach where Homer spots them!

Wanting to do the right thing, Homer steps in and runs (which is very difficult to do on the sand!) to save Bart and his friends!  He punches Wilbur squarely in the jaw…

To which Wilbur runs away because he’s “never really been in a fight”…

Thus Wilbur is never heard from again…

And that’s it my friends, the WDTCF on Wilbur Nurple and the Stolen Bicycle Graveyard, with a few bonus items thrown in!

I will say, having watched the episode a few times now…I’m not sure where they get the name Wilbur Nurple from.  They never say his name in the episode and he does not hang with the Purple Nurples.  Must be something in the writing backstory for the episode I’m sure, but very random.  Especially when he walks around with the purple painted face.  His face is NEVER purple in the episode. Looks like TSTO took a few liberties on this one…

Anyway thoughts on the WDTCF?  Do you remember the episode? Thoughts on the bully stuff and Wilbur? Your theory on his name?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. And the whole thing is a tribute to one of my favorite B movies “The Warriors”

  2. Thank you I couldn’t place the character from memory, though I do remember the episode and wonder when we are going to get the Baseball Furries 😂

    Thanks Alissa

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