GLITCH FIX: Nothing To Tap In Neighbor’s Town

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

HUGE shoutout to Clay Kennedy for discussing this fix in the comments of yesterday’s Open Thread!  And another shoutout to Graham-S for bringing it back to my attention!

If you’ve experienced nothing to tap when visiting a neighbor’s town here’s a potential FIX for it.  While this won’t help you immediately have something to tap in their town, it can prevent your town from having this same issue when someone is visiting you.  (also this will hopefully call attention to the issue so EA can fix it)

It all comes down to the Simpsons Gingerbread Couch….

For some strange reason, if you have the Simpsons family sitting on the couch (like you see above), your neighbors won’t see anything to tap when they visit your town.  If they’re not sitting on the couch (ie the couch is just a couch), they’ll see things to tap when they visit your Springfield.

I know it seems odd, but it does work.  So find your Gingerbread Couch in your Springfield…and if it looks like this:

Tap it so that the Simpson Family runs away from the couch and it looks like this:

Of course, another option is to just store the couch for now.  Then you don’t have to worry about it at all.

Again, this won’t help you immediately have something to tap in your neighbor’s town BUT making sure the family is off of the couch will help your neighbors have something to tap when they visit your town.  And hopefully, this will call enough attention to the issue that EA will finally release a patch to correct the problem!

Oh and another shoutout to glenntanim11 who pointed out the glitch started right when the couch was released.  “The Gingerbread Couch was the third prize of the first act of the 2019 Christmas event which started on 12/11/2019. The glitch was first reported on this site on 12/13/2019. The problem probably got worst as more players earned this prize.”

Hope that helps!

44 responses to “GLITCH FIX: Nothing To Tap In Neighbor’s Town

  1. Thank you so much for this! It fixed my wife’s account and I haven’t been able to collect from her for months!

  2. All 3 of my games had Simpsons sitting on the couch. This fixed it- thank you!

  3. I’ll try this asap!
    I thought I had found a solution by clearing the proceeding Springfield neighbour, and then going back to the non-tappable one.
    It worked great… for almost 2 weeks.
    Then nothing!

    Only thing is, I don’t know if I even have the Gingerbread Couch.
    I have been off and on for years and have no recollection of getting it.

  4. I’m finding my neighbors who have built new buildings recently are not showing up as completed when I visit. I have waited a week or more and they are still looking like they are being built.
    Is anyone else experience this.

  5. For those of you that vandalize, you can still tap and tag those buildings even if the spray can is not visible, if it’s not already tagged. I tapped the police station by accident while touring a town and the tag popped up. I tried Moe’s and the court house in the next three towns that didn’t have anything to tap and it still worked. The school is the only one that didn’t show the tag if it worked.

  6. I can’t find my couch!! ARGH!!! I have 2 games… one on iPad and one on iPhone. I want to test this but can’t! My iPhone game always had nothing to Ipad game gets tapped from neighbors. I tried the ‘fade out’ search of all the items while you scan the village.. I tried looking for those event prizes from that time and seeing if I left it in that area… still can’t find my couch. Darn iPhone too small to see the couch!!! But this is HAPPY news!! So excited. I will find my couch.. some day! lol

  7. People are responding quickly to the glitch-fix! Only 3 of my neighbors left with Simpsons on the couch!! Thanks!!

  8. I’m not sure if my couch is in inventory or not. Could you advise in which section of inventory I should be checking?

  9. Greg Jablynski

    This would be a perfect reason for being able to message your neighbors in the game.

  10. This seems to work for both my towns .
    So stop by and say Hello.
    You can still vandalize if you like .

    See ya bye . 👽

  11. There was stuff to tap in ur town!!!…..not vandalize 🖤🖤🖤

  12. People still visit other towns? I haven’t since they stopped providing event benefits. Is there good reason?

    • Some folks are still working on Friendship Points. And some just like being neighborly.

    • John

      Yeah I enjoy paying a visit to my Neighboureenos even if it’s just to spray paint El Barto on a Building .. . those Visit Rewards were cool (so were those Events where Visiting Neighboureenos got you Event Currency). 👍🏻

  13. Thank you. It works for me!

  14. I have the glitch, but never had the Simpsons couch! I hope there is another solution, too!

    • it doesn’t fix it for you (ie if you can’t see things to tap in your neighbor’s town), it fixes it for your neighbors. So your neighbors have to do this in order for you to find things to tap in their town…

    • Keep your fingers crossed EA work out why this simple silly little thing causes such a huge problem, and how they can fix it for all.

  15. Thank you

  16. Thank You – Clay Kennedy, Graham-S, an Alissa for this handy information (I went ahead and stored my Gingerbread Couch, later I will visit some Neighboreenos and see if that glitch is gone!) 😃👍🏻

  17. Thank you, Clay!!! Took me a long time to find it but then it instantly fixed the problem. Now my wife (and other friends) won’t be annoyed when entering my town!

  18. Now if only we had the “find item” search feature…!

  19. Sabrtriviachamp

    You know, it’s funny you mention this, because I was just thinking the other day that I miss tapping on the neighbors. When you don’t have friendship prizes, you forget about stuff like that. Jeez, I have about 40 neighbors, and I got them all about six years ago; I wonder how many of them are still playing the game…

    My couch is sitting next to the dump, like it’s “just” an old couch. I haven’t noticed the glitch because I never have the family sitting on it.

  20. I just copied my Open Thread post to the TSTO FaceBook page and Discord, and had already posted on the Forum and TOUK.
    I’ve also emailed EA help, pointing them to the Forum post.

    If you know of any other channels to spread the word, please do.

    To put things in perspective, I started my B town around the time the Gingerbread Simpsons appeared and despite chasing SSB for almost all that time I still need over 2000 friend points to get Stampy !!

    • It’s up on EA Answers now too.
      I’m not on Twitter. Would a kind Addict care to post there, if that’s an option.
      Have I missed anywhere ??

  21. I had no idea. My gingerbread family has now been scattered. Unfortunately they have been sitting there since the start. Sorry about that to any visitors. 😢

  22. My B town might be able to get friends points prizes faster than three a year now – I hope !!

  23. Another reason I wish we could easily send a message to our neighbors 🙁

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