Addicts Want to Know: Site Theme Poll Question

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So for those who remember, a few weeks ago we had to make a theme change on the website because WordPress did some updates and the mobile view of our site completely disappeared.  Instead of getting the mobile version of the site on your phone, you’d get the desktop version…which would require you to zoom in to read posts etc.

Well, I’ll be honest…we’ve had this new theme for a few weeks and I’m not really happy with it.  I’m thinking about switching back to the old theme…which may (or may not) cause some issues for those using the mobile version of the site.  But, this time, before I do that I wanted to get YOUR opinion on it.  So please take a minute and answer the poll question below, and let me know if you want to switch back or if you like the current appearance of the site.



For those having trouble viewing the poll in this post, you can find the direct link to it here.

14 responses to “Addicts Want to Know: Site Theme Poll Question

  1. I prefer the old style better. The new one is too big. I guess for those with issues with their sight this larger format works well for them. I view this site on an iPad or on a PC so not sure how it looks on a mini pocket computer aka cell phone.

  2. I don’t know which one is better since I was used to the older theme and now I’m starting to get used to the new theme. I would prefer whichever one has the least amount of issues. I would like to see again who likes what comments just by hovering the mouse over a liked comment and having the black bar at the top with the bell on the right side which shows new posts and who liked and replied to comments. I also kind of miss seeing “Your comment is awaiting moderation” when posting new comments.

    • The missing likes is a bug with WordPress. No matter what I do on my end I can’t bring it back, they need to fix the bug, unfortunately. I suspect the awaiting moderation is another change WP made.

  3. For some reason some of the posts I see are running vertical a letter at a time

  4. I prefer the old version but I don’t view on mobile so I’m a little biased . 🙂

    • Looking at the poll response, it’s overwhelming that people want the old version back…going to give it a little more time, but I think we’ll be reverting.

  5. I’m not a great fan of the new version on my desktop, but if it works better for people on phones or tablets, I can live with it! 🙂

  6. I love the new format. Menu is in the middle and seems to be so much easier to read and use. Keep it. Works great on my iPhone 12

  7. I don’t know how bad things got for mobiles, but the WordPress “upgrades” made a right ole mess on a desktop too.
    I’m not sure going back to a faulty and unsupported theme is a good idea.
    While there may be a few things I’d tweak if it could be done I soon got used to this new layout so maybe it’ll grow on you ( and not like a fungal infection !! ) given time.
    Perhaps have a good look at the themes and templates to see if there is a compromise that you do like.
    It’s why I do my own coding rather than rely on templates, I can style things how I like and no-one else can muck it up ( or take the blame ) when I post a web-page or three.

  8. As is? The TSTO Addicts Format that WordPress changed (without warning – lol!) I’ve adjusted to ….. If the Old Format works best? Go for it!

    I still find it easier to reply to Posts by going to my WordPress Profile – – and for those who don’t have a Profile? It’s worth it if you would create one (you can still be somewhat anonymous, if you want).

    I’m just glad that TSTO Addicts exists! 💜 But I definitely realize that viewing this Website on a mobile device is now different compared to a laptop, or desktop. 🤔

  9. I generally read the posts on my iPad, so I can see the whole theme. Will you be changing the theme with every new event? There are lots of robots in this theme if it’s supposed to be a permanent theme. I’d rather see more variety in the characters, along with the the drawings of the contributors, of course!

  10. For some time, I’ve lost the ability to auto log in. Then, for a time, I could click on the W WordPress icon and log in. Now I have to enter my email and THEN I’ll be auto logged in.

    I use my tablet / iPad . If you revert, which I voted for, I may lose access here. I dunno. Some people may incur hair loss. You may as well. Your ears may burn, your eyes water from the diatribes directed at you.

    Life is a crap shoot.

    Go for it.

    OTOH, if it ain’t broke (just different)
    Don’t futz with it


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