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Super Safi Simpsons Event Math and Calendar – Rise of the Robots, Act 1

Salutations Silly Simpsons Schedulers,

Rise of the Robots 2021

Another Event Act has hit our games, which means it’s time for another calendar (this time, Super Safi version). Rise of the Robots, Act 1 hit our games this morning.

Here is the math needed to get all the items and corresponding calendar (with both Freemium and Premium expectations).

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Rise of the Robots Act 1 is Live! The Rundown and What You Need To Know

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The Robots are coming, the Robots are coming! Get ready for a dystopian Springfield, as the robots try to take over!  Can they be stopped?  It’s up to you to save Springfield in the latest event to hit our pocket-sized towns…Rise of the Robots!  As always, loads of dialogue with this one, so be sure to read along to see what happens! And of course, I’ll be posting it as each week wraps up…

Once again we see another multi-event in Springfield.  So love them, or hate them, they’re still here.  So let’s all try to make the best of this…

Anywho….things kick off with a series of 6s tasks for Homer and Bart.  

After you’ve completed the initial task you’ll kick off the Rise of the Robots Event!

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