Daily Archives: May 18, 2021

Update Available- 5/18 (Foodie Fight)

Update #2: Here’s a little more info I couldn’t grab last night:
You’ll need:

For the 4hr currency earning tasks.

You’ll also need Homer, Kent Brockman, and CBG free to start the event (6s tasks).

Update: The event is titled Foodie Fight and will start tomorrow (Wednesday, May 19th) at 11am ET (1500 GMT).  This will be a mini-event, and we’ll have more details up once it hits tomorrow.

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

There’s currently an update available in our app stores. This will remove the Rise of The Robots splashscreen and (I assume) will bring on the next update.

I’m currently at the Little League field watching Riley’s game,  so I’m not able to pull files at the moment.  Totally flying blind right now.  But I’ll take a  look at what this new update will bring (which I assume will start tomorrow…Wednesday 5/19) and update y’all a little later.

For now… here’s what I’ve got from my phone…