Update Available- 5/18 (Foodie Fight)

Update #2: Here’s a little more info I couldn’t grab last night:
You’ll need:

For the 4hr currency earning tasks.

You’ll also need Homer, Kent Brockman, and CBG free to start the event (6s tasks).

Update: The event is titled Foodie Fight and will start tomorrow (Wednesday, May 19th) at 11am ET (1500 GMT).  This will be a mini-event, and we’ll have more details up once it hits tomorrow.

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

There’s currently an update available in our app stores. This will remove the Rise of The Robots splashscreen and (I assume) will bring on the next update.

I’m currently at the Little League field watching Riley’s game,  so I’m not able to pull files at the moment.  Totally flying blind right now.  But I’ll take a  look at what this new update will bring (which I assume will start tomorrow…Wednesday 5/19) and update y’all a little later.

For now… here’s what I’ve got from my phone…

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  1. Sweet and sour lasagna burrito… already makes me sick just to read it, hahah …and it tastes like barbecued kitty litter wrapped in a pizza!!

    What a gross event. I would actually prefer more killer robots.. OR even better, combine these 2 events in that the giant Lard Lad would come alive and go on a smashing rampage. To compliment my beloved Robo Margecopterminator.

    I only got Big Buddha to add to my Asian district from this update.
    The rest of diners and restaurants I can get for 30 sprinkly smackers in the Yearbook.

    Is Scotty Boom a parody of Jamie Oliver??

  2. It doesn’t start till today the 19 th. Read Alissa’s post’s properly !!!

  3. TallSpiderCandy

    Thanks, Alissa!! 🙂

  4. Do you know which characters we’ll need free ?
    Thanks! 😁

  5. I’ve been reset to level 4 what do I do?

    • Did you have a username and password? What level were you at? Has it logged you out and created a new user?

      • I was at 939 (been playing since before the game’s original hiatus). Yes, it tries to take me to level 4 and doesn’t give me an option (other than a hard close). I tried contacting EA last night and of course, they couldn’t pull anything up and want me to try again. Been playing for over 9 years. This might be the end of the line for me. Thanks for responding, Safi. Appreciate it!

  6. What field position does she play? More importantly, I hope she enjoys playing. Go, Riley! 🙂

    • It’s basically T-ball (but without the T…the coaches pitch to the kids and there are only 6 kids on each team.), so she plays wherever they stick her lol. We’re usually lucky if we can get her to pay attention to the game, and not play in the dirt. But she does like to hit! (all the kids do) She has a lot of fun doing it though

    • If I don’t have Akira, is it possible to buy the Happy Sumo? I don’t see it in the shop.

  7. Anyone having an issue logging in? EA is now asking for an access code. After I get it I still can’t log in.

    • Same problem with one of my profiles but not the other😳

    • I’m having the same issue

    • I have the same problem.

    • Yeah. What is it with the Verification Code? I have 2 accounts and have to enter a new Code every time I switch accounts. I hope this won’t be a constant thing.

    • Just spoke with EA. Sounds like it is a glitch that occurred post update and affected people globally. They are working on it now.

    • Same issue, in an endless crappy loop from hell!!

    • It’s such a pain and one of the verification emails doesn’t even arrive on one of my profiles! 🙁 hope they remove that soon!

    • I just fixed it. Delete the app and reinstall. After they ask for the confirmation code…don’t leave that screen. Access your email from a different device and then input the code. Not sure if it was magic or if EA fixed it….but it is working!

    • Almost 8PM 05/19… I keep getting endless donut loop. Hopefully they fix soon and I JUST loose 1 day of progress. )-;

  8. Sabrtriviachamp

    The update is coming, we can wait til tomorrow… so, more importantly- how many hits did Riley get tonight?

  9. Susan Johnson-Dehn

    Yes..the update does remove the splash screen, but unknown as to what tomorrow will bring for any new content or Event.

  10. Thanks for the Heads Up Alissa 😉👍🏻

    I get the normal Login Screen


    I see 2 New Characters under Foodie Fight


    Could this be New Content from “The Food Wife” (Episode 5, Season 23)? 🤔

  11. Looking at the character collection, I’m guessing the new update will be based on the episode “Cue Detective”. We might be getting the Hive, Exit 35 Appliances, and The Raw Barn along with the new characters.

    • Rhubarb and Santos

      ‘Cue Detective’ it is!
      With returning Content (if you have any to obtain – I did, Bob’s Big Buddha from 2018’s Thanksgiving Event!) 😀👍🏻

      Event play is fun / funny (I feel bad for Tappers who were Logged Out by EA with this Update that can’t Login – that’s an Origin Account problem and it’s not going to disappear). 🤔

  12. Italian Beauty

    Sadly, no update yet on my iPad. Hopefully it will hit soon.

  13. please! No more robots! ahaha :p

  14. It’s not live on iOS …yet

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