Halloween Event SPOILERS!

10/5 Update: Hey guys, just letting you know the update has hit the files…so it should be hitting app stores fairly soon.
Also, for those worried about the “lack of dinosaurs” with this event…don’t worry…there will be dinos!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s almost time for Halloween in our pocket-sized towns, an Addict Favorite annual Event in TSTO!  We’ve received our info packet from EA and we’re FINALLY allowed to share the details with you!  Curious about what’s included in the next event?  When does it start? How many donuts do you need?  Who should you keep free?  Want some major event spoilers?!  Well look no further…we answer all of that and more here…

Just a reminder for our hearing impaired readers, or those who check the site at work.  You can totally watch this video without sound.  Aside from the subtitles, I have TONS of detailed graphics on this video that will lay out all the event details.  

Thoughts? Excitement? Are you ready for it?!  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

79 responses to “Halloween Event SPOILERS!

  1. In the video, at min 25.17, it talks about a “Zombie Bart” Full Character, but in my Spanish version it says is an outfit. Can someone please confirm if its one or the other?

    • It’s Test Subject Bart, and yes it’s a costume. EA originally told us in the event spoiler packet that it was a full character, however once it hit the game we discovered it was a costume/skin for Bart.

  2. Very excited about this event!! It’s going to be my second Halloween event! Lots of returning content too apparently I’m going to splurge or maybe save donuts for Black Friday.
    Not all the rewards look amazing but I’m curious to see what Geriatric Park will look like in game (size relative to other attractions) it could be featured into Krusty Land or be its own stand alone park 😀
    Can’t wait to play this! This year has been very very fun 😀

  3. What premium characters do we need to keep free?

    • Hank Scorpio, Frink, and Dr. Nick will be used (if you have them), along with Burns, Smithers and Hibbert, for the first part of the questline (6s tasks to trigger the event start). Beyond that just Frink for the currency earning tasks, along with the freemium characters listed in the video.

      • Note: the questline info is stuff I just learned with the files hitting, it was not part of the spoiler package from EA. Which is why it wasn’t included in the spoiler video.

  4. Well it appears the iPad bug has not been fixed. Game updated on my older iPad (maxed out at iOS 12.5.5), but it still crashes when I “Tap to Continue.” Still can’t get my Mayhem ID off the brand new iPad running iOS 15, crashes every time I hit the “info” button.

  5. This could have been an anytime event. Oh, well. They know a lot of us hope this will be a Halloween event and then…..it’s just an everyday event. It looks like they base events on how they can re-bundle old content to make more money. Old dinosaur content, etc.

    So much classic Halloween content missed. Selma and Patty flying around on broomsticks smoking. Casting spells and coughing. But, they went with Jurassic Park.

    I’ll enjoy a few of the new decorations, most will go into storage.

    Thanks for once again completely ignoring our requests.

    No, I’m not going to say: I’m just thankful the game is still alive, blah, blah, blah.

    We have all stuck with the game and this is how we’re thanked, with a garbage event.

    • I guess I’m having a hard time understanding folks’ definition of Halloween. This is a Treehouse of Horror event, based on actual Treehouse of Horror episodes. Seems like the issue is more with the show itself than the update. Only the first several seasons of the show had “scary” THOH episodes. After that, they all seem to be the writers’ chance to spoof popular movies, tv shows, etc. that they can’t otherwise fit in the canon show.
      Literally, every new item from this event, except for 1 (and that’s the donut promo item) is from a THOH episode. So this is in fact a Treehouse of Horror update. All of the items are from:

      “THOH XXIX” S30, E4
      -Geriatric Park Segment (#3)

      “THOH XIII” S14, E1
      -The Island of Dr. Hibbert Segment (#3)

      “THOH XXII” S23, E3
      -In the Na’vi Segment (#3)

      “THOH XV” S16, E1
      -In the Belly of the Boss Segment (#3)

      “THOH VI”- S7, E6
      -Attack of the 50-Foot Eyesores Segment (#1)

      “THOH XXX” S31, E4
      -Danger Things Segment (#2)

      Also, I don’t understand the total dejection about an event people haven’t even started playing yet. Folks are making assumptions based on spoilers.

      Not to take it out on you…i’m just tired of seeing the negativity about something that hasn’t even hit yet. I always say, reserve judgement until you’ve at least started playing an event.

      • Just because it’s based on a THOH episode doesn’t mean it’s a good choice for an entire event. It is expected ( but certainly not promised ) that the October event will be Halloween centric and the winter event will have some nod to Christmas and the winter holidays.

        So, they have chosen during the month of October not to make this traditionally Halloween event, not about Halloween. And, I’m disappointed.

        They have the entire year to do whatever event topic they choose and after we’ve anticipated the entire year about which of the MANY, MANY Halloween themed THOHs they might pull from, they pull Jurassic Park.


        I apologize that you’ve had to read my negative opinions.

        • Game is based on the show. (and the show’s writers write the dialogue for the game) They’re not going to pull content out of thin air if it wasn’t from the show.

          • Who said anything about pulling content out of thin air? There’s plenty of other previously aired content that I was hoping for. It’s a comment and an opinion.

            • Name some of the content (that hasn’t already appeared in the game)…

              The issue I have is a vast majority of people complain and offer zero in terms of what alternatives they would have liked to have seen in terms of content (not game play). That and people complain before the thing even hits the game and they’ve had a chance to play it.

              • Again not trying to take it out on you or pick on you… just genuinely curious what you’d rather see that’s more Halloween-y

              • If you were this side of the pond, Alissa, I’d nominate you for a knighthood for patience! 🙂

                Please keep up the good work, along with the rest of the Addicts, a lot of us really do appreciate it.

              • A witches coven event featuring witch outfits for Selma and Patty-Easy-Bake Coven

                Alfred Hitchcock style event in Black and White

                William Shakespeare with Zombie William Shakespeare based even

                Billy the Kid with Zombie Horse
                Gypsy Fortune Teller
                Golem of Prague
                Nightmare Willie event
                Evil Homer skin with Good Homer Tombstone
                Monkey Paw decoration
                Four Beheadings And A Funeral
                G-G-Ghost D-D-Dad
                The Exor-Sis
                Dial ‘M’ For Murder or Press # To Return To Main Menu

                There have been many events pulled completely out of thin air, mostly game, battle style events, written completely for the game.

              • Great ideas! Now you’ll need 20 items for prizes, 4 premium combos, and 1 gil deal combo based on each one of those events individually.
                Sometimes good ideas don’t make good for good events because the content options are limited…

            • Hey, Alyssa doesn’t work for EA. EA took items and themes from other HALLOWEEN Simpsons episodes, and out them here. You don’t have to like it, but Alyssa can’t change anything.

              • justinmwat151

                I think the main issue with content, not just Halloween but the game in general, is EA released sooooo much stuff during the first couple of years that they didn’t leave much classic stuff for down the line. Can’t blame them…I doubt even they thought the game would last this long. If you go back and look at all the prizes and in store items they released with each event it’s a smorgasboard of awesome stuff. While there is still cool stuff they can add, there just isn’t a plethora like there used to be.

              • This is the 10th THOH Event…even if you pull from 33 years of the show, they usually pull from at least 2-3 episodes per update. Not as big of a pool of content as it used to be.

              • I just left a random comment of disappointment. I wasn’t addressing Alissa or asking her to change anything.

      • Alissa, I’m liking this event already! 👻 Let the fun begin!

      • Alyssa, in my opinion I would consider this dinosaur theme disappointing for the Halloween event but great if it hit in say June, or May, or any other non Halloween, Christmas, Easter, or Thanksgiving month.

        People associate Halloween with Frankenstein, Dracula, werewolves, witches, devils, ghosts, grim reapers, skeletons zombies, mummy’s, scarecrows, gremlins, scary clowns, demons, monsters, bats, spiders, black cats, pumpkins, and maybe aliens. Classic Halloween associations.

        Kids can dress up as robots, dinosaurs, princesses, firefighters etc but that doesn’t mean parents are going to hang firefighter and princess decorations in their yards because it doesn’t make sense or have anything to do with the Halloween vibe.

        The players and your readers feel disappointed emotionally with this event’s non-Halloween feel, myself included. You are looking at things from a logical standpoint from EA’s perspective. We are feeling an emotion about it, you are thinking logically. We’re approaching this from different points. And yes, if more players remembered these specific Treehouse of Horror Simpsons episodes they’d likely enjoy it a little more because of the tie in but it still doesn’t give us those classic Halloween feels. It’s all about the feels!

        I think players can try to think logically about how much work goes into creating content and that at the end of the day this game is based on a tv show so it will tie into episodes but they are still going to feel how they feel about being disappointed their hopes got crushed again when there isn’t a classic Halloween event.

        Let’s all try to expand our perspectives to understand the logic side, as well as the feeling side, and allow each other space to think how we think individually as well as feel how we feel individually while remaining respectful of our different perspectives.

        Here’s to hoping that next Halloween’s event will give us the feels and happiness that we are hoping for!! And this same explanation can be applied to Christmas. If they have a Christmas event that includes no real classic Christmas content and build an event around some obscure Christmas episode about giant walking and talking running shoes, there may be sound logic in that it ties into an episode but the majority of players will not feel joy and Christmas spirit from it and thus will experience and voice their disappointment. Holidays are allllllllllll about that classic vibe and all them feels! Please give us the feels EA 🙁

        Thank you for this site Alyssa and all that you do. Reading people’s complaints, even though their complaints can make sense and be warranted (and sometimes not so much lol), has got to get exhausting!

  6. Will the update be available for download on wednesday? Will it start at 11 am et ? Thank you !

    • Should be released to the app store today (Tuesday), my guess is after 2pm ET…but that’s really just a guess. It’ll officially start, as long as you’ve downloaded the updated, on Wednesday October 6th at 11am ET.

  7. I knew a lot of Tappers would be upset that this didn’t feel more Halloween themed but I’m ok with this. My Transylvania/Halloween area is pretty maxxed out so I was nervous about where I was going to put more stuff. There’s some very nice buildings, new vehicles.
    I know when EA released the Island of Lost Souls, many Tappers [including me] were frustrated that there wasn’t more content from that great THOH episode. What would have been amazing is if EA had done something like the Zombie Dumpster and you could turn all the characters into their Island of Dr. Hibbert counterparts.
    I’m also excited for the sentient Lard Lad although sounds like it’s stationary. I wish that also was an NPC we could have rampaging through Springfield.

    • I’m fine with the Island of Dr Hibbert Content …. at least I can make room for that (it’s just there’s prior THOH Content that EA still hasn’t made available via a Mystery Box, looks like we’re getting prior stuff from the Zoo / Prehistoric Events – and nah that’s not Halloween 🎃!)

      2021 is the year I have to be nitpicky about New Content due to lack of space available ….. I was bummed at first, but I’ve just accepted it’s ok to Tap for what you want and skip the rest (it’s October, still following CDC guidelines, but we are leaving the Condo to experience things spooky fun safely and that means less time on the TSTO Game App). 🤔

    • I appreciate the new content and look forward to playing, but first a few comments..

      5 weeks of play for one character? Even if I buy the $9.99 donut/ character pack that’s what? 2/3 of 1 premium character in an event with 4 premiums/1 gill deal/2 purchased characters?

      I feel like I’m tapping all month for cars and helicopters..

      Donuts for a wall these days? Why do we even collect in game cash at this point?

      For those of us that aren’t in a position to farm 800 donuts a month we are pretty much left out of the better content of events these days and again, $9.99 doesn’t even get us a fraction of this content.

      At some point it just becomes an unapologetic money grab.

      Also, where’s Halloween? The story contents look good but we could have done a summer Jurassic event regardless if they were included in a THOH..

      I’ll still play and look forward to the event. I enjoy this game as well as this page but it’s basically getting to the point where you get costumes and decorations while having to buy any worthwhile character/building combos. Couldn’t there be another way?

      Oh well. 🤷🏻‍♂️
      Happy Halloween Tappers !! 🎃

  8. Where is Halloween ?
    Who stole Halloween ???

    • Ding ding ding ding! Your comment is exactly what’s going to flood the official TSTO Facebook Page (and EA deserved it!) Halloween 🎃 themed … plenty of THOH Segments that have this, but we got the weakest ones (except for Island of Dr Hibbert!) 🤷🏼‍♂️

  9. I wish EA would listen to us long time players and give us more land. I might have to delete parts of my town for the new buildings. Just gonna have to plop them for now, although everything looks so big (at least the buildings), not sure where to plop it all. I don’t care which side they add the land or if it’s Springfield Heights or even more water. I’ve got the submarine so I can always expand my Squidport some more and put more buildings on there. Event does look interesting and I like to the look of many of the prizes.

    • It’s gotten to the point where I would actually pay $5 to unlock a Land Expansion vs spend $5 on New Content I don’t care for! 🙄

    • I send my usual request to EA to make an event tie in to Springfield Heights. All that land over there they could open up. And they gave us the ability to earn large amounts of SH building supplies, but nothing to use them on.

  10. Two paid characters is a tad worrisome. I wonder if that’ll be the standard going forward.

  11. Jesus beside the fact this has barely anything to do with THOH it just shame 2 paid characters gill combo + 4 premiums just f off EA you did screwed all other games and this is going to be next, I had big hopes after breaking bounty but this is just a joke … terrible

    • It is based on a thoh segment… so maybe your beef is with the writers of The Simpsons and not ea. They’re literally taking a part of thoh and making an update around it…

      • And remember I always say to reserve judgement until it actually hits and you’ve played it for a bit

        • I think it stinks…
          Be positive!
          Alright, I’m positive it stinks.

          Hey, on a truly positive note, my guest bedroom will have a ceiling fan/light this time tomorrow.
          I’ll be many, many dollars poorer (gonna hire an electrician to crawl up there), but I’ll be cool like the evening breeze – and it will be breezy in the afternoon.
          And not because of something I previously ate.

          • I agree..seems like a disappointing event, hardly Halloween themed, but I digress..anything new is fine with me, I’m confident the dialogue will be fun…anything is better than nothing, and nothing isn’t really that bad. I’m hoping for land expansion soon. It’s too bad you have to go to your own guest bedroom to cool off via the newly installed fan. Maybe you have put one in your bedroom first.

            • I already have a fan in the master bedroom.
              My wife found a neighbor selling a brand new in the box 52” remote control fan for $30. Decided to give it a shot.
              Now, we can put up the little desk top oscillating fans.

              • You scored! The cheapest remote control ceiling fan / light fixture at Lowe’s is $112 and it’s 36″ fan blades (3 of them!) 😀👍🏻

              • It works!
                Hot diggity dog!
                Gotta wait for dark to see how good the light illuminates the room.

                Onward for tomorrow’s event

          • I hope you had one of those snazzy ceiling fans / light fixtures like we have that comes with a remote (free yourself from having to get up to flick a switch and pull a chain!) ….. and yeah this Multi Act Event started out as a good idea featuring a different THOH Segment for each Act … but these Acts are not Halloween 🎃 – ish (maybe Act 3?) 🤷🏼‍♂️

            Feeling 🙄 too, please join me at the official TSTO Facebook Page and let EA know (that you don’t need another 🚁 !!)

      • I agreed with Safi in that I am welcome to each Act being a different THOH Segment …. but Act 3 is the closest we get to anything Halloween 🎃 – ish (EA chose some of the weakest THOH Segments ever and skipped over those that are better).

        I’m all in for Act 3 and the Gil Deal .. and I guess I should be glad I don’t have to make room for New Content (because I’m not going to waste my time with Act 1 Act 2 Act 4! – 2021 is the year I stopped Tapping when an Event isn’t Fun for me, except I take a look at the official TSTO Facebook Page and I see other Tappers turned off by a variety of decisions / ideas …. so it’s not just me). 🤷🏼‍♂️

  12. mr.rooney.to.you

    Dinosaur park without actual dinasaurs

    • What do I know, I’m just an “old dinosaur”. LOL!

      • mr.rooney.to.you

        Lol no Extra Land for the land without Giants

      • Where is Halloween ?
        Who stole Halloween from TSTO ???

        • I know right? THOH Segments for each Act is a cool idea ….. when you use those Segments that are very Halloween 🎃 – ish! This is like a Christmas Event with no 🎅🎄 (oops! EA is guilty of that, too!) 🙄

          I’m going to 👏🏻 what I Iike, but I refuse to defend dumb ideas that get a 👎🏻 (the biggest one is the fact we still don’t have a Land Expansion!)

    • There are already dinosaurs in Tapped Out Springfield.
      There’s the baby T-rex, raptor, dilophosaurus, Homerlizard (okay NOT a dinosaur, but prehistoric nonetheless), & even Petroleus Rex to name a few. Plus, there should be some tucked away, unseen, in the Cretaceous Park decoration, too! (Those may not count, though)

      I guess these are apt to be on list of returning premium items, if not already obtained. Heh, might as well thrown in Caveman Moe.

  13. I don’t want the spoilers, so I’m not gonna watch the video, but can you just let me know when the event is scheduled to start? Thanks muchly!

  14. Halloween is always my favorite! I would always prefer a more spooky Halloween event but I like everything here so I won’t complain too much!

    Kinda wish they added in some exhibits like they did with the zoo but with dinosaurs! 🦖

  15. Sorry but its like THOH XXVIII again. 😞

    • I sorta thought the same initially but there’s some variety with the items, there’s stuff from Geriatric Park (duh), Island of Dr. Hibbert, In the Belly of the Boss, In the Navi, Danger Things, and even Attack of the 50 ft Eyesores. 2017’s event was almost all Wiz Kids stuff and a bunch of non-treehouse of horror items.

    • While I agree with Safi (each Act based on a different THOH Segment), it’s just there are THOH Episodes that are awesome vs those that are weak (as in less Halloween 🎃 themed) – and guess which Segments EA decided to choose? (yeah 🙄 )

      Island of Dr Hibbert / Stranger Things Monster + Mall (Gil Deal) is all I care for (the rest? like I need one more 🚁 , right? 🙄 )

      Lesson learned – continue to have zero expectations from EA, because you will be let down if you expect anything! 🤷🏼‍♂️

  16. P.S.

    I always appreciate the lively YouTube videos from Alissa and Safi, but once again – constructive criticism alert – this year’s THOH lacks anything Halloween 🎃 (in my opinion? Act 3 + Gil Deal is probably all I am interested in, so count my blessings that I don’t need to make lots of space for New Content, because I’m only going for what’s worth my time – lol!) 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Lesson learned – once again do not expect anything from EA (you will be let down!) not even a chance to obtain prior Content (ie Evil Shopkeeper! Krusty Doll!) and just accept the fact the Apex was reached around 2018 …. it’s been slowly going downhill since (and I miss all my Neighbours who cannot log in!) 🙄

  17. I just want to know if Raven Bart or the Evil Shopkeeper will be in the Mystery Box (and if I need to store those combo buildings that I already own in order to get them)

    • I don’t see them listed. The MB is mostly made up of stuff from TTT and Moe’s Ark. (things that fit the Dino theme) It’s possible they’ll appear in the store for outright purchase, but we won’t know until the files hit.

  18. Wow! Well, I hope I’ll be able to play seeing as how I haven’t been able to log in for a month now because this game suddenly hates iPad users.
    Sorry, kinda salty about the whole thing. Been playing for years and have never, ever been unable to play for this long.
    Can’t play on my phone or my 1st gen Kindle either, so here’s hoping the update fixes issue.

    • Same here….can’t log in with iPad, can’t access mayhem code for help from EA, can’t change password, just keep getting verification codes…..but still can’t access my game. I’ve deleted app, restarted game……nothing.

    • Truly sorry that you are not able to Tap Tap Tap (if you manage to get a newer Device that lets you login to TSTO? then come join!)

      • My iPad Air is a year old, it is fairly new. And I have no storage on my phone for the game- the main reason I purchased the iPad. I am looking forward to hopefully being able to play tomorrow, though.

    • Right there with you, been a couple weeks now and I never get the email verification. Trying to get in touch with ea is ridiculous as well. At least for me it seems like you need to decipher some secret code to even find a link to email them. Been playing since basically the beginning so it’s super frustrating!😕

    • Hates my iPad Mini 2 also, resorted to my Android phone, hoping this update fixes the bug, unlike the season 33 update.

  19. I love new content, and am looking forward to making my ” Geriatric Park “, but one full character is quite miserly. I don’t enjoy Halloween events anyway, so roll on Xmas, and the snow

  20. What about returning content? Will the hellscape return?

    • We don’t have a full breakdown of all returning content in the spoiler packet this time around, and I don’t see it included with the Mystery Box List. So we’ll have to wait and see when the files hit.

  21. Yay Alissa + Safi on YouTube (with ☕ and 🍩’s on the side!) my Monday is looking better already! 😀👍🏻

  22. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah Halloween my favourite time to play Tapped Out !!!

    • mr.rooney.to.you

      I think I will have to bin Krusty land and creat a Jurassic park in its place, not much land to build on so time to store.

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