Treehouse of Horror XXXII Premium Dialogue: Grampasaurus

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Murky water, trees have changed colors, and leaves are blowing in Springfield, that can only mean one thing…the annual Treehouse of Horror update is upon us!

Act 1 of this event ushered in one new premium character to help navigate this event.  Grampasaurus is an all-new premium character for Springfield, who will not only help earn event currency but also comes with a short questline.

So let’s take a look at the questline for Grampasaurus and the full dialogue for The Dinosaur in the Room…

More details on Grampasaurus can be found here

The Dinosaur in the Room Pt. 1
Grampasaurus starts

Lisa: Dad, what’s wrong with Grampa? He doesn’t seem interested in spending time with me. He isn’t even aware that I’m his granddaughter.
Homer: He’s fine as long as he’s got one rambling story left in him.
Grampa: Quick! We’ve got to beat Shackleton across the Antarctic! Fetch me a pail, Laura. It’s maple syrup boilin’ season!
Homer: I’d say he’s fine.
Bart: Watch out! Coming through! Dinosaur on my tail!
Lisa: Bart, what did you do to this poor dinosaur? Who…looks strangely like Grampa.
Bart: That’s because he is Grampa, except better in every way.
Lisa: How in this world is this Grampa better?
Bart: Well, he LOVES to play tag. You just gotta watch the claws. He has no PTSD. And the drooling…well, there’s a lot of drooling, but actually less.
Grampasaurus: *snarling* GGHAARRGHG! Wanna play tag, Lisa?
Lisa: *gasp* Oh my goodness, yes. But shouldn’t we play with Grampa too?
Grampa: So it was nineteen-aught-six. I was posing behind enemy lines as a cabaret dancer, which was the style at the time…
Grampasaurus: I think he’s good by himself.
Make Lisa Play Tag With Grampasaurus- 3hrs
Make Grampasaurus Play Tag With Lisa- 3hrs
Make Grampa Tell a Story- 3hrs

The Dinosaur in the Room Pt. 2
Grampasaurus starts

Lisa: This is so wonderful. I love having a grampa and a Tyrannosaurus to hang out with.
Grampasaurus: I knew kids loved grandparents and dinosaurs, but I never thought they could love children back!
Lisa: What should we do next?
Grampasaurus: How’s about we head down to the Squidport for some ice cream?
Lisa: Can you eat ice cream?
Grampasaurus: As long as I can keep my teeth in, I won’t get brain freeze.
Lisa: A dinosaur’s brain is only the size of a pea.
Grampasaurus: Hot-diggety! I’ll only get a pea-size freeze!
Make Grampasaurus Try to Keep His Teeth In- 3hrs
Make Lisa Get Some Ice Cream- 3hrs

The Dinosaur in the Room Pt. 3
Grampasaurus starts

Nelson: Haw-haw! Your grampa’s a lizard!
Lisa: Grampasaurus can you just eat him?
Grampasaurus: My teeth are in, so sure!
Nelson: AAAAHHHH!!!!!!
Lisa: Wait, no! I was joking! Sort of.
Grampasaurus: So was I. My teeth are out so I’ll just gum him for awhile and make him mushy.
Lisa: Uh, okay. That’s fine.
Make Grampasaurus Scare Off Nelson- 3hrs
Make Nelson Run for His Life- 3hrs

The Dinosaur in the Room Pt. 4
Grampasaurus starts

Lisa: Grampasaurus, you should come over every day. I’ve had the best time ever!
Grampasaurus: Same for me, kid. But you don’t think Grampa will get jealous?
Lisa: I’ll bet he won’t even notice.
Grampasaurus: He won’t notice a fourteen-foot-tall dinosaur standing in your living room?
Grampa: Why Bart, you’ve gotten so tall! You should think about cuttin’ your fingernails though.
Lisa: I don’t think so.
Make Lisa Hang Out With Grampasaurus- 4hrs
Make Grampasaurus Hang Out With Lisa- 4hrs
Make Grampa Be Oblivious of the Dinosaur in the Room- 4hrs

And that’s it my friends, Grampasaurus’s premium dialogue.

Thoughts on the event?  Did you buy Grampasaurus? Thoughts on the dialogue? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

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