Treehouse of Horror XXXII Act 4 is Live! The Rundown and What You Need To Know

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Murky water, tress have changed colors, and leaves are blowing in Springfield, that can only mean one thing…the annual Treehouse of Horror update is upon us!  Yes, with this annual event we never know if we’ll get a trick or a treat, if it’ll be Halloween-y or spoof-y…but it arrives in our pocket-sized towns nonetheless year after year.  And this year, marks the 10th…yes the TENTH…Treehouse of Horror update in TSTO.  So what does EA have in store for us this year?  Dinosaurs!  In true Treehouse of Horror spoof style.   As always, loads of dialogue with this one, so be sure to read along to see what happens! And of course, I’ll be posting it as each week wraps up…

Remember, this is the FINAL Act of the event.  So Act 4 and all other previous Acts will be leaving our games in 8 days…November 10th.  So finish up the prize tracks before November 10th.  

Things kick off for Act 4 with some dialogue between Lisa, Frink, Quimby, and Homer…

Lisa: Mad science has failed and dinosaurs are still terrorizing our town. Can we please try some real science for a change?
Frink: Lisa is correct. Real science is cool…well, not cool but it’s worth a try!
Quimby: What sort of real science are we talking about?
Lisa: We can engineer a retrovirus that would—
Frink: Oo, lasers! Lime green lasers!
Homer: *chants* LASERS! LASERS! LASERS!
Quimby: Lasers it is!

This triggers the Act 4  questline, Better Fighting Through Science and is followed by  2 hr tasks for Lisa, Frink, and Homer, as well as a task to collect Act 4 Currency (155), and a task to collect/tap 15 dinosaurs.  Better Fighting Through Science is the questline that will take you through unlocking all of this Act’s prizes.

Let’s take a look at what else is in store during Act 4…

Here’s the Act 4 Synopsis from EA:

Lisa makes an impassioned plea to try to solve the dinosaur dilemma with real science, and everyone agrees. Unfortunately, “real science” in this instance means letting Frink use a special ray gun to enlarge and animate the town’s advertising mascots. The now-sentient Lard Lad statue agrees to lead the giants against the dinosaurs, but after Grampasaurus convinces them the humans can’t be trusted, the giant signs decide to join the dinosaurs in wrecking the city. Frink then unveils his Plan B – shrinking the Simpsons down to microscopic size in the bionaut ship and injecting them into Grampasaurus. At first Homer gets the Simpsons lost inside Grampasaurus’ body, but Marge gets them back on track and into Grampasaurus’ brain. Lisa injects him with a serum that makes him compliant to orders, and Frink is able to direct him to lead all the dinosaurs back into their secure enclosure at Geriatric Park.

As I stated above, you’ll go right into Better Fighting Through Science questline, which is what the Act 4 story will follow. This questline is how you’ll unlock the Act 4 prizes.

The currency we’re working on collecting for Act 4…



I’ll lay out specifically what you need to do for each part in the turbo tappin’ post, but I don’t want any of you to get messed up with this.  So don’t forget to SCROLL!

Here are the prizes for Part 4:

Peace Marker Ray Gun (Decoration)– Better Fighting Through Science Pt 1 and 155

Sentient Red Devil Realty Sign (Pet)– Better Fighting Through Science Pt 2 and 115

New Invention Expo (Building)– Better Fighting Through Science Pt 3 and 115

Bionaut Marge (Skin)– Better Fighting Through Science Pt 4 and 155

Bionaut Ship (Decoration)– Better Fighting Through Science Pt 5 and 195


Questline, which I’ll post later, will show how each is unlocked. 

Characters who can complete tasks for Act 4:
Grampasaurus (Premium)
Mecha Chalmers (Premium)
Panther Marge (Premium)
Sentient Lard Lad Statue (Premium)

Each Act will have a new premium character that will earn event currency.  From what I can see, based on the info from EA, characters will be used throughout the entire event.  So Act 1 will be used in Act 2, 3, and 4…etc. 

Characters earn:

5 /4hrs for Freemium
8 /4hrs for New Premium

Act 1/Act 2/Act 3 Prizes


These are STILL unlockable if you haven’t completed that prize track.  You have until the event ends to unlock ALL the prizes.  So keep going with the earlier Acts if you haven’t yet finished it. You have until November 10th to finish those…


Here’s what’s included today…

New stuff…

Sentient Lard Lad Statue & Van Brunt & Churchill Ad Agency-150 .  Will earn event currency for the remainder of the event. Leaves stores when the event ends

All other returning content, that arrived during Act 1 remains until the event ends. (including the Mystery Box )

And that’s it my friends.  The details of Act 4 of the THOH XXXII Event!

Your thoughts on the event?  Thoughts on the content?  Excited to see the storyline? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

26 responses to “Treehouse of Horror XXXII Act 4 is Live! The Rundown and What You Need To Know

  1. Virginia Williams

    I am unable to finish the syringe collection, I’ve restarted, reinstalled and the syringe count will not update.

  2. I’m having the same issue trying to finish syringe collection for the Bionaut ship. But it’s only collecting cash now instead of syringes. Count of syringes is stuck at 130 for getting the ship.

  3. So I was on act 4 on the marge outfit. I didn’t finish in times when the event ended it said it was over but I would still be able to finish my current quest I can still send the characters on the find syringes job but they earn no syringes and my total was set to 0 of 115. How to either get rid of the job in the task menu or better actually complete the task. Is either possible? And why did it say it was.. anyone with insight thank you.

  4. The event has finished, however I was still on the prize track to collect the Bionaut ship. The prize track is still active but now I’m collecting cash in lieu of syringes. Stuck on 155 and need 195 to finish. Anyone else having a problem?

    • Yes I am stuck as well. The message from EA was on the lines of, the event was over but that we would be able to finish the mission you are on. I still have the mission and I can’t go any where because I am not collecting what the mission is for. I hope this is fixed soon. Anyone hear of a fix?

    • This may be a repeat if it is I apologize, I’m having a problem logging in. Anyways Im having the same issue. I really hope they fix this! Has anyone heard of any type of fix or anything about it?

  5. I’m not going to list all the characters that have not been available for years. I’m missing 107, I’ve been playing from day one, have not taken breaks, and learned how to farm donuts from TSTO addicts site. I currently have 10,264 donuts and $446.8, so I can still turn that cash into a lot of donuts. My point is, without paying for the new characters, you cannot get them. So not sure how you’ve been able to get them. You said you don’t spend money. Characters such as Donuthead Homer, Antiquities store owner, birdcage head zombie, etc have not been available for a long long long time. The Halloween and Xmas events used to allow you to get them. That along with the lack of creativity have really set in for this game. It’s just not as good.

  6. Anyone have characters stuck in jobs and can’t move on?

  7. I’m enjoying the sentient lard lad character. It’s fun to have this guy stomping around Springfield!

    Most of the event is meh. But I have enjoyed squashing dinos.

    A few things:

    Please consider potentially letting lower level players construct or do extra work for the premium character combos. I’m not at the level where farming makes a difference but if I work my butt off tediously (recycling daily) I’m able to get one of the four multi week event premium characters. And it’s tough to know which week to splurge on vs what could be coming (although the spoilers sometimes help). Even if I spend $10 that gets me one premium character/building. Please make some of this content more accessible without spending $40 a month.

    Also, I see the continuous land complaints and would love an option to delete junk I don’t want. I have pieces from krustyland’s separate level days that I should just ideally be able to delete. Worst case if we need it later we re-buy it. .. or earn it.
    Another donut earning character would help a ton since in-game cash is useless.

    But in the end I’m grateful the game is still around, and I enjoy the quests. Also enjoy the comments on here. But please don’t cut us out to the point we’re tapping our lives away for cars and costumes.

    Happy Tapping, Neighbor-reenos!

  8. I have to say I’ve been played this since the beginning and this is by far the worst Halloween Event ever. I saved over 10K in donuts hoping that old characters would be available. Nope, and the quests only give us one new character. This game is slowly going the way of the (Twitter compliant) show.

    • I guess I disagree…. As someone who’s been playing for quite a while, I was tired of the focus they were having on returning content and not having any of the mystery boxes because I already had everything that was in them. As for new characters, I’ve gotten at least six already, not including whatever is coming with the prize track for this act. (But I’m thinking maybe you mean free characters?)

      I don’t begrudge giving newer people a chance to get content that they’d previously missed, but I do think it had gotten out of balance in that direction lately and wasn’t sorry to see the pendulum swing the other way for a change. But, I hope that next year they do give you the opportunity to pick up some of the old Halloween-y stuff, as long as they provide new stuff for old-time players, too!

      • Agree to disagree. I don’t think those two things are mutually exclusive. You can still offer new items and characters while allowing others to catch up. I have been playing since day one, yet I don’t spend money on this game. I saved up over 10K in donuts farming so it’s beyond disappointing to not have old content available. It’s not JUST for new players, its also for players who have been here since day 1 that didn’t have enough donuts at that time to buy certain items.

        • If you’ve been playing since “Day 1,” then you’ve already had many, many opportunities to buy older stuff. I, too, don’t spend money on the game (with a very few exceptions over the past 7 years), but I’ve managed to get pretty much everything just by amassing donuts through increasing my bonus multiplier and, a few years ago, doing some farming.

          I agree with you that it doesn’t need to be a mutually exclusive situation, and I do feel a bit bad for new players, but, if you have over 10,000 donuts now, that means you should have had enough donuts to buy stuff when they’ve returned over the past few years (unless you suddenly got all those donuts from some pretty intensive farming in the past year or two, which I don’t think is even possible in just that short amount of time), so I guess I’m confused.

          Maybe you took some breaks from playing the game and missed the returning items? Last year, for example, most of the Halloween premium items came back and, the year before, the “in-game cash” items (like the jack-o’-lanterns) came back. What do you feel you haven’t had a chance to buy within the last couple of years, as someone who has managed to amass 10,000 donuts by this year?

  9. The items look alright in this act and there’s not a single vehicle on the prize track unless you count the Bionaut Ship as a vehicle. Peace Marker Ray Gun seems cool. The Sentient Red Devil Realty Sign looks like a fun character but it should’ve been a full character with tasks instead of an NPC since Sentient Lard Lad Statue is a full character with tasks (the same thing could be said about Hadrosaur Bouvier and Grampasaurus). The New Invention Expo looks like it’ll work well in a design with the Convention Center since they both look similar. Bionaut Marge looks like a good skin for Marge and I hope she has a task at the Bionaut Ship. It would’ve been great to also have Bionaut skins for Bart, Lisa and Homer. Van Brunt & Churchill Ad Agency & Sentient Lard Lad Statue looks like a decent character/building combo since they both were from a classic Treehouse of Horror episode.

  10. All I want for Christmas is…land expansion…please Jebus…!!

  11. Is the game running almost impossibly slow for anyone else lately?

    I think it maybe doesn’t play nicely with Android 12.

    • I’m doing all right on Android OS 12 , I have fast internet at home and fast 5G out in the field (work), but there are times I get the Bart Simpson Screen of ☠️ (EA’s Network is down and / or can’t handle all the Tappers at once!) – but I don’t see anything of interest in Act 4. 🤷🏼‍♂️

    • Patch from Android today fixed other apps, but not TSTO. I’m afraid it’s the game.

      Basically can’t scroll through town, just watching and doing nothing, it freezes for maybe half a second every 2-3 seconds.

      This might be it for me after 5+ years playing. Impossible to play now.

    • Yep. Since the event went over the game is super laggy for me. I’m on an iPhone 12 Pro Max so it’s not limited to Android. Here’s hoping they fix it quick, it’s made competing the event very challenging. It takes so much time to try and send the characters on their tasks.

      • Wanted to add I did buy the Lard Lad character which has a quest that involves tasks for almost all the characters. I also have a quest for the Comic Book Guy Ram that involves almost all the characters. I’m wondering if it’s the combination of these two all characters quests that’s resulting in the lag. I’ve had issues like with before when they’ve had all characters quests.

        • Can confirm, when the all characters quest for the Comic Book Ram cleared up my game went back to normal.
          Hope that happens with your game.

  12. Sentient Lard Lad probably the only character I’ve been actually excited to get in this event. Like has been expressed by others here I wish they either tried to focus more on Attack of the 50-Foot Eyesores or The Island of Dr. Hibbert.


    Only item I have in the mystery box is the Heavenly Hills Mall, unless ea has change the spec on it I don’t think I will waste 60 Donuts on it, I bought sentient lard lad and like the bionaut decoration.

  14. One more building- then I can start arranging.
    Already storing vehicles, I’ve reached my first limit.

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