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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Safi and I are getting ready to record the next episode of Addicts Live, where we’ll wrap up the 2021 THOH Event (you know the episode where we share our Good, Bad, and Ugly moments from the event), and we want to hear from you!  Now is your chance to really sound off about what you thought of the 2021 Treehouse of Horror Event…don’t hold anything back!  One of my favorite things to do is get your input for Addicts Live, so please in the comments below take a moment to share your overall thoughts about the 2021 THOH Event!

Tell us your Good, Bad, and Ugly moments.  What your expectations were and did reality meet, exceed, or fail to clear the bar against those expectations?  Don’t hold back, now that the event is wrapping up I want to know your thoughts on the event as a whole.  And if you have anything you would change let us know.  And please take a minute to grade the event in the poll below…

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I LOVE having y’all participate in Addicts Live, that’s what makes the show so fun, so please let us know what you think and we’ll share your thoughts on Addicts Live next Saturday!


25 responses to “Share Your Thoughts On Treehouse of Horror XXXII…

  1. I give this event a B

    EA listened to my request of having sentient Lard Lad + AD Agency (had requested it last year, THANK YOU EA!!!)

    Loved the prize tracks (except #2), the last two premium character/building combos and the Gil deal! Had a lot of fun building my zoo and geriatric park is kind of a cool idea for Springfield. Appreciated tapping dinos.

    Didn’t enjoy the lack of new characters on prize track plus some rewards really were random or underwhelming (costume for Marge.. meh). The four acts seemed kind of disjoined and a bit “thrown together” and as much as I liked the references to older episodes (and their respective rewards), I can’t help but feel this event was not really as Halloween-y as it could have been.

    Would have given this an A if we had more characters, some better prizes here and there, and especially a better ACT 2.

    but most importantly…

    SO EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. My first THOH event so expectations were high and I was disappointed BUT I did enjoy making a geriatric park area but a distinct lack of buildings and characters was disappointing.
    Again not having many donuts meant I couldn’t get somebof the premium items but it was nice to be able to buy extras this time which have fitted in nicely to my area. It was better then robot rumble just hoping Christmas event doesn’t disappoint!

  3. The Premium characters are OK, everything else is superfluous junk. Not clever, not cute. Meh! It has been a long dry spell for last 2 years!

  4. Was that even a THOH Multi-Act Event? Kinda, except that small dedicated EA Staff (of unpaid Interns? phoning it in from home due to CDC Guidelines?) didn’t put any Halloween 🎃 in it – especially when compared to similar Game Apps in the Google Play Store which did ! 🙄


    Want New Content? You got it! – New Buildings (with permanent Character Tasks), New Voiced Characters (having funny Visual Character Tasks), New Character Skins (and some don’t suck!) …. just don’t ask me where you can make room for certain Content (Land Expansion is needed, EA doesn’t care – but I see there’s still plenty of space … in Storage!)


    Was that enough fricking 🚗 Decor for you which does nothing? want to spend 🍩’s for more of them? are you sure? isn’t the plenty of Crap Content for 🍩’s and a Crap Mystery Box to spend 🍩’s for worthless Tokens exciting? (should we be thankful it wasn’t another fricking Group of NPC’s to Tap that changes? I hate that type of Decor – because it’s been done too many times – but jeeze I’d take a Group of Halloween 🎃 Trick or Treaters vs the non Halloween 🎃 Crap Decor Prizes EA padded this Multi-Act Event with!) How about another Visual Character Task as an Act Prize? sounds good to you? (gosh remember when Visual Character Tasks with Decor was included once you obtained the Content?!)🙄

    Nothing like Murky Waters and Spooky Music, except there’s nothing Scary to Tap (bringing back NPC’s to Tap is cool, but 🦖🦕’s? during Halloween? Not even an ounce of Prior Halloween 🎃 Content? No New Halloween 🎃 Content? Epic Fail!) We had one of the best Segments in a THOH in years – ‘The Tell Tale Bart’ – but no New Content from it (did I say Epic Fail already? yep plenty of that this year!)


    Multi-Act Events aren’t working! Especially when the Prizes go from Ok to Crap to Good to Utter Crap! Acts based upon THOH Segments that are some of the Dumbest on record! Segments that should’ve been presented as a Mini Event on their own (there’s Content from them we don’t have that deserves to be in the Game App – and it would work better in a Mini Event!) It’s Halloween 🎃 and we have to Tap fricking 🦖🦕 NPC’s? 🙄

    Not the best Gil Deal, but then again only half of the Premium Character Combos were worth the 🍩’s! New Content that should have been available for Simpsons 💵 vs 🍩’s (give the New Tappers a chance!) THOH 2021 is an F Grade Epic Fail (aka it sucked! worst Halloween 🎃 oops we forgot to put the Halloween 🎃 in it Event ever!) Yes, I am being harsh with my constructive criticism, and I’m not sorry (the Multi-Act Event format needs to go!) because after almost 10 years there are certain expectations that were not delivered!


    Not surprised other Tappers are joining me in realizing that if the December Event during Hanukkah 🕎 \ Christmas 🎄 time / Winter Solstice ❄️ in TSTO is only Snow and Ice ….. but filled with Act Prizes that are Dumb Content not relevant (and no returning 🎅🤶🦌⛄ ?) ….. you’re going to see Long Time Tappers bail on TSTO (and probably some New Tappers!) I’m going to end by saying if you haven’t viewed Alissa n’ Safi discuss this year’s THOH on TSTO Addicts YouTube, please do – and offer your comments!

  5. What was the point of collecting dinosaurs AFTER the 15? Maybe if they added an incentive…

    • I just let them run wild in my town…..
      Saw no benefit in squishing them. I kinda liked the way they looked. 😎

  6. I do not like this event, in fact this is the first event where I purposely did not complete all assigned tasks because I did not like the prize I would receive.

  7. I already do not know what this was about. Will completely forget week after it is over. Tappable dinosaurs making it impossible to move in the town, always telling me town is full of dinosaurs. Same concept of collecting some crap through same quests over and over and over. Where are innovative collecting of surprise drops and crafting something using those items? Were people complaining about that or were they too stupid to understand combination of 4 items to craft something? Rewards – not very interesting. Sorry, graded this event F.

    • Why do you have to attack other people as being stupid because you’re unhappy? You can express your opinion without calling someone else a name.

      • Because they destroy every good game. Everytime there is something a little complicated, that requres thinking, there is a bunch of people who do not understand it, are unwilling to start thinking (and they are the loudest) and so the games become arcades, straight shooters with no need to think. There used to be space simulation games where you had to take care of everything, shields, energy distribution. But then pew pew pew games with pre-defined flight path took over. There were intelligent adventure games where you had to think to solve them, combine items, choose answers carefully. Now adventure games are mostly gone and what remains stays with single mouse clicks. I can see it in this game too. It was fun to collect different components as rewards and then craft something from them, or use wheel to win some unique items. Now no invention in the game, same boring quests repeating over and over and over. collect 150 of something by repeating 4h quests, plus maybe tap some dinosaurs. No courage to add anything that requires thinking.

        • If you don’t like the game any more, there are plenty of alternatives out there…

          Or maybe even write your own!

          But because you don’t like it doesn’t mean other people are stupid or unthinking – just that they are looking for different things in their games.

          Just think how boring it would be if everyone liked exactly the same things!

  8. No Jack-O-Lantern Mystery Box and no Halloween Mystery Box for new players this autumn.
    A disappointment for people who thought they have the opportunity to build a decent Geriatric Park, even the Treehouse of Horror XXXII Mystery Box doesn’t help.
    Do young players can spend about 920 donuts for a zoo ?
    Let’s be honest… the Splash Screen is very nice !


    Most of the vehicle prizes were good and I hope ea lets us keep the roaming Dino’s, especially blue, would liked to have more.

    Events are to easy and finished each act early.

    one animation I like most is Marge flying about in the ship, very good.

    Hope Christmas event extra Christmases,

  10. I am happy to have tappables again. I enjoy seeing them in my town. I especially like the sentient lard lad statue. There were a few prizes I really like such as sentient red devil realty sign, spider Bart trees, and comic book ram. Overall I give it a B to the game.

  11. I tried to keep it short with 4 to 7 points on each Good, Bad and Ugly.

    *Great dialogue and questlines.
    *Spooky atmosphere (music, leaves and water) was in the event.
    *Tapping dinosaurs is a cool element to the gameplay outside of the 4 hour tasks.
    *Some decent items like Sentient Lard Lad Statue, House of Pain, and Bionaut Ship.
    *Easy to make event areas for all the items like Geriatric Park and Dr. Hibbert Island.
    *There was an episode tie in for this year’s Treehouse of Horror episode.
    *Most of the new content in the event is from THOH episodes.

    *The Island of Dr. Hibbert and Attack of the 50 Foot Eyesores items would’ve been better as part their own THOH event instead of being featured with Geriatric Park as there is still a lot of items from those 2 segments that can appear in the game.
    *Too many vehicles were available as prizes especially in Act 2.
    *The amount of “Springfielder” jobs that were in the event. There were 11 total Springfielder jobs in the event and 8 of them were from Act 3 (main questline and Comic Book Ram’s questline).
    *The “Your town is full of dinosaurs” message gets annoying even if you have already cleared a bunch of dinos.
    *No mystery box tokens on the prize track. It would’ve been great if they got paired with the prizes instead of having their own slot.

    *Lack of past THOH items available considering there has already been 9 other THOH events.
    *The 2 NPCs of the event (Hadrosaur Bouvier and Sentient Red Devil Realty Sign) should’ve been full characters with tasks. Grampasaurus and Lard Lad were full characters with tasks so why couldn’t Hadrosaur Bouvier and Red Devil Realty have them?
    *Lack of prize characters with tasks since we got 1 full character, 1 NPC and 2 costumes. (I would’ve been happy with at least 2 full character prizes in the event)
    *Where’s Lard Lad’s 24 hour task and more importantly, where’s his giant donut?

    Overall, I gave it a B (I’d say it was B- to C). It wasn’t the best THOH event but not the worst one we had. I think the content from the THOH event in 2015 was terrible and was the worst THOH event we have had. This one would be in the top 5 worst THOH events. There was something that EA could’ve done to make it an okay event such as the returning THOH items being available along with the zoo and dino stuff.

    • Another thing that I forgot to mention was the new tasks for old characters that got added in the event. C.H.U.M. and Mozart got solo 24 hour tasks. Capri and Nedward Flanders got solo 12 hour tasks. The Parson got a solo 8 hour task.

  12. I liked this event! Several new characters, some good buildings, and I’m looking forward to building my own Geriatric Park area. I enjoyed tapping dinosaurs (although I wish the number you needed to tap was much higher…I can do 15 in a couple of minutes. I didn’t really mind the lack of Halloween that much…I mostly wish they had included some Halloween stuff so I wouldn’t have had to read so much complaint about that. 😜 I thought the event was a solid B.

  13. I enjoyed the event regardless of it not having much to do with Halloween…technically it is a THOH whatever. In general, always, some prizes were good, some were not so good. As far as a grade for an event, or anything else…it’s in the mind/eye of the player. I’m one of those that thinks anything new is better than nothing, and nothing isn’t really that bad. It’s a free game with characters we love…dialogue almost always provides a good laugh…sometimes a cringe, which is good too. I’m glad to have this game as a tiny escape.

  14. Didn’t mind the tappables coming back, however, I wish they earned something for tapping them. If it wasn’t part of the questline, I didn’t tap them (except when there were so many I ended up tapping them instead of tapping out a character). Prizes were okay. Wish I was able to create a theme park area, but I just don’t have the land to do it. While it would have been nice for newer players to have more Halloween themed items to add to their towns, or for us long time players to have some new Halloween items, I understand that the THOH Event is based on the THOH episodes of the show.

  15. The tone of your post says it all. Disappointed is an understatement. ONE character, and a few buildings, that will go straight into storage. I nearly didn’t bother, but I’m an addict, and had to finish. Maybe not next time though. Up your game EA

  16. Snooze fest. Hey I know… why don’t they(EA) not include any “Christmas-y” items in store for the upcoming Christmas Event! That’ll go over really well.
    If you’ve read my previous comments on other posts you’ll know my thoughts on the current event. Don’t even get me started on the “Season 33 Prize Track” event.
    Have a lovely day everyone!

  17. This event was weak and easily forgetable.

    • I agree!

      It was nice having tappables back, but the “mukti-events” are well past their fun level…need something new, and absolutely NONE of this event felt like Halloween. It may have been based around acts of THOH episodes, but it was WEAK. I seriously hope Christmas is better when it comes around…

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