Treehouse of Horror XXXII Prize Guide: Act 4, Prize 4 Bionaut Marge

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For the final time of the 2021 THOH Event, it’s time for another fun and exciting prize post!  This time around we’re breaking down a the second new costume for Springfield from this event prize track…

Without further ado let’s get right into it and take a look at the final prize to cover on the Treehouse of Horror XXXII Prize track…Bionaut Marge:

Bionaut Marge is a  brand new Costume for Marge to use in Springfield and part of the Treehouse of Horror XXXII Character Collection:

How You Unlock it:
Better Fighting Through Science Pt. 4
Collect Dinosaurs- x15
Make Frink Activate Shrinking Ray- 4hrs
Make Simpsons Get Shrunk- x4. 4hrs
Collect Syringes- x155.

Once achieved you’ll unlock the costume…

Other Info:
Voiced: No
WDTCF:“THOH XV” S16, E1 -In the Belly of the Boss Segment (#3)

Bionaut Marge does come with a full questline, which won’t trigger until you’ve finished the Act 4 questline here’s a look at that questline:

The Incredible Shrinking Heroine Pt. 1
Bionaut Marge starts

Quimby: Marge, you and the other bionauts saved Springfield’s bacon.
Homer: Mmmm…Springfield bacon…
Quimby: As a token of this city’s appreciation, we present you with this plaque.
Bionaut Marge: *reading* “Thank you for preventing another nuclear meltdown”?
Quimby: We had a box of those made a while back. Just in case.
Dr. Hibbert: Marge, I could use your bionaut help with a patient who needs an appendectomy.
Bionaut Marge: Isn’t that a surgery you can do yourself?
Dr. Hibbert: Not if I want to be featured in the Springfield Journal of Medicine. I could finally bump that showboat, Dr. Nick, off the front cover.
Make Bionaut Marge Help Cure a Patient- 2hrs
Make Dr. Hibbert Gloat at Dr. Nick- 2hrs

The Incredible Shrinking Heroine Pt. 2
Bionaut Marge starts

Bionaut Marge: I felt really dizzy after that last shrinking trip.
Frink: You just largefied too quickly, with the pulling and the stretching and the “oh-boy-there’s-a-lady-inside-me”! I could really use more of your assistance tweaking this technology.
Bionaut Marge: To help humankind?
Frink: No, to help me find my car keys. I left them inside someone!
Bionaut Marge: *annoyed grumble*
Frink: I’ll make you a deal. Find my keys and THEN we can help humankind.
Make Bionaut Marge Help Frink Conduct Research 4hrs
Make Frink Conduct Mad Research 4hrs
Bionaut Marge: I feel a little woozy but it’ll all be worth it if we discovered something amazing that will help the world.
Frink: Well, we were able to map a key section of the human genome…but sadly I lost the map on our exit.
Bionaut Marge: Darn!
Frink: I need to get more organized — Trapper Keepers, paperclips, a Daily Minder binder!

The Incredible Shrinking Heroine Pt. 3
Bionaut Marge starts

Hank Scorpio: Marge, I could use your bionaut help for a little side project that is totally not industrial espionage. I said “not”, right?
Moe: Go slow, Scorpio. I got dibs on Midge! I need her to shrink into my phone line and trace it back to the jerk who keeps prank calling the bar.
Bionaut Marge: Normally I’d be glad to help, but I’m not feeling so well.
Frink: Uh oh. Maybe the side effects of repeated shrinking, resizing, and shrinking tiny again are catching up!
Bionaut Marge: Side effects? WHAT SIDE EFFECTS?!
Make Bionaut Marge Experience Side Effects 4hrs
Make Frink Regret Not Mentioning Side Effects Earlier 4hrs

The Incredible Shrinking Heroine Pt. 4
Bionaut Marge starts

Bionaut Marge: What’s happening to me?
Frink: Just a little unstable protonic matrix…maybe a touch of glitchy gluon action.
Bionaut Marge: *GRRR*
Frink: Don’t worry! I have a doodad to undo the doodad doo-doo that’s going cuckoo inside you! Hold still. *zaps Marge with doodad* That should fix you up! Now I have one more favor—
Bionaut Marge: Forget it! I’m outta here, and I’m taking the bioship so you don’t shrinky-dink some other innocent dink, Frink!
Make Bionaut Marge Escape in the Bionaut Ship 8hrs
Make Frink Chase After His Bionaut Ship 8hrs
Frink: *panting* Marge, please, I can’t catch you! I have weak and rubbery scientist’s legs!
Bionaut Marge: I’m not doing any more of your dangerous experiments! AND I’m not giving the ship back!
Frink: I don’t want it back. It’s turned out to be a piece of junk. Honestly, I’m amazed you’re alive.
Bionaut Marge: *grumble*

Bionaut Marge’s Permanent Tasks:

Task Length Earns Location
Help Cure a Patient 2hrs ? $70, 17xp Springfield General Hospital
Experience Side Effects 4hrs $175, 45xp Outside/Visual
Escape in the Bionaut Ship 8hrs $275, 70xp Outside/Visual
Enjoy How Sexy Her Suit Makes Her Feel 12hrs $420, 100xp Simpson House
Watch Science Documentaries 24hrs $600, 150xp Simpson House

And that’s it my friends, the details on Bionaut Marge!

Up next? Nothing!  You’ve completed the 2021 THOH Event, congratulations!  Nothing to do but sit back and wait to see what hits next. (oh and submit a showoff if you have one!)

Thoughts on act 4? Bionaut Marge? Questline? Tasks?  How are you doing with the prize track? Still, working on it? Sound off below!

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  1. Unfortunately even though I have beach towels and beach chairs on the beach the count of syringes is 0.

  2. Am I the only disappointed none of her tasks were in the swimsuit (that’s that’s what turns a mediocre voyage into a fantastic voyage!) or shredded outfit (they know where to stop)?

  3. Another skin. Thanks EA!!! Nice that Marge has tasks, but I put my characters to do 24 hour tasks to get doughnuts.How many skins do we need. The Christmas Event had better be good, because this event was awful.

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