The Sounds of TSTO: Treehouse of Horror XXXII

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Your senses can evoke powerful memories in you. The smell of saltwater can trigger you back to your youth spent at the beach, the touch of cotton can bring you back to memories of your mom, and hearing sounds of TSTO can bring back countless hours spent tap, tap, tapping away.

So let’s take a trip down memory lane via the sound effects of TSTO…

Now that the THOH Event is over, it’s time to take a look back at the sounds from the event…

And that’s it my friends, the sounds of the 2021 Treehouse of Horror Event!  Lots of fun sounds with this one!

Stay tuned for more sounds of TSTO!

What are your thoughts on the sounds of TSTO? Enjoying this series?  Which sound effect is your favorite?  Favorite character voice?  Sound off below you know we love hearing from you!

7 responses to “The Sounds of TSTO: Treehouse of Horror XXXII

  1. Carolyn Humphrey

    It won’t let me finish the mission to get my last reward, it’s been like that before it ended….I usually can Finnish even when it’s over

  2. No syringes for me.

  3. Same problem. No syringes.

  4. Is anyone having trouble collecting the syringes for the final part of the quest? Seems to be broken for me and only rewarding money and XP

  5. Thank you, Alissa!

    Hearing Ram Comic Book Guy utter “throw them on the bonfire!” and “I understand that some of you are still wearing tattered pants!” is proof the Game App needs –

    Bonfire Decor (with Visual Character Tasks of tattered pants being tossed into it)

    Character / Character Skins for those Springfielders who were turned into Half Animals by Dr. Hibbert

    ‘The Island of Dr. Hibbert’ THOH Segment truly has more to give …. and we got more recycled sounds on some of the Buildings! 😅

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