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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part, you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So, here is your Open Thread…..

Some things you may have missed this week around the Addicts Site:

The baby quiz, teddy quiz, third sibling quiz, and delivery quiz were used as substitute posts while Alissa is off. Answers will be posted this week, so be sure to answer the quizzes before Tuesday.

Any weekend excitement going on in your neck of the woods? Have anything fun planned?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, missing Alissa, or anything else you can think of! (Just no politics, it never ends well)  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!

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  1. About the Lard Lad Donut Factory:
    It’s supposed to be back for Black Friday, in the Gold Mystery Box – right? I don’t seem to have it (it’s pretty big to overlook!), but the only Mystery Box I have is the Alter Egos one. Fooey. Ideas?

    • If the Lard Lad Donut Factory is in my inventory, where would it be? I’ve checked Businesses and Houses…

      • Golden Tokens: I’ve got a bunch. How long do they last, and how long can I still use them to buy donuts? I could just spend ‘em all right now, but I thought maybe something else would come along they’d be good for… or are donuts the only thing?

        • Donuts only during the event. Use’em or lose’em.

          • Thanks! Do you know where the Lard Lad Factory “lives” in storage? I’m becoming convinced that (a) I don’t have it at all, either in my town or storage, and (b) I’m not gonna get a chance to get it via Mystery Boxes… fooey. I never thought about it before, and now I want it!!! 😉

            • (Never mind, I reposted this to the new Open Thread – sorry for the bother!)

            • No, I would just search for it alphabetically. But know that the eninventory goes A to Z a few times.

              • I’ve done that, unfortunately. I went through the top-level inventory categories (Buildings, Decorations, even Characters), nothing. And I looked at each item, in case it wasn’t actually listed as “Lard Lad Donut Factory”! Frustrating. Now it’s the principle of the thing, really… where the heck is it? And if I don’t have it, why isn’t it available in a Mystery Box? Grr…. First World Problems….

              • It goes from A to Z each time it moves on to a different category, and some categories seem to have two A-to-Z sets…one for unique items in that category and one for items that have multiples available in that category. Also, sometimes new event stuff isn’t categorized right away and just end up at the very end of the inventory.

  2. That’s a helpful comparison point…thanks!

    So, has anyone found a way to get across the gorge except (1) the repaired wooden bridge, and (2) the monorail bridges?
    I’d love to be able to put a road across the gorge, at least visually, via some other bridge or other trick, but all I can see is these 2 options. And the repaired wooden bridge doesn’t seem to connect to anything else, so that’s a bummer.
    This stumbling block is gonna make it harder to create coherent designs. Maybe those wise Canadians don’t want to be any more closely connected to the US than they have to?!

    • I’m planning to make a tunnel the entrance to the new land, since the bridge is hidden behind my SH resort building anyway. I’ve been working on buying the vertical strip along the mountains, rather than going parallel to gorge (except, of course, for the few squares I needed to purchase to get to the vertical strip along the mountains).

      • I’ve been working a strip along the mountains and placing my monorail there. I probably should buy a second monorail bridge to allow for a return to SH. Luckily I had no issue with connecting up and getting across the gorge.

        I guess the new tunnels are pedestrian tunnels?

      • Wow! You must be approaching
        the 4 token/ square level. Crunching along those mountains. Looking good.

      • Good idea. I’ve already added a short loop through Canada to my monorail line (one closed circuit). As for bridging the gorge, since I can’t apparently make a REAL road bridge across the gorge, I place roads up to and above the bridge, then used tall buildings to cover the bridge. That way it LOOKS like there’s a road going across the bridge, implying a proper bridge. So I can get road and monorail traffic into Canada.

        • I’d be curious to see your design…can I add you as a neighbor? I couldn’t find an ID that exactly matched your handle here…feel free to send me a request (my game handle is the same as my one here).

          • sandrashill – I just sent you a Friend Request. When I visit your town, is it OK for me to tag the 4 special buildings? (School, Moe’s, Police Station, Town Hall) Several of my “neighbors” prefer taps on regular buildings, and no “tagging”.

            • Tag away! Feel free to tap anything that’s tappable! 🙂 I’ve accepted your friend request and will check out your town later tonight or tomorrow.

              • Great! I look forward to it… BTW, not important, but I just realized that at some point I changed my monorail layout to one long wiggly line: it has end stations at North Pole Station and Tetanus Terminal (hidden behind Exclusive Resorts to keep property values up!).

  4. Well, I knew it could not be THAT easy.
    The first for levels cost ONE Land Token
    The next cost TWO.
    I suspect after four more, it’ll bump up again.
    Hopefully no more than ONE more each bump
    Which means, SIX by the time the outer reaches are arrived at
    What I calculated could be achieved in six months….
    Gonna be a bucket full longer

    • Not unlocked it to check yet but I gather they bump up a deed every 4 rows and the very last row is 7 Deeds a tile.
      If that’s right it’s 545 Deeds in total, and if you get 3 Maps a day to earn one it’ll take you 545 days to get it all !!
      I’m also informed you can buy a Deed for 15 sprinkles, so that’s a mere 8,175 donuts to rush it all 🤪

      • Thanks for the numbers
        Here are more:
        I can three times spend 6 donuts, 18 total, to rush getting a ticket so I can prospect for 1 land token. OR, I can spend 15 donuts to purchase one token.

        And alas, I no longer am getting multiple donut prospecting from a single ore vein.

        • 15 is only for the first few(?) rows. Also, note to everyone…I opened a new plot, but, before I could mine for donuts, I had to close and reopen the game and the rock no longer was mineable. So make sure to mine before you sync the game somehow!

          • It isn’t 15 sprinkles a tile as such – it is 15 sprinkles per Deed needed. That means if a tile costs say 6 Deeds it would be 90 donuts to go get it – as I understand it

      • If you have Jackpot Realty it is more efficient to rush the 5 maps (12 donuts, fixed cost) 3 times, and then rush the 5 jobs (5×4 donuts) giving 5 land deeds costing 56 donuts (vs 75 for 5×15 donuts buying deeds directly) for a total cost of around 6100 donuts to unlock all the land.

  5. So, I’m the only one who has multiple prospector shacks stacked ontop of each other.
    How about the donut veins? So far, there are three or four or five. If I unlock a land tile, I can tap the ore vein several times, generating donuts each time I tap.
    I can rush a land tile and earn enough donuts to pay

    And I’m still wondering what the ‘50’ is, as in I have 4/50 land tokens.

    • Wow!
      I just bought a land tile and the ore vein that came with it gave me
      100 donuts, and
      20 donuts and
      100 donuts and
      15 donuts and
      Then it ran dry

      235 donuts from ‘one’ ore vein.

      I’m afraid to sell trees from these newly acquired lots, or even store them
      I’m afraid to store the spent ore veins.
      Afraid I’ll disrupt the ‘glitch’ I’m experiencing?

    • Lol everyone has that multiply function, don’t know what purpose it has 😂

    • I also have two Shacks and if you moved the trees you’ll end up with two same way with the rocks and the Buffalo you end up with more .

      I have two towns and last night EA was down for me for about 9 hours where I cannot login .

      Only one of my town is set up this way .

      See ya bye . 👽🖖

  6. I have a weird endless loop situation, all my characters go to the brown house. I see Snake (Character) completed task on top hand corner. I click and it goes to the brown house. No job completed. I exit the game and re-enter, all characters have finished the job. I click this and it ends the task and I collect the $ and XP. All characters then automatically enter the brown house again and shows Snake as completed job but cannot click anything unless i exit game and renter only to start the whole loop again.
    I can send and collect wheels and farm recycling tasks.
    This started on the last in-game update.
    Any help would be awesome.

  7. Part of the missions track is to spend a token on a gold box. If there is no good box for me to spend token on does that mean I have everything it was offering?

  8. CRAZY does not always have the answer .

    See ya bye . 👽🖖

  9. Long-time lurker and player…thanks to all here on this site, and commenters, who over the years have made it easier to play the game!

    Technical question: I have a pretty decent 2020 model phone with over 64 GB on onboard memory, of which nearly 30 GB are free, running Android 10, and I find that everything about my game runs fine EXCEPT collection of cash. I have about 300 characters, but I have never hit the item limits and I do not even have all the original land unlocked. It’s one thing that you expect the sky finger collection to take a few minutes, but something else that even just clicking a handful of people with completed jobs or a group of houses (IRS is fully maxed…hey, didn’t it used to be you could pick the collection radius?), it’s a wait of a few to several seconds, and then some N seconds for the batch to be collected. I didn’t have anything in Krustyland running (I did have monorails going before), but even putting away significant sections of my town and almost 100 characters has not made much difference (and that definitely makes my game small enough that it was running well back several years ago at that size and I didn’t hav ethis issue). Again, it’s just the collections–the animations of the cash collection run slow almost regardless of how much. (I do usually use the XP multiplier, which does make this worse I guess).

    I have tried hard-closing, re-installing, re-installing just now with the newest game, don’t have any other apps open, etc. I have not yet braved customer service. I could not easily find where this might have been covered on the site.

    Do we know if it is possible there is something in the game data that might be throttling the collection? Some kind of setting I should ask EA to check? I wish you could just turn off the collection animations.

    Thanks for any ideas!


      Go to your neighbors area and back to your main town this synchronizes the game and all your cash should be collected

      • Actually, you may find this interesting–because of the issue CJBrownLV hit on below, while sneaking out to the neighbors page and back does trigger a synchronization, if I don’t wait for quite a while before doing that, significant parts of the town’s buildings don’t get cleared from the sky finger tap! (For other taps, the system is slow, but not slower than going out and back.)

    • Mr. Bergstrom
      Sounds like you got enough Free ROM (aka Memory, Space) on your Android Device … how much RAM do you have? I’d recommend at least 4Gigs, or more (anything under is kind of not going to handle how HUGE this Game App is).

      What Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset does your Android Device use? You’d be amazed how snappy they are …. but how they get less snappy over time (FYI my Motorola has 6Gigs RAM 256Gigs ROM 5G Connection Qualcomm Snapdragon 480+ Android OS 11 with a 12 update coming up).

      You don’t need a $1,000 Device, but a Device with decent specs is going to handle any Game App better than a Device that’s a tad sluggish (TSTO isn’t as intensive as Fortnite, but you definitely need to close all of their apps before Logging In).

      This New Land Expansion definitely takes time to load up in the Game App, you can visit your Neighboureenos and go back to your Springfield to expedite XP & Simpsons 💵 collecting, but keep your Android Device up to date and it should run smooth.

      Happy Tapping 😀👍🏻

      • Thanks, I think you’ve hit it on the head. I do have 4 GB of RAM in the device, actually running Android 11 (the chipset is 665), and that corresponds to 3.58 GB in reality because of the peculiarities of GB counting, and of that, over 2 GB is tied up before you open the game even after I’ve cleaned up the system as best I can (I’m not sure how much is used while the game is running; it’s 2.7 after if I just exit). Still I’m surprised that even after the hobbling I’ve done, a single job spits out the money and XP quickly enough, but it still takes several seconds to clear, and if you turn the IRS on, the radius is 5-10 seconds to the money appearing, and another 20-30 to clear the screen). Anybody have any idea how much RAM a game with 300 characters, corresponding buildings, and a 1200% bonus ought to use?

        • It seems EA have programmed it to count up and then add one item worth a time to your counter, slowly – if I zip round my town and collect everything it takes over half an hour for the counter to catch up.
          Beware doing a sync if you earn lots though, if the counter value for xp and the collected but not displayed xp come to over 2 million it’ll give you one apology bonut round and an xp counter on zero.
          I try and get an idea what’s outstanding and sync when it’s about a million xp owed to clear the floating junk waiting to be counted but my main town earns so much it’s not always easy – A SkyFinger tap is 32 million xp in one go, or 3 bonut rounds and a Bart screen !!

  10. which buildings generate donuts? I have the golden goose realty that generates land

    • Lard Lad Donut Factory and Costmo.

      • I can’t find Lard Lad Donut Factory in my game _or_ inventory, but I should have it somewhere because I don’t get the corresponding Gold Mystery Box at all. (In fact, all I get is Alter Egos.) If it’s stored, what category is it in? I’ve checked Businesses, Houses, and even the overall Buildings categories… very frustrating! I want more free donuts!!!

  11. Happy Sunday Tappers,
    We get a new Simpsons Episode tonight (no teasers on YouTube).
    We still haven’t gotten any New Content via the 33 Season (since THOH XXXII)
    We got all that New Land (thanks EA!)
    We have all those New 🌲🌳’s, 🪨🪨’s and 🦬 (my goodbye – what to sell, store, keep?)
    We do (or don’t if you got it all!) get Returning Content via Black Friday Mystery Boxes
    We can even support the Game App by spending real 💵 (on New Content + 🍩’s + 🪙’s)

    So many choices, so glad this Game App doesn’t require you to watch a video advertisement, so much to be thankful for (thank you Safi for keeping the Addicts under control, thank you Alissa for being in charge!) 😀👍🏻

  12. I feel bad as I have exhausted all the tokens from the in-game store just to obtain both CostMo and Lard Lad Donut Factory and I still didn’t get them.

  13. I’m still working on the event questline…I’m on the fifth stage, so once I finish this up be able to join in with everyone on the new part of the game.

    In the meantime, I thought I’d share with y’all this Simpsons-related article that I came across!

    • Great article, Sandra! 👍🏻

      I take weekends off from Tapping, but I’m definitely through the Mini Event. New Simpsons Episode tonight ….

  14. Spent the real 💸 to get the 900 donuts and finish the track and contribute to the game. (Although since I still have the glitch I do it reluctantly). Since I have everything in the mystery boxes I traded the tokens for boxes of 12 donuts and was able to buy a lot of the new land with that.
    I’m relocating my Rigellian and Christmas lands to the new area and the North Pole monorail station helps to wind up the monorail. Will also put all of my frontier land there and it’s monorail station.
    What a treat to have land again 👍🏻😊
    Can’t wait to see what my neighbors do.
    Desertgal has unlimited possibilities now! Well done 👏🏻

    • Hobbes,
      That Land Expansion was a blessing (I’m half way thru unlocking New Land Tiles – so I’m at the 60 🍩’s per Land Tile section). I gave $5 real 💵 to the Game App (kept my word that I would pay to unlock the Land Expansion).

      Besides Frontierland(s), I don’t know what I will move into the Expansion (but I know I can’t move around too much or I get the Bart Simpson Screen of ☠️ – lol!).

      Happy Tapping 👍🏻

      • Thankfully you can drag and move large sections which makes relocating huge areas less daunting 👍🏻
        Happy Tapping to you too 😊

    • At first I was just planning on a continuation of Springfield Heights with upscale mansions and businesses, but now I’m considering making that my Shelbyville since I’ve never developed it beyond a plopville as the space I had left was too small and narrow. I’m guessing there’s no way to remove the gorge. How about the bridge, can that be moved to another tile?

      Also, for those who have him, does Ian have visual tasks to drive his car and give Nelson a wedgie?

      • Oh I got too many Plopville’s in my Springfield (having the Land Expansion helps, but I only unlocked half of what it’s available and I won’t unlock the other half until it’s necessary).

        I definitely need to decide what’s going in that Area (I was finally able to create a Shelbyville in between my Springfield and Krustyland). I find it I’m using that we have more Canada 🇨🇦 Content, next to the Bridge Crossing the Border we have the 3 Turnstiles Canada Border Entrance – and now a 2nd Bridge Crossing. 😀👍🏻

  15. Just a question as far as the new land expansion, will We need the Jackpot realty to earn land in the new expansion

    • No, jackpot reality will accelerate how quickly you earn land. But you can absolutely earn land without spending a dollar of real money, as long as you unlock the fifth prize of the main mini event.

  16. I was selling trees and Homer walked up to the tree as I hit the sell button. Lost 3 maps and the deed he was working for. DOH!

  17. . . . and pop goes another week !! 🤪😊🤪

  18. Two questions
    It took a while for the bridge to be fully completed. Was that just time or acquiring land or tokens or deeds?
    I have unused tokens. It says
    3/50. And after I acquire another token it reads
    What is it with the 50?
    And finally, it appears that there are three prospector shacks stacked on top of each other. I can adjust things and put them back. I moved one, so now I have two. I can’t move them back to one and I can’t store the spare one and I can’t “use” it. It’s just there. And the donut ore piles seem to be similar.


      The trees, rocks and bison all mulifly lol strange one.
      Winner winner 🏆

    • We have more than one Bridge into Canadian Frontier (remember a Multi-Act Event from this year? came with a Bridge!)

      Sounds like you have a glitch that creates additional Content (ie more than one Cabin), but it’s not really in the Game App (maybe EA will fix that?)

      Sure are a lot of 🌲🌳’s , 🪨🪨’s , 🦬’s you will accumulate (and those Pedestrian Tunnels, as well as Monorail Track Expansion). Lots to think about regarding what to put in the new Land Expansion.

      • Which bridge was that? (Actual name, and is it stored in Miscellany?) Some bridges don’t seem to go over water, oddly enough. For example, the Covered Bridge can’t be placed across water!

        • Mabel Simpson and the Canadian Border (2020)

          aaand before that ?

          Canadian Crossing (2018)

          If you don’t have either ? they should be available in the Mystery Box (have you checked the Black Friday Mystery Boxes for them, or do you have everything so you’re Springfield doesn’t have a Mystery Box?)

          • I guess I have it, ‘cause the only mystery box I have has only one item in it (a Robin Hood skin for Homer). I was looking for the name of the bridge, not the event, so I can more easily search for it in my inventory… I love bridges that will actually work over water, and I’d love to have more!

            • Update: OK, I see the Mabel Simpson bridge… once I get more squares unlocked I’ll try that to cross the gorge. But the Canadian Crossing? I have that, but it just has the 3 booths, no “bridge” – what am I missing? Can those booths be placed across the gorge somehow? That’d be weird…

              • I guess I’m missing something else. I unlocked another square, and tried to place the “Mabel Simpson and the Canadian Border” across the gorge, but it won’t allow itself to be placed. So, right now, the only bridge I have across the gorge is the one that the current event gave me – and that can’t be moved or selected. If anyone has successfully placed other bridges across the gorge, pics and details welcome!!!

      • hi everyone! is anyone expended all the new land? im few tiles away, wondering will i get any item from unlocking all the land.
        this update properly the most excited one as i hv spent hours to donut farming to get more donuts🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩

  19. Happy Sunday everyone

  20. I’m so confused. I’ve been playing for more than 8 years but this event has me scratching my head. I was so looking forward to getting more land. Ive built the bridge, have everyone doing tasks but then nothing. I have 5 maps but now what? How do I get the plots of land? All that I have is the original plot with the prospectors cabin. Can someone tell me if or what I’m not doing correctly?

    • Wow, you’ve already built the bridge and have maps? Have you been using donuts to zip ahead? This event has _me_ confused as well, and I’m still back generating wagon wheels… no maps _or_ bridge… I’m hoping it all gets clearer as it goes along! These events always do…. But that’s cold comfort at the moment!

    • Hi Nancy,
      Once you have 3 maps or deeds, one automatically earned every 8 hours, you use or spend three to send Homer or chief wigwam or Moe or the prospector on an 8 hour task to earn Land Tokens.

      Each land token can be spent to purchase one square of land?

      Hope this helps

    • You have to use maps (3) to get one deed from the prospectors cabin (8 hr job) to get one deed. Then tap on move button to choose which section of land you want to use it for.

    • As I understand it tap the cabin and there’s the option to send some characters on tasks to earn Deeds. You need 3 Maps to be able to send one character on a task and the Deeds will unlock the new land once you earn them – go into design mode and tap on a tile like buying the usual land.

    • I’m in the same boat. It looks like the cabin generates currency (a map or something) every eight hours that you need to be able to send characters to get the other currency to buy the land. Seems like it’s design to take FOREVER to get a plot of land. I’m waiting for the post on buying donuts to make sure I can just drop $50 to get the building that generates it automatically and get all those cute prizes (Ian!), or if I have to buy each pack of donuts.

    • Every 8 hours your cabin will produce 1 map. So if you time it right you can 3 per day. After getting 3 maps you can send one of your characters to get a deed. You can use the deed to buy a land tile, 1 to start, 7 at the far column. You can also use donuts to buy land tiles (great if you are a donut farmer). Or you can use real cash to finish the gold coin Black Friday to get the Jackpot Realty which also produces maps.


      Tap on the arrow button next to the friends button, that opens more options for the land squares

    • Nancy,
      There’s no confusion with regards to the Land Expansion, it’s just EA gave you options on how to unlock them:

      _Wait 8 Hours for the Cabin to generate Maps
      _Send Characters on 8 Hour Tasks when you have 3 Maps per Character to give you 1 Deed that unlocks New Land y.
      _Don’t bother doing all of that and just spend 🍩’s unlocking New Land Tiles.
      _spend real 💵 to obtain the New Content – a Building that generates Deeds to unlock New Land Tiles daily (just like the Golden Goose Realtor)

      And there’s no time limit on unlocking New Land Tiles (just a time limit to complete the Mini Event). Easy peasy and you know what to do if you have Black Friday Mystery Boxes! 👍🏻

      Have fun Tapping 😀

  21. So, with the Black Friday event, it looks like it’s going to be expensive, in real cash required… am I reading that right? And if so, does anyone know how much money we’re talking in all to get to the end?

    • whatever it would cost you in your local currency for 900 donuts, they do this every year. its totally optional, but you do get a decent land generating premium building at the end, a crapload of tokens to use in the gold mystery box that has premium items (including other donut / land generating content if you dont have them)

    • Just one purchase of a 900 D bundle will get all the prize track items including a total of 62 tokens for the Gold Box ( plus the free one if you got it ), so it depends if you’d need more tokens than that.
      If that’s more tokens than you need you can trade the extras for 12 Ds each and you’ll also have the 900 bought and all the prizes.
      You can choose to spend less, or even not spend – I’m thinking 132 Ds in my Little Town will get 17 tokens plus the free one for 18 of the 35 Gold Box items in that game and that’s all – and nothing spent on my Main Town this time

    • Overall, I like this event, especially all the new land and raised item limits!

  22. need thoughts on if yall think jackpot Reality is worth the price ? I already have the other donut & land producing items so no chance of getting those in the mystery box.

    • If you completed the Mini Event
      if you have both Buildings that generate a total of 12 🍩’s a Day (that’s 84 🍩’s a week!) That’s all you need (next to 🍩 Farming) to unlock New Land Tiles.

      If you have Black Friday Mystery Box Content and you have the 🍩’s and 🪙’s to obtain that Content? Have at it. Same goes for spending 💵 on New Content (there is no right, or wrong, way to play TSTO Game App – it’s all the decision of the Tapper). 😀👍🏻

  23. Happy tapping all, I tried some of Safi’s quizzes, I don’t think I did very well lol, had some glitches with the event but all good now, don’t know what to do with all those trees in the new land area but trying to create a wild west area. Have a good week all.

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