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With Alissa off for a little while, and me substituting as the head addict, I’ll be throwing in some random posts and hoping the website doesn’t crash on my watch.

For today’s post, let’s look back at the origins of Bart Simpson:

Bart’s origins are seen in the episode I Married Marge (Season 3, Episode 12). In the episode, Marge thinks she’s pregnant and has to go to the doctor. So when the kids ask about Homer and Marge’s pregnancy history, Homer tells them the story of Bart’s birth in a flashback to the early 1980’s.

Homer and Marge are dating and Homer works at a mini golf centre spinning the windmill from within the windmill on one of the golf holes. After a romantic date, Homer takes Marge into a mini golf castle and Bart is conceived.

Homer picks up Marge from her roller skate waitressing at a drive in job and takes her to Dr. Hibberts. Dr. Hibbert tells them Marge is pregnant and gives the pamphlet to deal with “So you’ve ruined your life”.

After a quickie marriage at the Shot Gun Chapel, Homer moves in with Marge and starts buying all sorts of paediatric goodies for their soon to be baby boy. They even decide on the name for their baby boy.

Marge: “Homer, I’ve been thinking… if the baby’s a boy, what do you think of the name, Larry?
Homer: “Marge, we can’t do that! All the kids’ll call him Larry Fairy!
Marge: “Well, how ’bout Louie?
Homer: “They’ll call him Screwy Louie!
Marge: “Bob?
Homer: “Slob.
Marge: “Luke?
Homer: “Puke.
Marge: “Marcus?
Homer: “Mucus.
Marge: “What about Bart?
Homer: “Let’s see.. Bart, Cart, Dart, Eart… nope can’t see any problem with that!

But when the repo men come to repossess everything, Homer realizes he is failing as a husband and a soon to be father, so he leaves Marge and works around the clock at various jobs sending all his money to her. Meanwhile at Marge’s ultrasound, Bart is being Bart as he moons Dr. Hibbert on the ultrasound.

Eventually Marge finds Homer and convinces him to come back to her. But first Homer walks into Mr. Burns’ office and moxie’s his way into getting a job with a fiery speech about being subservient to Mr. Burns.

Homer then goes to Marge’s house only to find out Marge has gone into labour. Jacqueline Bouvier drives Homer to the hospital, in time for the birth.

Full of confidence, Homer tells off Patty and Selma and then argues with Dr. Hibbert about who will deliver the baby. But Marge steps in and tells Homer to let Dr. Hibbert deliver the baby.

Bart is born and as Homer holds his ten minute old baby, Bart grabs a lighter and sets Homers tie on fire; behaviour that would continue for most of Bart’s life.

Homer then tells Bart, Lisa, and Maggie that he was blessed the day each of them was born.


Did you remember the episode? What is your favourite moment of the episode? What would you do if a 10 minute old baby grabbed your tie and set it on fire? What’s your favourite origin story on The Simpsons? For those who are parents, do you remember the birth of your first child? Any special memories you want to share? Sound off in the comments below. You know we love hearing from you.

5 responses to “Super Safi’s Substitute Post – The Birth of Bart

  1. Homer: Kid, I promise you the first thing you’ll see when you come outta there is a man with a good job.

    Patty/Selma: Yeah, the doctor. (laughs)

  2. “I Married Marge” (Season 3, Episode 12) – those classic Simpsons Episodes keep on giving …. birth to Bart Simpson (I admire Dr. Hibbert’s fro! the fact Homer has hair! how the Simpsons Family gathers around to hear another story!)

    Marge – “Homer, do you ever think about the future?”

    Homer – “You mean like, will Apes be our masters?”
    [Planet of the Apes reference] 😂

    The ONLY Babies we have are Fur Babies (the worst is when one dies of old age!)

    We remember the Births of our Nephews and Niece (and crack jokes that their parental units experienced “game over” – then reminded them that they brought the Next Generation of Family into the 🌎 !) 😊

    Simpson’s Origin Story?

    “The Dad-Feelings Limited” (Season 32, Episode 11) gave us the back story on Comic Book Guy (Jeff Albertson) and finally revealed his Wife (Kumiko Nakamura) is ready to have children! 😊

    Guess I better go purge before I binge on 🦃 Day (lol!)

  3. What Episode and season is the birth of Bart explained?

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