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With Alissa off for a little while, and me substituting as the head addict, I’ll be throwing in some random posts and hoping the website doesn’t crash on my watch.

For today’s post, let’s look back at the origins of Maggie Simpson:

Maggie’s origins are seen in the episode And Maggie Makes Three (Season 6, Episode 13). In the episode, it’s weekly family time and the family checks out their family photo albums. They see baby/toddler pictures of Bart and Lisa, but none of Maggie. So the kids ask Homer why there are no pictures of Maggie. So Homer tells them the story of those pictures.

It’s payday and Homer is super excited as he has enough money to be debt free and plans to quit working at the Power Plant. He walks in to Mr. Burns office and trashes the place (by which I mean he moves a glass off a coaster and empties the one piece of crumpled paper in the trash can). He then proceeds to play the bongo’s on Mr. Burns’ head.

Homer gets a job at the bowling alley, as it will be enough money to provide a life for himself, Marge, Bart, and Lisa. Homer and Marge go out to celebrate and Homer graphically depicts to his kids what happened next, as Maggie is conceived:

Marge is experience morning sickness. She goes to see Dr. Hibbert who confirms she is pregnant.

Before Marge can tell Homer she’s pregnant, he tells her how life is perfect with just the four family members and how doesn’t want anything to change. So Marge doesn’t tell Homer. But thanks to Patty and Selma, everyone in Springfield finds out Marge is pregnant before Homer. Homer walks in on Marge’s Baby Shower and learns Marge is pregnant.

Knowing he can’t afford another child on his bowling alley job, he goes back to the Power Plant. Having to grovel to get his job back, he is hired. However, a plaque serves as a reminder of his return.

Marge goes into labour, but homer is still upset about having to go back to the Power Plant, and the reminder that ‘DON’T FORGET: YOU’RE HERE FOREVER’. But when Maggie is born and grabs a hold of Homer’s thumb, his heart melts and he falls instantaneously in love.

But what about the pictures?

Lisa: “Anyway Dad, to get back to our first question, where are the pictures of Maggie?
Homer: “Where they are most needed.

And we see Homer’s office with the ‘DON’T FORGET: YOU’RE HERE FOREVER’ plaque reading ‘DO IT FOR HER’.



Did you remember the episode? What is your favourite moment of the episode? What is your favourite childhood picture? What’s your favourite origin story on The Simpsons? For those who are parents of multiple children, do you remember the birth of your third child? Any special memories you want to share? Sound off in the comments below. You know we love hearing from you.

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  1. A good synopsis of one of the most iconic episodes.

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