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It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part, you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So, here is your Open Thread…..

Some things you may have missed this week around the Addicts Site:

The baby quiz, teddy quiz, third sibling quiz, and delivery quiz were used as substitute posts while Alissa is off. Answers were posted this past week.

Any weekend excitement going on in your neck of the woods? Have anything fun planned?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, missing Alissa, or anything else you can think of! (Just no politics, it never ends well)  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!

76 responses to “Addicts Open Thread

  1. * Item Limits raised? *
    I thought the item limit was supposed to go to 15,000 with this event, but I keep getting warnings at 13,800 (something like that). Is that the expected behavior? Was I wrong about the item limit going up?
    – Color Me Puzzled

  2. Is there any word/ theories on when the Xmas update will drop?
    Desperate for character 500 since this event (after my hiatus) took me from 382 to 499.

    Also, what’s the most impressive character count out there?

    • Good question. I think I’m at 520 or 522… got 6 doing fun chores, 2 prospecting, and 514 available for 4- or 8-hour tasks. Plus a bunch in my inventory I don’t want to put out… anyone know what the current max count is?

    • I’m at 528, with a lot of Character Collections that are incomplete. I was going to count them one day, except I can’t tell the difference between a full character, skin or NPC unless I have them.

      • I counted by having no-one complete monorail / heights stuff and using employment office.

        499 can use 4/8 hour tasks with no peeps left over.

  3. So, I love the new land and it’s a cool prize track. But…why only do this as a mini event? And why do it in place of Thanksgiving, where you have a mini-event pretty easy to do. There are huge stretches of time in the winter, spring, and summer where there’s no natural seasonal event; wouldn’t it make sense to have released this then?

    And while I’m at it, what exactly are we supposed to do with the new land? I mean, yes, I can move all my frontiersy and old west items there. Sure. But wouldn’t it make sense to have an actual prize track with themed items to go there (which could later be premium, of course)? Instead they just dump a fantastic addition in as a mini-event and minimal planning. Given how desperate they seem for new plots/events as the idea well runs dry (witness our “halloween” event), the lack of care paid to this major new development is baffling.

    Also, like others said, probably the best splash screen yet.

    The whole thing reminds me a lot of when they dumped the old Simpson Farm into the event a few years back. That’s a major part of Simpsons Lore and could easily have been a full event. Heck, it could have been a farming sim area similar to Springfield Heights, the new land, or the defunct KrustyLand. Like the show itself lately, there’s a lack of thought and care in how events are being used, and it’s disappointing.

    • For the gazillionth time, it was not a Halloween event; it was a Treehouse of Horror event, which was a perfectly reasonable decision, was this game has already done Halloween many times. Same is true for Thanksgiving…we already have the “Puritan” versions of some characters and other Thanksgiving stuff from previous Thanksgiving events….what new could they have done with that? Plus, this is a game with an international audience, and Thanksgiving (in November) is only a U.S. thing (Canada has it too, but in October). Honestly, I’m almost dreading the Christmas event….I mean, how much new can they do with that at this point? (They should definitely bring back Christmas items for those who don’t have them, but I wouldn’t even care if they did a different theme for the next event, although I’m probably in the minority on that one…). And where’s my Hanukkah event? Send Judah Maccabee to Lard Lad or Krusty Burger to get some oil for the temple lamp, lol!

      What people were clamouring for most was more land (especially to open up the land above Springfield Heights) and an increase in item limits, both of which they’ve given us with this event. They also gave us perfectly decent questlines to go with the event and some interesting new items to build with, like the tunnels, and even thought to give monorail enthusiasts bridges to span the river, which was pretty thoughtful.

      This event definitely didn’t feel right me like something they just dumped into the game without much thought (we’ve definitely had ones in the past that did)….it felt pretty well thought out, even to the slow pace of earning new land, which gives folks something to work on for a while to come (but also offers the option of rushing for donuts, for those folks who have been playing a long time and have amassed a lot of donuts, with not much left to spend them on).

      • Well said! As someone with oodles of sprinkly dough hoops, I just may use a bunch to open at least a good portion of the new land. If so, I’m gonna concentrate on opening area with Bison… trying to make my own herd….

  4. I cant log into my game. It keeps asking for a verification code. I enter the code and it tells me it is invalid. I have done a hard close, and even uninstalled the game. Any tips? Thank you

    • Contact EA Tech Support and be prepared to give them all the info they ask from you (or make sure the email address you are using to receive the verification code is legit, then be prepared to type in that verification code once you receive it ASAP – you don’t get a whole lot of time to do it and if you fail three times in a row? your Account gets locked out!)

      Good luck and may the Force be with you

    • The easiest workaround I have found is ensuring you check the e-mail code on another device.

      If you close/ hide/ move the app to view the e-mail, that seems to refresh TSTO in some way. So don’t do that, and check e-mail on an alternative phone/ tablet /laptop. That worked for me.

  5. Is therea glitch wit yehweh to get 7 donuts each day from him?

    • No glitch, just smart planning. During his quest line, you’ll come to a point where one of the tasks is to send him for 24 hours for a 7 donut reward. As long as you don’t complete the other task associated with this step, you can keep sending Yahweh for donuts every 24 hours.

      If you’ve already passed this part of the questline, then you can only earn 7 donuts every 52 hours.

  6. Happy Sunday (and Happy Chanukah to those celebrating – Shabbat Shalom!) 💙🕍🕎

    Once again
    _a fun Mini Event
    _New Land Expansion is awesome
    _yay increased Item Limits
    _get that returning Frontier Content
    _get that New Frontier Content

    Follow the Tutorials which pop up explaining
    _Springfield Heights (if you’re finally getting access)
    _Repair Bridge (to gain access to Land Expansion)
    _Obtain Maps from the Shack
    _How many Maps per Character
    _Obtain Land Grants per Character
    _Unlock New Land Tiles

    And remember there is no right or wrong way play this Game App (you can use 🍩’s to expedite and obtain Content, send Characters on Tasks and Tap Buildings, spend real 💵!) just remember that we all started out as Noobs (we didn’t start out 🍩 Farming on day 1! we had to pay our dues! we had to be patient! we took years to get to where we are at! before TSTO Addicts we had to figure out a lot on our own!)

    • I’m still trying to figure out life on my own .
      Maybe one day I’ll get it right .
      Live and let die .

      Wish you were here . See ya bye . 👽🖖

    • Thanks for the Hanukkah wishes! 🙂 However, “shabbat shalom” is wishes for a good shabbos, which is Friday night or Saturday. (It’s the Jewish Sabbath.)

  7. I’m trying to join the new land to rest of town but I can’t cross the water by monorail. Is there a way to place pieces in water that I don’t know about?

    • The monorail bridges are in the store, and their blocks are BIG, and can only be placed in a few places (like other land tiles that can only be placed on every 4th or 6th or whatever square.

      • PS: And AFAIK the only 2 ways to get to the new land are:
        1) repaired bridge
        2) monorail bridges
        3) tunnels through the mountains to Springfield (must own land on both sides)

    • Did you buy the New Frontier Monorail Bridge? If not it’s still for sale another two days (20 donuts each).

  8. I bought a couple of the Springfield booster pack things to open up the land to the (broken) bridge, but the area of buyable SH land stops at right before the Ad Agency. I cannot even buy that land tile. Is this a glitch or do I need to go though ALL of the previous SH tasks before this opens up? What happens if I run out of time before I can repair the bridge?

    • I just noticed another oddity in this event. Challenge “Take from the Rich, Give to the Porpoise, Pt. 5”, the second task is “Make King Snorky Watch His Dolphin Army Flee”; that’s how it was described, and how it’s listed in the task list. BUT… there’s no actual task for King Snorky available in the Town Census. What IS there is what was displayed when I selected the King Snorky task to complete it: “Make Sexy Pirate Strike a Sexy Pose”. Google tells me King Snorky has had glitches before, so this may just be another. But I think earlier in the event something similar happened; if it did, I think I just told myself I’d imagined it and forgot all the details.
      Anybody else seeing this issue, or is it just me?

      • Yes, I had several issues like that in that questline, where the wrong characters had the task. It was very odd, and I was surprised that I wasn’t seeing any chatter about it on this site. Was it just happening to a few of us, or was it happening to everyone?

        • The wrong characters were being sent out, like Homer or Wiggum for Snorky, but it did nor seem to have an effect with the progresd if the tasks, so I let it slide by.

      • When Robin Hood Homer was first offered, King Snorky (if you had him) was temporarily playable. After that event with the Diane from Cheers spoof, Snorky became a regular NPC again.

        A weird side effect was Snorky popped up as a playable character with nothing else to do during the event.

        • That’s so weird, but knowing Snorky _was_ playable and now isn’t makes the oddities more understandable. (As a programmer, I can see leaving old code in there rather than delete it “for safety’s sake”, and getting bitten in the butt later for that decision….)

  9. So far today has been a good day .

    (1) I went to Krusty Burger and no one was ahead of me at the drive-thru .
    (2) The food was ok .
    (3) I found $20 . 00 .
    (4) I seem two Doggy doggies .
    (5) I was able to pet one Doggy doggy .
    (6) I found $ 1.00 .

    I hope that I’ve not used up my good luck for the rest of the year .

    See ya bye . 👽🖖

  10. Am I correct in thinking that if I left the maps uncollected for 24 hours I would get 3 at once? Dont want to loose any by not collecting. Thanks.

    • No, you are incorrect. You would only get one.

      Think of it like The Simpsons House. When you login after 24 hours, do you get just 1 45-second payout or do you get 1,920 45-second payouts?

      Tappers are rewarded the more frequently they tap.

  11. Is there a list of donut generators? I did a search, but didn’t see an article that listed them all. Thanks!,

    • Costmo, Donut Factory, Yahweh’s last task of 7 or 8 consecutively, where’s Maggie mini-game, Sideshow You – occasionally, in addition to Daily Challenges, regular gameplay, and most recently Donut Mining.

    • 1. Rail Yard Project Board(5 donuts)
      2. Lard Lad Donut Factory(6 donuts)
      3. CostMo Foods(6 donuts)
      4. Jewish Walk of Fame w/Yahweh (Too much effort. Don’t bother)

      Did I miss any guys?
      P.S. Just donut farm… look at my other comment on this posting.

      • The key to #4 was to never have completed that questline… I’m getting six donuts from Yahweh every 24 hours, for the task he had to do that in the questline. As long as I don’t have him do the task he needed to do next to advance the questline, I’ll should have him able to do that in perpetuity. 🙂

        It was one of those things I was happy to see someone mention in the comments during that event, since, although I’ve been playing long enough that I should be able to figure that out on my own, I would likely not have thought of. Love this Addicts group because of stuff like that (among other things)! 💜

      • 5. Maggie, every three times of playing “Where’s Maggie?” (although she’s not a “guy”… Or did you mean, “Did I miss any, guys?)? A comma can make a big difference to the meaning!).

        6. Sideshow You (every 300th collection)

        • I forgot the comma. Sorry. I left my grammatically correct hat in the car. I was referring of course to the community of Tappers to help out if I had forgot anymore donut producing items in game. I usually always proofread before hitting the “Post Comment”button. My sincere apologies.

          • Lol – no worries! Just wanted to be sure I understood what you were trying to say. I hate that the platform this site uses doesn’t allow one to edit one’s post after it’s been published… can’t tell you how many times I’ve found typos and autocorrect/swyping errors in my comments! 🙁

  12. How and where do you report a bug so the “studio team” can actually see it and fix it?

  13. The only way to expand in new frontier is to buy donuts????

  14. I can’t find Lard Lad Donut Factory in my game _or_ inventory, but I should have it somewhere because I don’t get the corresponding Gold Mystery Box at all. (In fact, all I get is Alter Egos.) If it’s stored, what category is it in? I’ve checked Businesses, Houses, and even the overall Buildings categories… very frustrating! I want more free donuts!!!
    (And with the event ending December 1, I’m assuming the Mystery Boxes option will go away then, too.)

    • In response to a suggestion from Safi, I’ve gone through my entire inventory, via the top-level categories. I started with Buildings (duh), then Decorations, even Characters. It’s not there, and I looked at each entry in case the Factory isn’t actually listed as “Lard Lad Donut Factory”. And without the Mystery Box, or having it in my active game, I’m stumped. Now it’s all about the principle of the thing! May just be some random game bug…. Any ideas, anyone?

      • It’s listed as “Lard Lad Donut Factory.” If I could I would gladly give you mine. No big deal. The scale and proportion is too large for my taste. That’s why it sits in my Inventory! Like I said donut farming is a waaay better means of attaining free donuts.
        It also helps I have 5,500 Burning Bushes!!! Ha ha ha. Shoot that bonus % thru the ceiling.

        • 5500 Burning Bushes? Must keep the SVFD (Springfield Volunteer Fire Department) busy…

          • I grabbed 15,000 of them, lol.

            • And put them where ? In storage the bonus doesn’t count, right?

              • Yeah I have them in inventory in groups. So if I ever decide to farm (which I haven’t in nearly 3 years), I can take them out and raise my bonus percentage from 5300ish to significantly higher.

          • 😂 Unfortunately I wasn’t playing the game during the event that gave the Springfield Fire Department building back in 2016. I would love to trade you my Lard Lad Donut Factory for the SFD. Maybe one of these days they’ll make it available again. As is the same story for countless other buildings/characters in this game.😭

      • You could check your overall inventory without choosing a specific category.

      • Hi CPU WORKS.
        I’M SORRY TO SAY THAT I HAVE THE lard lad factory in my gold mystery box. I think there are also about 100 other items in the box. So I have no chance of obtaining it.
        It seems that EA thinks they’re funny. They took all of the items from my mystery year book ( leaving 5 items ) and spreading them all over the box’s. Idiots. Any way sorry can’t help, but at least you won’t go nuts looking for it in the store.
        Good luck…..😎

    • Check Inventory again cpuworks. Buildings or Businesses. Alphabetical remember also. The picture icon is smaller than others for example. If it’s not in those then you ain’t got it. Unless it’s already placed in your Springfield.? Don’t know what to tell you.
      And yes once this event is over so are those mystery boxes being available.
      If you want free donuts just farm them. It makes having the Lard Lad Donut Factory and Costmo look pathetic. High bonus % + activate XP Collider + God. Buy Rat Trap trucks = Tons and tons of donuts. Your welcome.

    • Isn’t Lard Lad one of the buildings that you have to have at least 1 of ? I recall trying to store my last one and it wouldn’t go. Which means it might be in your town somewhere.

    • Wilson, if you go to your futuristic area and follow the rightmost monorail by the 6 floating cars you will get to Springfield Dry Cleaners and next door is the factory. Hope this helps.

    • I have tried to reply using WordPress accound but I think there is a problem so you might get this twice!
      If you go to your futuristic area by the sea and then follow the monorail next to the 6 floating cars away from the sea you will get to your factory which is next to Springfield dry cleaners and behind mom and pops hardware. Hope this helps.

      • That’s so embarrassing… I looked so-o-o many times, but obviously I should’ve checked at least once more. In my defense, I’m clearly losing my marbles. Wait, that’s not a good approach… How about “It was hiding behind a cloak of invisibility?” No, wait, that’s Harry Potter… fooey…
        Anyway, thanks!
        – Mark the Muddled (AKA wilsoncpu or cpuworks)

  15. Hi Safi,
    Happy Sunday to you also. 😀. So I guess your flight went well since you’re here tapping away and making sure you keep us rowdy kids under control. LOL
    It brings to mind, that saying : WHEN THE CATS AWAY, THE MICE WILL PLAY.
    THE cat in this case being Mama Alissa. Keeping us all under control. That being said this has been a fun week. Lots of interaction, and silly bantering to keep everyone smiling while helping each other.
    That being said, you’ve been doing a hell of a bang up job my man. Kudos 🙌 👏👏🙌.

    Good day everyone. 😎

  16. I was thinking about what change/addition to the game, i would most like to see and i realised it was actually a game mechanic taken from Pokemon.

    The ability to teach characters new jobs.

    We’ve all got characters whom because of a small job selection, or that they need buildings/decorations you don’t own, you can’t use as easily as the other characters.

    So how about use the Adult Education Centre or release a new building entirely, as a place to teach a character new skills? The new skill will then add a permanent job to the characters task list, so you now have a 1hr task for Stampy for example. Teaching a skill costs donuts however you can get a free lesson as a occasional prize from the daily challenge bonus prizes.

    What do other people think?

  17. Happy Sunday everyone

  18. Happy tapping all, woke up to find it had been snowing all night amazing transformation. Bought about half the land but it’s getting more a more 75 Donuts per tile so far, am thinking of just buying it all.

    Will this COVID ever go away 😡 had my booster last weekend and haven’t felt very well since and now a new variant what next.

    Have a good week all


    • No…it will never go away.

      • Can someone please remind me if all those Springfield heights buildings still have a hidden cash/xp bonus? Do I have to have them in the actual game (not in my inventory) to get said bonus?

        • Yes and yes.

          They still give bonus, but you have to have them out of your inventory in your Springfield.

          • Question ? Has anyone ever figured out how many Xp’s the Springfield Heights buildings pay out ?
            My Springfield Heights is loaded with all the buildings.


              Building Xp
              Bonus %
              Condo 1%
              Island 1%
              Center 2%
              Parking 3%
              Mansion 4%
              Mansion 5%

              • Thank you Mr. Rooney. That’s good.amount. didn’t think it would be that much. I guess I’ll have to leave the Heights alone. So much lost real estate.
                As always thank you so much. 😎

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