Holiday Whodunnit Bug/Glitch Round Up

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Christmas is upon us in our pocket-sized towns…and in true TSTO fashion, it’s not without its share of issues.  Seeing lots of comments on various posts reporting issues, and some folks missing comments/posts about other issues, so I wanted to have one centralized post covering it all.  So here’s your Holiday Whodunnit Bug Report!  Use this post to comment about issues you may be having and as a reference point to find any potential solutions (or ways to report) for problems you may be seeing.

Issue: Game crashes when loading, preventing users from playing the event. 

UPDATE 12/11/21: This issue has been fixed with an update.  Go to the app store to download the update.

More Info: There is a crash issue happening with some devices.  This could be related to the amount of space you have on your device, the age of your device, or something else entirely.  Just remember, the Christmas event is the LARGEST update each year for TSTO (because they reload every single item in the game with snow), so it requires A LOT of free space on your device.  And when I say a lot I mean like 20+ GB…

Current Resolution: Best bet is to report it to EA here:
They are aware of the issue and are investigating it.

Issue: Mr. Plow’s Plow Donut Promo Doesn’t Show Up in the Store for purchase.

More Info: There should be a donut promo available for $9.99 USD (Tray of 132 donuts) that you can purchase and get Mr. Plow’s Plow with it.  For some players this isn’t showing up in the store for purchase.  If you don’t see the Plow icon in the store, don’t buy the donuts…it’ll look like this if the promo is available in your game:

Current Resolution: It seems like this is an issue impacting iOS users, at least from what I’ve seen in the comments. There’s currently no resolution for it, so best bet is to contact EA and let them know it’s missing in your game.

Those are the two current MAJOR issues I’m seeing.  If you have another issue feel free to comment about it in the comments below, so we can see if it’s widespread and try to address it.

Thanks and hope this helps!

56 responses to “Holiday Whodunnit Bug/Glitch Round Up

  1. I’m seeing a kosher pickle forest and Hey Hey ice wave that don’t really seem to be there. I can’t move them but I can put items on the same space, then in play mode the two items share space. Is anyone else experiencing this?

  2. I am getting the return glitch one of Helen Lovejoys tasks. Daily challenge was “have Springfieldiers preach their version of Christmas.” When you click her to start her 4 hour, worship along Rev love joy, , your game freezes an you have to hard atop the game and to get back in. I actually remember this happening last year. Just skip her task.

  3. Wow. What a great surprise. I can play! Hope everyone else can too.

  4. There is a new update in the Play store.
    I’ve installed and can confirm Tapped Out now loads.


      I can confirm, the update solved the crashing glitch, well done EA, my tab now works I can see it clearly 👓, it felt like Christmas day 😁😍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

      On another note I mined 17 donuts from a neighbour’s vein 😁

    • Thank you for that info, would not go there to check myself. It worked for me too.

    • Thanks Chris for the update. Just to confirm, if you open Tapped Out the update does not load, so off to the play store, load it up and away you go go go 3 days lost.

  5. After 2 days of not being able to play the game… thank you BlueStacks! I just have to drop my B game though. It’s just to much work unless they fix the crash issue. Oh well.

  6. Still having the Mr. Plow’s Plow issue (doesn’t show in the Currency section after clicking on the store’s link). Seems to be IOS-related. EA support is being useless. After describing the simple problem twice, including screen shots they requested, they say they still don’t have enough info from me. Soooo, I repeated the same sad story… maybe it’ll get through. Extra bizarre since so many other IOS users have evidently been repeating the exact same thing – seems that’d be enough data!
    This is the first time in ages I’ve contacted EA support (via email). The good news they _do_ respond in a day or less. The bad news? See above… Oh, well, if this is the worst problem I have today, I’m having a great day!

    • UPDATE! The problem seems to be iPad-specific, NOT general to all IOS devices. I _just_ got an iPhone, and checking there this morning I found the offer WAS on the iPhone! (Although still not on the iPad – I double-checked.) So, natch, I threw some cash at EA and now I have the Plow sitting in the snow next to the school. It doesn’t seem to do anything except turn its lights on and off, and look cool (doesn’t move, in other words, and can’t be placed on roads AFAIK, just ground), but that’s good enough!

      I reported this difference to EA to give their programmers more info to help ‘em run down the bug.

  7. I just lost all my friends! 😳 And I can’t add any. I thought EA would notice us getting free donuts and make an end to it as soon as they can, but d’oh! 🤦🏼‍♀️

  8. Hello,1st time posting,Im having some trouble with my game. I got the cookie castle and Princess Jules from the tokens on Black Friday and I cant get her to start her questline. I tried storing her and no luck. Ive tried reinstalling the game and doing a reset on my Ipad but not luck,I was hoping it would resolve itself for the Christmas update but no luck there either. She just sits there and wont go on her 1st part of her quest.

    I know I opened up a lot questlines from the Black Friday with tokens,but I cleared all of them so i dunno why its not working for her. Any suggestions?

    Thank you for your time and all you do for us Tappers 🙂

  9. Where is the patch?? This is obviously a wide spread issue. EA needs to make it snappy and fix this. Neither of my Android phone will load after update. I can sort of play on my laptop through Bluestacks, but its very slow. Contacted EA help twice, just the usual “clear cache… blah, blah blah.”

  10. I tried everything to increase my memory on my tablet but to no avail, think I will need to buy a new tab with over 20 gig of memory going to cost me.

    Luckily I have my phone with 2gig ram and 32 gig of memory and game works fine.

    On another note does the plow truck drive around like Ian’s car?

    Hope everyone is finding a way to play 😀

  11. Haven’t been able to play since update!! Load screen, shows I’m logged in, and then crashes. Did all the normal TS steps. 😩 been playing since 2012 and this may be the first event I miss! 😢

  12. Thanks for creating this post. Not sure if this has been covered, but, I do not see the golden pick axe. I did have multiple/repeat items (3off) on new land tiles, does this mean no axe for me?

    • Yes, if you have already mined 150 donut veins (either by unlocking all land tiles or having multiple veins glitch) you will not have the pickax.

  13. Hello thank you for your great website!

    My issue is with the Golden Pick Axe. I used it twice and I only got 4 donuts in both tries! Meanwhile I used to get a higher number of donuts before purchasing the axe. I twice got 15 donuts. So what’s up?

    Keep it up,

    • Typically you will get anywhere from 1 to 20 donuts from the donut veins. However, every x number of times, you will hit the Jackpot and earn 100 donuts from the donut vein.
      So x times, you get 100 donuts. (1 – x) times, you get 1 to 20 donuts.

      What the Golden Pickax does is increase the likelihood of hitting the Jackpot by 3. So every 3x number of times, you will hit the Jackpot and earn 100 donuts from the donut vein.
      So 3x times, you get 100 donuts. (1 – 3x) times, you get 1 to 20 donuts.

    • Nothing is up… probability doesn’t work that way. The golden pickaxe just increases the odds of getting a jackpot. You basically are implying that there was something wrong with a coin, because you flipped it twice and both times it came up tails.

  14. ­ ­ ­ ­ (Not necessarily a glitch, but something to be aware of…)
    Be aware of when sending out people for Daily Challenges. Some tasks may require multiple PCs to be sent per line (like “Ned and his sons”). If all the characters are not available, this may cause the game to hang. (I’ve had to exit and re-start to get the game back on track.)

    This is not a new occurence. It has happened during previous events with specialized challenges.

  15. Thanks so much for your efforts.
    Still don’t see the pick axe. Meh
    Read elsewhere EA fixed the Prospector duplicate glitch. Indeed, my spare shack is gone.

    Got my bill boards, onto the next prize. The I can slow down and enjoy the holidays.

    Again, thanks so much for your efforts.

    • I had some Duplicate Glitch but it was duplicating something else (meanwhile I got a good 😅 from Tapping those Krusty’s Christmas Special Billboards!)

      Happy Holidays 🎅🏻⛄🎄

  16. I have been playing on a samsung tab 4 for 5 years, on android 5.0, and another device android 5.1. I can not get the game to load on these .
    It loads on my andriod 10 phone and kindle 5th generation.
    I very much doubt if EA will reenable the support to older android devices, they didnt to apple devices earlier in the year.
    It is a pain, but at least I can change from one game to another using the , finally sorted, verification codes.
    It would have been nice to have some warning about changes, but EA has never done that!
    I hope that anyone having issues can find their own solutions, early christmas present to yourself of a new device if you really want to keep playing maybe!

    • Eddie
      No 2 years ago there was a warning from EA that old Android devices with old OS with loose support (I consider the cutoff around 8.0 Oreo – 9.0 Pie considering we are now on OS 11 – OS 12). Definitely time for new Android Tablet ….

      For anyone who feels like they’ve been jipped on the Golden Pickaxe? I sent an Inquiry with EA using their Help Page (I would not purchase it until EA answers).

      • If/when EA stops support of specific Android versions I would expect following things to happen:
        1) Google Play page for this application would start showing that my device is no longer compatible;
        2) some kind of official announcement is released (I think we got one when they stopped supporting Android 4 and below).

        • You can go that route … but you can’t complain if you have an old Android OS and you are not able to play the Game App

          I just traded in a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7 (2019) with OS 8.0
          for the 2021 version with OS 11.0 (doubled my RAM, doubled my ROM, cost $149)

          I have gone through 3 different smartphones since the beginning in 2013 (a new device every 3 years)

  17. OK, not sure I am the only one having the issue of the Golden Axe not being in the store even tho I still have about half of the new land space unpurchased, but I contacted EA. They have opened a ticket as a bug. Hoping they can fix it before the event ends!

  18. I just wish we knew from EA if it was device/space related or if a patch will be coming.
    Has anyone with a non-working device cleared more memory and then had it work on that same device yet?

  19. I do not have the golden pick axe in my store. My husband had it. We both play on iPad. I did have a glitch (I think) when the new territory opened that I was able to mine donut veins multiple times (usually 3 for each rock) and routinely earned 50-100 donuts from each rock. Anyone else have this issue? Any solutions?

  20. The update crashes on my Fire tablet. I have over 18GB free.

    • Hi Lee
      How old is your Amazon Kindle Fire? 1st Gen doesn’t seem to want to load TSTO Game App (especially if the OS is old). Newer Amazon Kindle Fire (with up to date OS + enough free space) is working.

      You could find certain answers to your problems at the official Amazon Forum

      • My 7th gen Fire with 50% plus open storage crashes. I haven’t been able to play since the update. Yes, I have filed a help ticket with EA.

    • hello, I also encountered this problem, I discovered that the source of the problem was the play store and I inactivated the play store and the problem was solved.

  21. Hi, I have purchased the Golden Pickaxe & have notice I’m only getting 5 donuts when I mine at a time. I was getting more than 5 on an average before I got the Golden Pickaxe, my partners account gets 5 at a time now & has the Golden Pickaxe too.
    Has anyone else had the same?

    • I’ll try to answer that C

      Yes I bought the Golden Pickaxe
      I had a Row of 6 Land Tiles
      Each Land Tile had 1 🪨 to Mine for 🍩’s
      (so that’s a total of 6 🪨’s if I unlock an entire Row of Land Tiles, right?)
      1 out of 6 🪨’s yielded 100 🍩’s for me
      The other 🪨’s gave out 5 🍩’s

      Now, if the guarantee for getting 100 🍩’s per 🪨 increases with the Golden Pickaxe (if it’s supposed to?) this Long Time Tapper who 🍩 Farms thinks EA sold us a dud! (If you think it’s a Snafu / Glitch? Then please use the links above to inquire with EA!)

      Personally? I noticed some p.o.’d Tappers on the official TSTO Facebook page calling out EA (very consensus is don’t buy, just keep on 🍩 Farming!) I’d like to conclude by thanking Alissa for posting this today! 👍🏻

      • All it promised is that a jackpot would be three times more LIKELY. Six tiles is too small a sample to draw any conclusions from, mathematically.

        • In that case? Golden Pickaxe is definitely a dud in my opinion (I can 🍩 Farm and unlock New Land Tiles whenever at a leisurely pace vs trying to complete the whole area with odds that are worse than Sports Books here in Las Vegas) ….

          • No one said that the primary purpose of opening the new land was to get the donuts…that never even occurred to me (probably because I have more than enough donuts already). The primary purpose of opening the land is to have more land (when you need it), and the donut mining is just a nice extra. Getting the golden pickaxe just ups your odds of hitting a higher paying rock. If it helps you get more than 100 extra donuts from mining, then you come out ahead. I have no reason to believe that it’s unlikely to pay off in the end. But, whatever…no one’s demanding that you buy it!

    • Typically you will get anywhere from 1 to 20 donuts from the donut veins. However, every x percent of times, you will hit the Jackpot and earn 100 donuts from the donut vein.
      So x percent of times, you get 100 donuts. (1 – x) percent of times, you get 1 to 20 donuts.

      What the Golden Pickax does is increase the likelihood of hitting the Jackpot by 3. So every 3x percent of times, you will hit the Jackpot and earn 100 donuts from the donut vein.
      So 3x percent of times, you get 100 donuts. (1 – 3x) percent of times, you get 1 to 20 donuts.

      • I bought the golden pickaxe and have been underwhelmed with the return. However today I visited a game friend (because he/she visited me) and there were rocks ready for mining with a golden pickaxe over them so I mined! And yes, I received 100 donuts on one of them. But, did I take away my friend’s donuts?

  22. Thanks for the info Alissa. I can play fine on my iPad but not on my Samsung device. Gonna try getting an SD card to store the app on it and see if that will work. Hate having to bring the iPad to work so I can play the event every 4 hours. This is why I have a Samsung phone. So much smaller to carry around.

    Anyone have issues saving this game to an SD card? Or updating the app with an SD card? Any issues with playing the game when it’s saved to an SD card?

    • Yes
      Storing the TSTO Game App on a micro SD card will cause it not to open on the Device (free up space on your Samsung, such as moving videos and photos onto the micro SD card OR free cloud storage).

      • Thanks for the info. I’ve cleared what I can. Game worked fine before the update. Now I get the Game has Stopped message. I’ll just go out and buy a new phone for just the game. I can get one for $40 at Walmart. Nothing fancy, just a “mini iPad”. As long as I can connect to WiFi, no phone service is needed. Same with the phone device I have now.

  23. The daily challenge still only has cash and donuts for me, not gift cards.

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