Updated Character Tasks with Red Alert Update

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So it appears that with the latest update in our games, Red Alert, EA has added some missing tasks for characters.  Now I’m going to fully admit, I’m not 100% sure if this is the full list of updates, or if all of these are updates (some may already be existing).  With so many characters (and years) in this game, it’s hard to keep track of everything!  But I figured, let’s write out the list (it’s pretty long) anyway…can’t hurt!

So here’s the list, as I see it, for the updated character tasks with the 1/19/22 Red Alert update in TSTO…

Honestly, it’s a REALLY long list, so just going to type them out…nothing super fancy!  The task is listed with the time, and the location is in the ( ) 


Elf Bart: Gorge on Candy Canes- 1hr (Santas House/Houses in Springfield)

Elf Lisa: Wrap Presents- 1hr (Santas House/Houses in Springfield)

Princess Penelope: Get Guitar Restrung- 1hr (King Toots)

Lizard Queen Lisa: Lick the Water Off Plants- 1hr (Houses in Springfield)

Star Snowsuit Maggie: Try to Get Zipper Unstuck- 1hr (Simpson House)

Marv: Relax with a Cold One- 1hr (Moe’s)


Number 5 (Jasper Stonecutter Costume): Polish His Paddle- 4hrs (Stonecutter Lodge/Springfield Retirement Castle)

Jockey Bart: Watch Some Race- 4hrs (Springfield Downs)

Leopold: Scowl at Office Workers- 4hrs (Springfield High/Springfield Elementary)

Sacagawea (Costume for Lisa): Defend Critical History Programs- 4hrs (Springfield High/Springfield Elementary/ Simpsons House)

Stupid Sexy Flanders: Polish Ski Poles- 4hrs (Flanders House)

Wizard Martin: Learn Spells from Comic Books- 4hrs (Androids Dungeon)

Marv: Take Out a Radio Ad- 4hrs (Channel 6)


Puritan Flanders: Defend Proud Conservative Heritage- 8hrs (Springfield High/Springfield Elementary/Flanders House)

Sexy Pirate: Skip Leg Day Workout- 8hrs (Restaurants in Springfield)

Marv: Check Out the Competition- 8hrs (Stores in Springfield)


Citizen Solar: Browse Electric Car Ads- 12hrs (Powell Motors/Java Server)

Wind Lad: Wish He Was a Bird- 12hrs (Springfield Park/Trees)

Radioactive Man: Read Online Review of His Work- 12hrs (Java Server/Springfield Library)

Star Snowsuit Maggie: Spread Cuteness Around Town- 12hrs (Stores in Springfield)

Stupid Sexy Flanders: Practice Skiing Technique- 12hrs (Flanders Home)

General Splattin (costume for Bart): Sharpen Axe- 12hrs (Blacksmith/Springfield Park/Trees)


Baby Marge: Boss Other Kids Around- 24hrs (Springfield Elementary)

Canadian Flanders: Look for Poutine- 24hrs (Restaurants in Springfield)

Virgil Simpson: Yearn for Canada- 24hrs (Canadian Border/Trees)

Gummy Joe: Pitch Reality TV Show Ideas- 24hrs (Krustylu Studios/Wonder Films/Channel 6)

And there you have it my friends, the (what I think are) new tasks added for existing characters in Springfield!  I know for some characters this completes their character task list, and finally gives them tasks they’ve been missing for a while! Hope this helps you guys out!

Thoughts on the task additions? Happy to see characters have complete sets now? Any characters you know of that are still missing tasks?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. I’d most like to be able tap a building to be offered a list of tasks associated with that building.
    It’d be a quick way to find a character and it’d help my memory in trying to remember whose tasks animate particular buildings.

  2. Love that EA is filling in the gaps in these times.
    My wish for this year is they offer Mayan Homer outside of a bundle, so I can finally finish Mayan Marge’s quest and unlock her last two tasks.

  3. I think that Minnie Szyslack and Sarah Wiggum don’t have 8 hours for themselves -without requiring another character-.

    • AFAIK, all characters (except maybe recent ones that have only been available for purchase using real money, since I haven’t bought any of those) have solo 8-hour tasks, since, when I use the Unemployment Office to send everyone on their 8-hour tasks, I don’t end up with any leftover characters to deal with manually. I don’t remember what those two characters’ 8-hour tasks are offhand, but maybe they require buildings or decorations you don’t have yet?

  4. Anyone else’s game a bit on the lagging side? Trying to figure out if it’s my device or not….

    • Hi Mike, have you been getting updates. For the past 3 days I’ve never been getting updates downloaded. They seem to be the same one as the amount of M B are the same number. Every time this happens
      It’ll start to download and then one of the blue and black box’s will pop up informing me that the game update needs an additional amount of [] [] and if I want it to continue ????????
      Have no idea what the hell is going on. Is yours doing that ? 😎

    • No lagging for me, but I play on a pretty powerful iPad (thanks to my company, which provides it).

      • I’m playing on a Samsung galaxy tab S7+ which I bought for myself as a Xmas present. It’s awesome.
        My game has no lagging, just those unexpected downloads I mentioned in my previous post.
        Changing subject , I went to the Amazon website to buy a different cover for the tab.,and it’s on sale for $ 200. Dollars off of the price I paid!!!! LOL that’s all I can do. 😎

        • Did you check out the link I posted? Sorry to hear about the sale…some places have a price guarantee — if it’s been less than 30 days since you purchased it, maybe call and see if you can get the difference refunded? (I don’t know if some places with price guarantees have even longer guarantee periods…).

          • That’s a good idea. I can’t believe I didn’t think of that. Thanks so much. I shall look into that.

    • Yep, it’s lagging for me. It started today, I didn’t have this issue at the beginning of this update. My phone is quite old, but it always worked fine…

  5. I purchased cadet Lisa and the eliminator but i have no task for her there. Any help? Thank you jn advance

    • When Lisa is free, tap on The Eliminator. She has a 12-hour task to use it, for which you receive one of a few decorations (or some barbed wire fencing). The best (and most rare) prize is a miniature nuclear warhead, which adds to your bonus multiplier! Unless Lisa is involved in an event task, I send her to The Eliminator pretty much every night.

      • All you guys have to do, to get Cadet Lisa go to the Eliminator is to do as Sandrashill explained. Good luck

      • Thank you Sandra

        I have had no luck. Task is still locked and no trace of the “conquer the eliminator” task either

    • Fed, did you get it to work? I just bought the same and I can get the job going, either by clicking on Cadet Lisa or the Eliminator..

    • I purchased both Cadet Lisa and the Eliminator too. I did not get any quest line, and Cadet Lisa does not have a task for the Eliminator. I also noticed she has a “practice rifle training” task that is grayed out, and says it requires a Quest.

      • Yep same here for me. Got all the Rommelwood stuff and no luck. I also got Guiseppe from the yearbook today and nothings happening with him. Gotta love Joe and Stacy’s questline though.

  6. Wouter Van Eenaeme

    A regular 8 hr task for Grampasaurus please!

  7. Richard Von-erich

    Hi Alissa
    Can you please send that link to EA help because the email I use to log into tapped out is no longer available to me I need to change it to my proper email address you sent it me on December 19 but for some reason it’s disappeared from my in box
    Thank you

  8. My Sentient Lard Lad Statue quest has been stuck on part 1 , i got the 5 Springfielders be outraged done but Lard lads job is locked and idk why. I had tried contacting EA multiple times to no avail. 😔

  9. I would like it, if E A would delete some of those useless 4 hour tasks. Some characters have 8 or more , and the payout is the same. .just saying! 😎

  10. I also noticed (with the holiday update, I think) that the NPCs who used to be able to use the airport to take a trip (like the Ralph robot thing, the animatronic bear, and the parrot(?)) are no longer on the list after I send all the characters on 8-hour tasks using the Unemployment Office, Maybe they were given regular 8-hour tasks? The only thing available to take a flight at that point is the Princess’ flying unicorn.

    • Susan Johnson-Dehn

      They’re on the list, but it depends on what other characters are or are not doing something. By sending all characters on a task first it won’t show them as an available character even though they really are. I check my airport and then put whatever character/s it wants to send somewhere, it may take one or two tries but I’ve been able to get as many as 7 “NPC’s” on various trips at the same time and yes it took some time because of having to wait for the tickets to refill.

      • Actually, it seems to have returned! I would send all characters on 8-hour tasks via the Unemployment Office, then those NPCs would be available at the airport, but that wasn’t happening lately. But, today, they were back at the airport!

  11. Clip clop also has a job in this event.

  12. The theme seems to be giving characters solo tasks. With the exception of the bottom two, who didn’t have a 24hr task at all before now, the characters/costumes I recognize all got a second task where their original one at that length took another character.

    For example, Baby Marge’s prior 24hr task required Ling, Sexy Pirate’s 8hr task took Marge, etc. Now Baby Marge and Sexy Pirate have their own tasks.

    Great job slogging through hundreds and hundreds of characters to find these, Alissa!

  13. I’m sure it’s been discussed already but there is an error with collecting “ignore military service task” not completing & allowing you to collect the rewards over & over again

  14. Doggy Smithers now has a 4 hour task, as well. But I can’t remember what it is.

  15. Finally Baby Marge and Canadian Flanders have stand alone 24 hr tasks and they added ones for Virgil Simpson and Gummy Joe. I only do 24 hour tasks on Saturday so I would hav eventually noticed the change but good to know a head of time. So glad they also gave Puritan Flanders an 8 hour task. Now I can take him out of the Christmas premium skin and keep him in that one instead from January until December arrives.

    • I’m glad everyone has a 24hr task, as well!
      No one gets left behind!!!

      P.S. EA,
      I’d love for Maggie to have a 16 hour task too.

  16. EA gets a slow 👏🏻 (they fixed a few things but they got so much more that needs fixing) thank you for publishing this Alissa.

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