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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part, you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So, here is your Open Thread…..

Some things you may have missed this week around the Addicts Site:

No new Simpsons tonight, in fact they won’t be back until the end of February!  What’s been your favorite episode of the season so far?

ICYMI Addicts Live was back yesterday with a brand new episode!  We talked all things Red Alert, and why we should’ve been allowed to blow other towns up with this update.  You can check out the episode here.

The Red Alert mini-event is ending this week.  Have you finished up the questline? Thoughts on the mini-event?  Don’t forget to submit your designs in for Showoff this week, more details here.

We should see a new major event (likely a multi-event) hit our games in early February, thoughts on what type of event you’d like to see?

How’s your Springfield design coming?  What are you doing with your town? Share some photos in the comments below! (If you need a refresher on how to add photos to the comments check out this post) 

Any weekend excitement going on in your neck of the woods? Have anything fun planned?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of! (Just no politics, it never ends well)  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!

43 responses to “Addicts Open Thread

  1. Hi everybody

    Quick …..who said that ?

    • Hey, doesn’t anybody want to take a guess ?
      We used to have so much fun on the open threads.
      Fine. Here’s a clue..
      It’s from the game. ……………. nothing?
      Ok…another clue. It’s a male NPC.
      Come on put your fun hat on.
      LOL. 😎

    • I seem to remember a Homer flashback when he was a kid saying that, but I can not think of an NPC in the game saying it.

      • He trots 🐎 around Springfield in a colourful disguise never leaving any tracks behind. A very Colorful duet.
        Good luck

    • I give up. 😞 Either no one is reading my post, or my clues aren’t helping. 🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎 could it possibly be ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ the XMAS paper wrapped, with a giant bow, thing that 2 kids are inside off. One likes crayon sandwiches.😀
      LOL. 😎

  2. Any idea of what the next event theme might be.?
    I assume it will remove the snow

    • Misty Bangerter

      I was curious about this too. I’ve been visiting this site daily to check if any news.

      • We’ve given some predictions on Addicts Live…

        But I will say new events usually start a week after the previous one ends and if we get spoiler details we usually post those as soon as we’re able to.

  3. As I tap through the game sometimes I’ll get things that I don’t understand what gave them. Example: the Miniature Nuclear Warhead. I randomly got one and I don’t know from where.

    • Well, it’s one of the things that Lisa can get for doing the 12-hour Eliminator task. I think it’s also one of the space rocket launch prizes, but, in all the years I’ve had that rocket, I think I’ve only gotten it once from that.

      • Ok that makes sense. It may have been the rocket… I usually get a “Hail Ants” sign or debris. Thanks for your response!

        • You’re lucky then…in all the years that I’ve had it, I think I may have only gotten the miniature nuclear warhead from that once (if ever) and I collect that at least once every day! I’ve had better luck getting them from The Eliminator. You probably already know this but, in case you don’t, be sure to place them in your town somewhere (even if you have to hide them behind buildings or other decorations), because they’re worth a pretty hefty bonus multiplier!

      • It’s definitely the rocket launch thingy. I’ve gotten 5 missile heads in all the years I’ve been playing. I guess it’s one every other year. Meh.

        • Crazymom, what are the other middle heads?

        • I’ve gotten way more warheads from The Eliminator (despite doing that task less frequently than I’ve collected the rocket) than I ever have from the rocket. I have gotten a bunch of Kodos topiaries from the rocket, though, which also offer bonus multipliers (although not as much as the warhead).

          • I’ll start doing that then. Thank you! I recently started my KEM farming with hopes of trying to boost my multiplier with yearbook prizes. I’ll do this too!

            • The best way to build your bonus multiplier is by farming and then plowing your donuts into buying stuff from the Burns Mystery Box. There are a bunch of items in that with bonus multipliers as well as a few donut prizes. Also, if you haven’t already purchased and placed all of the Beach Hideaway pieces, those are great for increasing your multiplier, too. It took me about a year of hard work, but, once I got my multiplier up to a good level, I got to where I earn enough donuts just from collecting tasks and buildings (and Where’s Maggie, Yahweh, and a few other things) that I earn more donuts than I can spend, without ever having to farm again.

              • I’m sorry I never got the Yahweh jobs. I’ve been getting in the neighborhood of $10 mil a week… I parlay that into my KEM farm. Also use where’s Maggie and monorail track jobs… but the key is that Mystery Box Yearbook. I’ve been refreshing to get the highest % objects. If I can get >7% in a refresh I’m happy.

              • The Burns Mystery Box is better. It gives prizes out in a predictable pattern and also gives donuts sometimes.

              • Oh, and I should add, keeping the Collider going 24/7 is also essential!

        • Hey John,
          Oops. I forgot about the Eliminator. I had to open my game and check. I see 6 There. Also, Sandra is correct. The 👽 topiarys from the rocket launcher are primo due to the % points you receive. I have over 50 of those. Hope I answered your question. LOL
          Good luck

  4. Is there a ‘tell’ on the bonus level up dialog box as to which of the three boxes has the 3 donuts behind it? Or are all of the three light patterns 100% identical?

    • They are identical. Many people feel they can predict the code.

      Personally, I always pick the centre one first. I personally guarantee my method works at getting 3 donuts on the first attempt about 33.3% of the time.

  5. Happy Sunday Tappers

    If you are not snowed in ? Count your blessings.
    (That’s for real, I understand there are many who can’t wait to have the snow out of their TSTO)

    Would you believe Florida in the news was in the 20° ‘s? With 💤 🦎’s? (I guess it can get cold anywhere and everywhere)

  6. I’ve been getting additional prospector maps, and am happy for this glitch, if that’s what it is .After I collect Jackpot Realty and send characters out for Land deeds, if I go to the visit neighbours option and synch back, an additional 5 maps appear ! Woo hoo !


    Happy tapping all, not a good week hope next week is better.

    I have one character jay G that the employment office 24hr task isn’t included,

    Have a good week all 🤓🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  8. Long time player but I ran into this in a neighbor’s town and don’t recognize what this is or why I don’t have one. Can someone tell me the event this statue came from?

  9. Happy Sunday everyone

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