App Store Update: Cirque du Springfield

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Check your app stores because a new update has arrived!  This update will not only bring the next event to our pocket-sized towns…but it’ll remove the snow too!  Who’s ready to see green again?!

Step right up ladies and germs – the circus is coming to Springfield! Actually, it’s three circuses – each more circus-y than the last. And NO this wasn’t a scheduling error. It was totally intentional. ANYWAY… Fancy a freak show? The Burnsum and Bailey Circus is where it’s at! High wire animal stunts? Head to Ding-A-Ling Bros. Circus. Need a fancy French circus? Then Cirque de Puree is your circus du jour. Still not enough circuses for you? Then you probably have a problem.

So head on over to those app stores and download the latest update for TSTO!  This event, Cirque du Springfield, won’t start until TOMORROW (February 9th) and 9am ET, but the snow will be removed immediately.

If you’re looking for event spoilers you can check out this post here…other than that we’ll have a full rundown of what’s included with Act 1 posted tomorrow once it goes live.  Until then be prepared for the circus to arrive in Springfield!

16 responses to “App Store Update: Cirque du Springfield

  1. My EA account has been hacked and now after 13 years of playing the game I’m expected to start from scratch not very happy as I have always been an avid Tapped Out player. When I have tried to contact EA Help I keep getting the run around what can I do.

  2. Got the update and I’m much impressed, not just with the content but it seems that visiting neighboreeno’s towns is no longer a chore, the bugs is exterminated !!!. Just got to hope they his also fixed tomorrow………

  3. Once again thank yo u for the prompt to check for an Update (sure enough I downloaded one at 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday from the Google Play Store) ….. ♥️ the Splash Screen and who wouldn’t want 🤡 Bart and Lisa Simpson? 😅👍🏻

  4. I’m not seeing the update yet. Should I have it today?

  5. So weird to have the snow removed when it’s still snowy out in real life. I guess if people prefer it though…

  6. It feels weird not to see the snow after almost 3 months but it feels good.

  7. Good that the snow is gone. It hurts the eyes of the players. Now in the age of dark mode doing the opposite thing is … well criminal

  8. Nothing on iOS in the UK yet, probably the time difference I gu

  9. Help! My app like went back in time and put me halfway through the Xmas event?

  10. And with this update I see the game has been removed from the Appstore for my old kindle fire 7″ (3rd gen).
    This is fine since it was getting too leggy to play anyway. I play on two other devices now.

  11. Always a shock to see all that green when the snow is removed. Always takes a few days to get used to it being back to normal again.

  12. When I did the update, it unlocked Deep Space Homer and completed the character set with him and Astronaut Barney

  13. Thanks for the info! Sounds fun!! 🎪

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