BUG ALERT: “Storage Full”

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Sorry I’ve been swamped most of the day, but seeing LOTS of reports in the comments now about a Storage Full Issue with Parts 3 and 4 of the questline.  What happens is once you collect 115 Peanuts a Storage Full comes up and won’t let you proceed.

This is something that has to be fixed by EA (and I suspect a patch will likely be released tonight or tomorrow morning).  Fortunately, someone has figured out a workaround and shoutout to Michaelk202 in the comments for posting it…

the issue is with prize 3 and 4 once you get to the last set of tasks to get to the final amount it says storage full
All you have to do if tap on the character icon in the upper left and the task is available you can then tap on the task and it will activate
Depending on how many peanuts you need to finish for that prize.. you may only need one or two characters to get the prize..
Same thing happens in prize 4 … so do the same thing.
Seems that that prize 5 doesn’t have this issue and you can play normally.

So try that solution for now until the patch comes down….

Hope that helps!

17 responses to “BUG ALERT: “Storage Full”

  1. Fuguaboutit Pt1 make Akia serve Quest Fugu characters have frozen in the happy sumo every time I tap on them goes off

  2. Today I got an other error. I got an screen Update alvailable. If I click on the screen nothing happens.

  3. mr.rooney.to.you

    Looking at your spoilers, the Gil deal would be good if it came with track pieces at 200 donuts I will still buy but what a great prize it could have been, would have paid more just for the Railtrack

  4. Byron c bergeson

    How are people on part 3 or 4 already? Are you all blowing through donuts? Why since it only takes a few days per act at normal speed?

    • Yes, that’s exactly what they’re doing.

    • I don’t understand it either. There only rushing I do is when I only needed a few more of the event currency to get to the next prize, so I’d only be able to use 2-4 of the characters in the next 4-hour period. At that point, it’s easier just to rush them so I can move on and use all of the event characters in the next round.

    • Some people are just excited, impatient, etc.

      Other people may be ‘structuring’ their week.

      I rarely do this, but if I look ahead on my calendar and see that I have meetings all day tomorrow, I may go ahead and rush through an act (with donuts) today, so I won’t have to worry about checking on anything tomorrow.

  5. mr.rooney.to.you

    Glad I missed that glitch still on 1st prize, was thinking it would have been good if all the kids were involved in this even sending them on tasks with clown costume on like trick or treat

  6. One weird glitch . . . I don’t know if my emails are vanishing into your spam filter but I messaged that they had missed using resource list 2 and had and extra list 5 messing up the targets !?!

    • Honestly, lately, I barely have time to check comments here let alone email. I try to check email once a week maybe once every other week. Whenever I can sit down at a computer and physically check it. (most of the comment moderation is done from my phone and I do not (nor do I want to) have the Addicts email linked to my phone)

  7. Glitch is fixed! Just completed Part 3

  8. Looks like there was a game update at 3:00 pm MST I am sure it was the bug fix for prizes 3 and 4.
    I won’t know as I have completed the act

  9. Thank you bMichaelk202 for providing the steps necessary to work around the glitch (and thank you Alissa – we know how busy you are – for taking the time to post this).

    I’m confident there won’t be any delays for the rest of Act 1 (please be aware this glitch situation has blown up on the TSTO Facebook page and that means EA knows!) 👍🏻

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