Reminder: Share Your Thoughts on 10 Years of TSTO!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just putting out a little reminder that TOMORROW, Thursday February 24th, we’ll be recording our very special Addicts live where YOU get to join us and talk about TSTO!

Over the last few weeks, Safi and I have been recording some awesome episodes of Addicts Live with a few very special guests, to take a look back at 10 years of TSTO! (you can view the first one here, and another will air on Saturday)  We’ve been having a blast doing this and taking a look back at the fun history of TSTO with those who’ve been part of running TSTO communities over the years, and now we want to hear from YOU!  Those of you who have been a part of the TSTO Community!

We put this out there last Friday, and a few of you have signed up, but we wanted to just put up another reminder for those that may have missed it! We want you to join us on a very special episode of Addicts Live to talk about all this TSTO!  We’ll be recording this episode on Thursday February 24th at 9pm Eastern US Time (so 8pm Central, 7pm Mountain, 6pm Pacific…and 2am in the UK).  If you would like to join us (you can show your face if you’d like, but if you’re shy you can also just lend your voice), fill out the form below and make sure you’re available on Thursday February 24th at 9pm Eastern time. (note we record over Skype, so that’s the only software you’d need)

A direct link to the form can be found here

I’ll be sending out an email later tonight to everyone who signed up with more details.  So if you’ve signed up, be on the lookout for that email tonight!

Too shy to join Addicts Live in person?  Well you can still participate by sharing your favorite TSTO event, moments, or other fond memories on this post, from a few weeks ago.  We’ll be reading all of those comments on this episode as well!


17 responses to “Reminder: Share Your Thoughts on 10 Years of TSTO!

  1. Headset connected, Skype launched, microphone enabled and I’m just about to pour another beer – fingers crossed I’m good to go . . . 😊

  2. 9:00 is an awkward time for me, so I’m not positive I can attend, but I’m gonna register so I’ll at least have the option. I hope that’s okay! Also, I’ve used a few different video conference platforms, but, strangely, I’ve never used Skype before! I’m going to download it and I assume it will be easy enough to figure out how to work with it.

  3. My Thursday Schedule unfortunately would mean joining in Pacific Time at a very late hour …. so I can sum up the fact that I’ve been playing the TSTO Game App since February 2013 (right smack in the middle of the Valentine’s Event – no matter how hard I Grinded? I still did not obtain every Prize, but I became a TSTO Addict and would find this Website by the end of 2013 as it helped guide me into completing each Event!) Golly gee did I leave some epic complaining rants between 2014 – 2019 (I have since learned to relax, enjoy the Game App for what it is, and take weekends off from Tapping – which I learned from Patric!) 😊

    I’ve gone through 3 Android Devices (LG, Motorola, Motorola) and there will probably be a 4th (if this Game App continues!) 😊

    I sought out the Game App because EA / THQ \ Vivendi Universal quit making Simpsons Games for the Consoles and PC in 2007 (quick question – who else remembers the o.g. EA Mobile Games ‘Minutes To
    Meltdown’ – ‘Itchy & Scratchy Land’ – ‘The Simpsons Arcade’? – yep that’s how much of a Simpsons Addict I am!) 😊

    I’ve enjoyed most of the Halloween THOH Events (except last year’s sucked!) 🎃

    I’ve enjoyed most of the Christmas Events (last year definitely made up for the ‘meh’ 2019 Abe’s In Toyland!) 🎄

    I find it interesting we don’t get Valentine’s , St. Patrick’s , Easter seasonally every year as an Event (then again, I’m surprised it took so long before we actually got Hanukkah – Passover, Kwanzaa, Buddha, Krishna, Pagan – Wicca in the Game App!) 😅

    I’m very happy Pride Events were introduced (I’m not happy by the angry remarks from phobic Tappers about that on the official Facebook Page – but to each their own … and I’ll never forget how many were so angry by 2016’s Winter Event that they wanted to leave the Game App!) 🏳️‍🌈

    I 😅 at all of the 🇺🇸 Presidents in TSTO (we even got Weird Al Yankovic & Matt Groening!) I look forward to every Character / Building \ Decor Bracket by Safi to Vote on (yes I still call out EA whenever I feel they are L-EA-Z-Y, but I also take the time to thank EA on the official Facebook Page!)

    I joined everybody in applauding whenever EA does it right, but also criticizing EA whenever they do something wrong (if I still had one gripe? it’s the fact I have lost so many Neighboureenos no thanks to EA’s stupidity!) I get the receive email with ‘verification code’ , I don’t get the lack of true Tech Support (don’t get me wrong – everyone is friendly and helpful at EA Help, but there is so much they are not able to do now that too many are bailing on the Game App – you can do better EA!)

    I truly appreciate all of the work Alissa, Safi (Wookie, Bunny, Patric) put into TSTO Addicts … without this site? I guarantee most of us Tappers would have quit the Game App years ago (golly gee Alissa kind of only took a time out in 2021 when it was due to Covid and 👶🏻 Number 3)! 💜

    In closing? I have no idea when EA will give up The Simpsons license for video games …. or when / if FOX will end the TV Series …. or if Bob Chapek (Walt Disney CEO) will stop being a cheapskate and make Universal an offer (please don’t! I ♥️ Springfield at Universal Studios!) …. but I have a feeling this site will still be available (we will just deal with Simpsons related silliness as “back in the day” and “remember when”)

    Alright, the Mrs and the 🐈’s are waiting for me! 😊


  4. You’ll be glad to know I’ll be doing it audio only if I’m still up at 2 am. Right now I look like a homeless Santa or an aged Grizzly Adams !! 🤪

  5. Long Post. I don’t expect you to read this when recording Addicts Live.

    I started playing in October 2014. When I got to a certain level, the Halloween Event kicked in and I joined in about half way through that. Events were new to me so I’m trying to complete the Level Quests while doing the Event Quests. It probably wasn’t too long after I started playing that I searched for information about the game and event and came across your site. It’s been very helpful.

    A lot has changed since I started playing. The Unemployment Office has been a great addition to the game. After a while, it took a long time to assign tasks to everyone. Now you can send them all on the same timed task at once and since they added the ability to speed up tasks for 0 donuts once a certain time marker is hit based on the length of the task, it’s great to not have to wait until they’ve completed their tasks to tap them out. And the Town Hall is great too. So nice to be able to find a character you want for one reason or another. Also the Sky Finger statue that lets you tap out all the buildings at once is really nice as well.

    I also remember KrustyLand being in a separate place like Neighbors. Not sure why EA nuked that and made us move it into our normal town. If a reason was given, I’ve long forgotten it. Unfortunately my KrustyLand is now pretty scaled down and sort of plopped, but I’m hoping to organize it better once I can move some of my Burns stuff and other mansions to the new land that we recently got.

    Overall, the events have been pretty good, though there have been some flops. The earlier seasonal events were good. There was a lot to do and sometimes hard to finish and get all that you wanted. You really had to grind the 4hr cycle. It’s a lot easier now and you don’t have to stress as much, but I wish some things would come back. I didn’t mind crafting all that much, although some things weren’t all that great to have. I wouldn’t mind if they brought back some aspect of that like maybe tapables that give you crafting currency for some kind of decoration. I’m sure now the limits would be a lot easier than before to get stuff and if you don’t claim them, maybe EA could let you trade what you’ve earned for donuts. Just an idea.

    Some memorable events I can think of off the top of my head that I enjoyed were – the Around the World one where you could make little international sections in your town, the Casino one wasn’t too bad, the Buddha one (Enlightenment I think it was) and of course Northward Bound for all the new land. I’ve enjoyed being able to make certain themes in town – The Zoo, The Montosori (I think this was the Sideshow Bob event you talked about), Superheros (first one), Springfield of Tomorrow and County Fair. Of course I have holiday sections too. Not sure how I’m going to do the Circus area. That might take a bit of planning as I move things around with the new land.

    And of course who can forget when we FINALLY got Maggie in our town. I play her mini game every morning. That was such a nice little event at Christmas and New Year’s that year.

    This is about all my brain can seem to muster up and remember. Thanks for everything you do. It’s super appreciated.

    • I guess the KL Nuke was because when they did the Itchy and Scratchy land event it was easier to bring it all together rather than having to expand Krustyland and have players remember to go get the shuttle and visit it.
      Quick question for Alissa, was that the first event they dropped the info packets or was that a little earlier ??
      I recall seeing hints about buying all the KL land before the event and did actually guess that KL was heading to regular Springfield, but I’m not sure if the deal with EA giving the Addicts team and a select few other sites a little heads-up began before that event.
      I’m glad I figured it though, I’d got KL tickets coming out of my ears but I’d only bought enough tiles to fit my design and left the rest. Good job I listened . . .


    I had been playing the game for a while before I eventually created an account so I could save my game, I was searching for some information on the game and came across the addict site and haven’t looked back, have gained information and friends and I think I spend more time here than actually playing the game.

    Just want to say congratulations on your 10 years anniversary and thanks for all your help and information you have helped me with, keep up the good work, pure defecation 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿😎🤓

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