Episode 90- 10 Year TSTO Anniversary Special- Flashback to Terwilligers (feat. Bunny)

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The Addicts Crew is back again with an all-new episode of Addicts Live! Join Alissa and Safi as we celebrate 10 years of Tapped Out! (can you believe it’s been 10 years?!) In part 1 of this multi-part anniversary celebration, we take a trip in the TSTO time machine and talk Terwillgers, Christmas Wheel, and Easter with one of the original Addicts…Bunny! You don’t want to miss the fun of this episode!

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10 responses to “Episode 90- 10 Year TSTO Anniversary Special- Flashback to Terwilligers (feat. Bunny)

  1. Finally got around to watching. Great episode and a blast from the past. I remember for years I regretted not getting more of those Monsarno flower walls. Great to hear from Bunny too!

  2. This is such a great YouTube video and I encourage everyone to comment on the YouTube page (yay Bunny!) A lot has changed over 10 years, but it’s easier to gripe about the fact that not enough has changed in the game app over the past 3 years (Event Format needs to be changed!)

    “Back in the day” – the Mrs an I are guilty of saying this all the time , especially during my Birthday week

  3. Your rant reminds may of “Walking 2 miles to schools up hill in the snow both ways”… but it was so much harder early on. Crashes, no confirm buttons, had to pay for donuts, not able to get everything, logging in every 4 hours, stealing trees …

  4. I remember accidently using my donuts to speed up a task (before the confirm button), so I would buy the white picket fences to avoid wasting them.

  5. I maintain that the biggest annoyance with the terwilligers update is that you can’t place the building pieces on pavement…of course maybe now with that overlay trick it may be possible…

  6. Loadsa love to Bunny from me ♡ long time no see…

  7. Great episode!
    Thank you for verbalizing my thoughts in a comment I recently left on your post; “Addicts Want to Know 10 Years of TSTO: Your Favorite Updates.”
    I do remember leaving a comment on this site eons ago that Bunny responded to my frustrations…over I believe, it was the Christmas update, and the fiasco surrounding that. She was so nice and helpful. As are both, you Alissa, and Safi.
    Love the game. But I love this community even more.

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