Cirque du Springfield Act 3 Full Dialogue: A Class Tact

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As we prepare for Act 4 of the Cirque du Springfield event to start tomorrow, it’s time to wrap up Act 3 with a pretty little bow…in the form of the hilarious dialogue!

So here’s a look at the full dialogue for A Class Tact…just in case you missed it by tapping too fast…

A Class Tact Pt. 1
Auto starts

Wiggum: *chants* We want lions! We want lions!
Cirque De Puree Ringmaster: We have no lions.
CBG: But you’re a circus!
Cirque De Puree Ringmaster: No. We are a cirque.
Wiggum: I don’t know what cirque means.
Cirque De Puree Ringmaster:  Neither do we. We just know everyone who works here does so willingly, and animals cannot make a choice.
Lisa: Finally…a cultural awakening is happening in Springfield.
Sideshow Mel: Just wait until Mr. Teeny finds out!
Skinner: Just wait until the class guinea pig finds out!
Make Lisa Encourage a Cultural Awakening- 4hrs
Make Wiggum Keep Waiting for Lions- 4hrs
Make Comic Book Guy Pretend to Get It – 4hrs
Make Krusty Check Mr. Teeny’s Contract- 4hrs
Make Skinner Return the Class Guinea Pig- 4hrs

Collect Jarred Rainbows- x115. 4hrs.
Sea Captain: Arrr, so ye’s telling me that all those years I spent hunting the kraken was a waste?
Lisa: Yes, hunting animals is wrong — mythological or otherwise.
Lovejoy: But Lisa, the Good Book tells us that man is meant to have dominion over animals.
Lisa: I believe the Good Book meant walking dogs with a leash…and NOT with a collar but a non-tug harness.

A Class Tact Pt. 2
Auto starts

Burns: That’s it. Smithers, release the hounds!
Smithers: I don’t think attacking a little girl is the best way to express your emotions in this moment, sir.
Burns: Attack? I meant release them into the wild.
Smithers: Sir?!
Burns: This girl has touched my heart and I can’t stand the thought of my precious hounds being unhappily chained up when they’re not mauling mailmen.
Smithers: Very well. There they go. And they’re still mauling the mailman.
Burns: But it’s their choice. They’re free!
Make Burns Release the Hounds- 4hrs
Make Lisa Continue the Cultural Awakening- 4hrs
Collect Jarred Rainbows- x155. 4hrs.
Crazy Cat Lady: Blauidiioeummmmaaah. *throws cat*
Lisa: *catches cat* Wrong. We should be treating animals with dignity and respect. Not throwing them like dodgeballs.
Sea Captain: Yar, can we throw them like lobster buoys into the sea?
Lisa: No!
Lovejoy: Bibles at demonic possessed teens?
Lisa: Don’t throw animals!
Burns: But animals WANT to be thrown.
Lisa: No, they don’t. I’m not even sure stones or pillows like to be thrown.

A Class Tact Pt. 3
Auto starts

Cirque De Puree Ringmaster: Lisa, ticket sales are through the roof and it’s all thanks to you.
Lisa: Me? All I did was give people a nudge. It was your circus that made people think differently.
Cirque De Puree Ringmaster: Still, on behalf of Cirque de Puree, we’d like to make you an honorary member.
Lisa: Thanks, but that’s not necessary. I was just following my heart.
Cirque De Puree Ringmaster: Did your heart mention that members get free cotton candy?
Lisa: Really?! In that case, my heart says, “sign me up!”
Homer: Me too!
Lisa: Dad? What are you doing here?
Homer: Um, well…cotton candy.
Make Homer Eat Cotton Candy- 4hrs
Make Lisa Wait for the Story- 4hrs
Collect Jarred Rainbows- x115. 4hrs.
Homer: So then Bart kicked me out of the Burnsum and Bailey circus. He said I didn’t have what it takes to be a real freak.
Lisa: Bart is calling the shots at the freak show now?
Homer: Burnsum put Bart in charge of “expanding profit margins”. I was caught expanding waistline expenditures.
Lisa: I’m sorry you got kicked out, but you wouldn’t like the Puree circus. There are no animals here to drink with.
Homer: But I’ll do anything you say, Lisa. I realize the circus is changing and I want to be in the smart crowd for once in my life.
Lisa: Well, maybe you could be in charge of safety regulations.
Homer: Yes! Perfect! I may need some guidance on exactly what “safety” entails.

A Class Tact Pt. 4
Auto starts

Marge: Bart, I wanted to stop by and see how you’re doing.
Bart: Can’t talk now. The Bearded Lady is out of conditioner, and she can be a real werewolf when that happens.
Burnsum: Your boy is a natural. Just the other day he introduced me to a homeless man that drinks kerosene. He’ll make an excellent fire-breather.
Barney: I’ll drink the booze and you can light whatever breath comes outta me. *burps*
Marge: Where’s your father?
Bart: He stole hippo juice and ran off.
Marge: What’s hippo juice? No, wait. I don’t want to know.
Bart: Mom, I gotta go. The Human Snail got into the whiskey cabinet again and it ain’t pretty.
Marge: I can’t just leave you here unattended. *sigh* I guess I’ll come work for this circus.
Bart: Great. I get to work with my mom. Every boy’s dream.
Make Bart Hire Marge- 4hrs
Make Marge Reluctantly Come Aboard- 4hrs
Collect Jarred Rainbows- x115. 4hrs. 

A Class Tact Pt. 5
Auto starts

Marge: I still can’t believe your father left you here all alone.
Bart: He jumped the Bart ship and climbed aboard with Lisa over at Cirque de Puree. Maybe we should pay them a…”surprise visit”.
Marge: Yes! We could bring them lunch.
Bart: Not lunch. How about we prank them?
Marge: We’ll turn the lights off in the circus tent! Then turn them back on so no one even notices.
Bart: Mom, I love you, but you should stay out of the pranking game.
Make Bart Sabotage Cirque de Puree- 4hrs
Make Marge Tag Along – 4hrs
Collect Jarred Rainbows- x195. 4hrs.
Cirque De Puree Ringmaster: And now gaze up at our fantastique high wire acrobats!
Circus Acrobat: Wait, the wire is all slippery… *slides around* with…butter! *falls*
Bart: Did you see the look on his face when he was falling, Mom? Awesome prank!
Marge: When I agreed to let you use my cookie butter, I never expected it would grease high wires!

And that’s it my friends, the full dialogue for Act 3 of Cirque du Springfield!

Thoughts on the questline? Prizes? Act 3? Ready for Act 4?  How do you think the story will end? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

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