Reminder: Cirque du Springfield Act 4 Starts Tomorrow!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Some of you had mentioned you’d like a separate reminder post for when the next Act of events will start.  So here’s that separate reminder post…

Act 4 of the Cirque Event starts TOMORROW, March 8th, at 9 am ET! 

Acts 1, 2, and 3 of the event won’t be going anywhere, so if you haven’t finished them you have plenty of time to do so. But Act 4 will be starting up with its own prize track, questline, and premium character(s)!

Here’s who you’ll need free to start Act 4:

Bart, Burnsum, and Marguerite have 4hr tasks to start Act 4.

You’ll also need the characters that earn event currency free.  As a reminder, they are:
Mr. Burns
Burnsum (Premium)
Ding-A-Ling Ringmaster (Premium)
The Human Donkey (Premium)
New Premium Character for Act 4 (Premium)

And finally, 1 new premium combo will hit during Act 4 that will help with the event,  As noted above this character will help earn event currency, and you’ll need 150 donuts for that combo should you wish to purchase it.

As a reminder, you can see full Act 4 Spoilers here.

And that’s it, all you need to know to start up Act 4 tomorrow!

I’ll be back a little later today with the Act 3 Full Dialogue!

6 responses to “Reminder: Cirque du Springfield Act 4 Starts Tomorrow!

  1. What actual time zone is ET? And why not show a UTC time too for everyone not living in the US?

    • Eastern US (NYC).

      I used to, remember I’ve been doing this for 8.5 years, and no one seemed to care that the added time zone was there. Also, it seemed to confuse people more. So I went back to one time zone, the time zone this site is based in.

    • Also, easy enough to ask Google what time it is in your time zone when it’s X:00 Eastern Time.

  2. mike in austin

    yes! thanks for the reminder!

  3. And here I thought you were simply going to say:
    Here’s that separate reminder post.

    “You asked, you received.”

    Thanks for being more specific than my smarmy self would have.

  4. Thumbs up for the reminder

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