Next Event Quick Spoilers!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

As you may have saw from my post earlier, EA sent out the event packet to us  earlier today…and shortly after sending it said “hey it’s ok to talk about it!”.  Which of course, none of us were prepared for! (I’m still at work!)

So, I will be doing a very quick spoiler video tonight…likely without Safi unfortunately (he’s at the Blue Jays Home opener)…with all of the detailed info we generally bring you in a spoiler video.  BUT I know some of you don’t want to wait until tonight.  So what I’ve opted to do is just some quick fact cards for you guys, without my usual details, so I can get it up for you quickly!  (this of you who watch our spoiler videos will be familiar with these fact cards!)

Update: Spoiler Video Can Be Found Here

This event starts on April 13th, Wednesday, with the App Store Download available on April 12th, Tuesday.

Oh and a note…yes, some folks are currently experiencing an outage in their game.  It is not impacting everyone.  My best advice is to contact EA if you’re experiencing an outage.    

So for those of you who want to know keep on going…for those of you that don’t want to be spoiled…STOP HERE!


Next event is called…Hell on Wheels.

As we saw earlier, here’s the Splash Screen:

And here are those quick cards for you guys…

(again I’ll have the detailed video up, hopefully, later tonight)

And that’s it my friends!  I should be back either late tonight or bright and early tomorrow with the full spoiler video!  Until then…enjoy these little quick card spoilers!

Thoughts on the next event?  Prizes? Premiums? Excited for the cars? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

23 responses to “Next Event Quick Spoilers!

  1. I forget what the broken tokens are for! Please remind me? 😁


    Hahahaha just noticed the splash screen, sky finger looks like bum cheeks 🤣🤣🤣🇺🇦🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🤓😁

  3. CollectiveFury

    Finally, something worth spending money on! I usually only buy stuff during Black Friday deals, but this is quite splendid!


    Prizes look very similar to what I have already in the game, recycled almost

  5. Yay. I lurve the robot promo. I might just buy in for a change. £○♡€ IT!

  6. This looks good. A lot of cool prizes to make some fun designs out of.

  7. Ok its a strange Easter event, but typical for Simpsons to do something different. I don’t mind more cars for the town, don’t really mind the car sales buildings, sure we need to sale cars in Springfield. 9.99 for truck 2 is a little much, and Gils deal seems to be one I will pass on. but I’m ok with this update. just wish they would release more putting greens for my golf courses…

  8. I think the prizes look awesome for this event, and with all the new land, no struggle to find a space to put new items. Thanks for the info…can’t wait!

  9. Mah, i expected CostMo to buy in Easter-Event…

  10. Anyone else find it a bit odd…EA starts “Hell on Wheels” event just days before Good Friday/Easter weekend?

    • No, but I’m still waiting for a Passover event! I feel like they’ve done Easter already (more than once even?). Where are the frogs and locusts raining down? Why can’t we search for the afikomen? So many great possibilities! We’ve already got Yahweh and Pharoh, so easy enough to add the rest. (Bart could have anxiety about the whole “death of the firstborn” thing.)

      • That would be awesome! Somebody needs to suggest this to EA.

        • I think I posted that suggestion years ago on the EA forum (and I know I’ve suggested it here many times in the past…not that Alissa, et. al. have three power to do anything about it, but we’ve long suspected that the writers and/or developers do check in here from time to time).

  11. AlbertChav390

    I’m excited! I’ve got some space in my town where this will fit perfectly.

  12. Ooooh, as a paid-up, Jaguar owning petrolhead, I’m REALLY looking forward to this 🙂

  13. Thank you for keeping Tappers updated, Alissa (look out! Safi is skipping out on a TSTO Addicts YouTube video for a ⚾ Game!) 😲

    I’m going to try to reserve judgment until the Multi-Act Event begins …. but that’s a lot of 🚗’s ! I’m with every Tapper that wants Character Tasks with 🚗’s that drive on our roads (or it’s just more Crap that I don’t want to Tap for!) 🤔

  14. Cool prizes…..but still no Lil Bandit or Marge’s car? Seems like a good time for them to finally make it in the game.

  15. Common would be the perfect time to allow cars on roads without glitches

  16. Thanks, Alissa! Looks like fun!

  17. Looks like it could be fun even if it does turn out to be another tap, rinse, repeat . . . 😊

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