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New Event Starts Next Week

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

EA has released the next event spoiler packet to us…and then promptly put the splash screen on Facebook.

Saf and I are planning on recording a spoiler video ASAP on this…but obviously, we’ve both been at work all day and haven’t had the chance to do much with the spoilers.  So look for the spoiler video to go up tomorrow (Saturday) for a preview of what’s to come with the next event.

In the meantime, as I’ve mentioned over and over again the last week, be prepared for this new event to start on Wednesday, August 10th. We will not see the typical one week break this time around.  This is EA’s way of catching up in the schedule to be sure the rest of the year’s events launch in a timely fashion.  (expect this event to end on Sept 14th, the next mini-event to start either on the 14th or 21st, and Halloween to start on October 5th.  No, I don’t know that for certain…I’ve just been doing this long enough to have a pretty good guesstimation of when things may start up next)

Anywho…for those that want to know, I’ll post the splash screen below the fold, and remember to look for more details with our spoiler video tomorrow.

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Next Event Quick Spoilers!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

As you may have saw from my post earlier, EA sent out the event packet to us  earlier today…and shortly after sending it said “hey it’s ok to talk about it!”.  Which of course, none of us were prepared for! (I’m still at work!)

So, I will be doing a very quick spoiler video tonight…likely without Safi unfortunately (he’s at the Blue Jays Home opener)…with all of the detailed info we generally bring you in a spoiler video.  BUT I know some of you don’t want to wait until tonight.  So what I’ve opted to do is just some quick fact cards for you guys, without my usual details, so I can get it up for you quickly!  (this of you who watch our spoiler videos will be familiar with these fact cards!)

Update: Spoiler Video Can Be Found Here

This event starts on April 13th, Wednesday, with the App Store Download available on April 12th, Tuesday.

Oh and a note…yes, some folks are currently experiencing an outage in their game.  It is not impacting everyone.  My best advice is to contact EA if you’re experiencing an outage.    

So for those of you who want to know keep on going…for those of you that don’t want to be spoiled…STOP HERE!


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Next Update in TSTO?! Mini-Event SPOILERS!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well in yet another surprising twist…EA has sent us a spoiler packet for the next MINI-EVENT in TSTO.  That…never happens.  But they’re REALLY excited about this one, and honestly after looking through the packet, I can see why!  This looks like it could be the mini-event of the year, for sure, and possibly the best mini-event since…well, ever.  We shall see.

Anyway, they literally sent us the spoiler packet about 30 minutes ago and then gave us the greenlight to share the spoilers with you guys. (of course it took me a little bit of time to write this up)  So, unfortunately, no time for a spoiler video (given that I’m at work, and Safi is traveling)…BUT I’m still able to do a spoiler post.

For those who just want a couple of basics, without getting all of the spoilers…here are those basics:

-This is a mini-event.  From what the packet says, it’ll start on November 17th at 9am ET.  (1400 UTC)  Note the 2 hour earlier start time.
-Because it’s a mini-event it’ll run for 2 weeks, and it ends December 1st.  (also at 9am ET, 1400 UTC)
-Standard mini-event.  1 prize track, 1 premium character combo (150 donuts for the combo)
-You’ll need to be at or above Level 15 for this to trigger.
-Characters needed are: Homer, Bart, Lisa, Marge, Grampa, Wiggum, Moe, Quimby, and new Premium character with the event.  (that’s just to earn currency.  I don’t have details on questline just yet)
-There will be a Black Friday special.  Similar to last year it’ll be a prize track where you need to purchase donuts (with real life cash) to unlock special NEW prizes.
-There will be a Gold Mystery Box, with returning items in it.  However, it looks like you can only get the tokens for it via the Black Friday Track.  This will be something we’ll have to look into once the files hit.
-At the moment, I don’t know if the other (traditional/returning content) Black Friday Mystery Boxes will be returning.
-There will be NEW LAND with this mini-event
-There will also be an item limit expansion (by 1,000) with this mini-event.  New total will be 15,000.
-And finally, there is a “twist” element to this event.  Where you’ll need to do something to complete something else.  So for those looking for something more to do then just tap…it’s coming with this mini-event.

Now, here’s your official warning….SPOILERS AHEAD!  If you don’t want to know, don’t click below…

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