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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part, you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So, here is your Open Thread…..

Some things you may have missed this week around the Addicts Site:

New spoilers are up for the next event in TSTO. You can check them out here if you missed them: Video/ basic details.

Thoughts on the new event? Looking forward to it?

ICYMI you can help out the Little Addict, Riley, and her school here.

How’s your Springfield design coming?  What are you doing with your town? Share some photos in the comments below! (If you need a refresher on how to add photos to the comments check out this post) 

Any weekend excitement going on in your neck of the woods? Have anything fun planned?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of! (Just no politics, it never ends well)  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!

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  1. I got some dialogue between Marge and Lisa about a box of regrets and I can collect tokens in my daily challenges, for what I don’t know yet. My wife hasn’t got this on her game and I can’t find anything online about it. Any information on this?

  2. Hey all have a question- updated the app last night and now I’m on my third time waiting while the home splash screen “downloads updates”. It’s very frustrating and happened before. I started playing the game initially the first week it came out and stuff like this caused me to take a break for a long time before coming back. Any tips?

    • Try freeing up some space on your phone…it’s likely that you don’t have enough free space available (this game is a giant memory/storage suck). We recommend at least 20gb free.

  3. Well opening weekend for MLB came and went and didn’t disappoint. Looks like it’s going to be a great season. Alas, my cardinals dashed my dreams of an undefeated season yesterday but there’s always next year huh. 🙂

    • LOL! I said the same thing when the Jays lost the series finale yesterday.

      • Well at least they didn’t lose to the Pirates like we did lol 🙂

      • I’d love to hear your thoughts…Alissa’ s..and anyone else’s thoughts on Baseball these days. Thoughts on recent changes, future changes?…It’s nice to think of being a pureist, but it’s clear to me that for the game to survive, it needs to adapt, like the NBA and NFL has been, and are continuing to do. MLB will have to make drastic changes soon. I’ll go with the extreme…Michael Felger, 98.5 the SportsHub..Cut EVERYTHING by one third!! 6 innings, 2 strikes, 3 balls. Batter has to be in the box in 10 secs..or strike. Pitcher has to throw in 15 secs..or ball. Etc….etc….

        • I think one thing baseball has going for it over other sports is it’s long history and tradition as America’s pastime. Those changes would completely change what the game is. I don’t think anyone has went to a baseball game for it’s fast paced action lol. I doubt the MLB will ever be able to be on the same level as the NFL again and it shouldn’t try. The size of some of the recent contract signings tell me the sport is doing okay. They need to focus on promoting the history of the game while promoting it’s exciting crop of young stars instead of rule changes in my opinion. They’ve made a few changes recently I think will help like the universal DH and expanded playoffs.

          • Kids avoid baseball. The game is dying a slow death. No one cares about the players at all. In 20 years, the sport will mostly be gone. It’s too slow….the archaic unwritten rules ruin individuality and completely turn off anyone getting into sports. The analytics have ruined the game. Think of the little leagues in your town…are they even still there? If so, how different is it? Check the price for a family of 4 to go to a game..and get a hot dog….and tell me if that’s the American pastime. Remember when Yankees v Red Sox on opening day was something special? Did you see all those empty seats for the Yankees opener this season? Sad but true.

            • Little league is still thriving in my town. Went to many games last year. If you go anywhere with a family of four it’s gonna cost a arm and a leg. I would bet it’s cheaper at a baseball game than most sports. They said all the same things about the sport dying during the 94 strike and it’s still around. I see plenty of empty seats in all sports except football which has a small amount of games a year.

            • I agree with the high cost thing…it’s one of the many reasons why I prefer going to minor league/semi-pro games, where I can get a front row seat over the dugout (handy for having somewhere to put my tray of food) for less than the cost of the cheapest seats at a major league game. (And the concessions are less expensive too.) I also like that the players are there for the love of the sport (since they make very little money) and interact much more with the kids. If you’ve never been to one of those games, give it a try sometime…lots of fun silliness, too, between innings, what with things like dizzy bat contests and the like.

            • Oh, and as for the empty seats at the Yankee home game…with Covid making a big comeback in NYC right now (two Broadway shows just closed down because of that), and mask mandates lifted, not that surprising…I wouldn’t attend under those conditions, myself, even if it is an outdoors thing.

        • I would not like those changes at all! Granted, I only attend minor league games, but, when I do, I liked sitting out there on a fine summer’s eve, enjoying the leisurely peace of the game. I like that baseball isn’t generally as intense and aggressive as football or or hockey, or even basketball. I like that I get at least three hours of entertainment with my ticket…I wouldn’t want to cut that down to two. People these days need to work on increasing their attention spans (myself included), which have been seriously eroded by our use of mobile devices, etc.

          • Sorry….but I bet you’re older than 50.

            • I agree with her though and I’m in my 30s

            • Guilty as charged! But I would have said the same thing about baseball when I was in my early 30s and first started going to minor league games.

              I worry about everyone’s lack of patience and span of attention these days (my own included!). Don’t get me wrong… I’m far from being a Luddite — I was hanging out online since the days of the Arpanet (before the Internet existed) and had a home computer well before most people at the time did. But, as a corporate learning and development practitioner for over 30 years, I’ve seen how attention spans have devolved and how people have lost the willingness (and ability) to maintain serious focus on anything challenging (and, good forbid it be written material!) for more than ten minutes at a time, maximum. Attention spans and patience are like muscles, in that the need to be exercised/practiced to maintain and/or build. My muscles in that area have weakened considerably through insufficient use, and I’ve seen some resulting negative consequences.

              But I’m as addicted to devices, games, the internet, social media (like this forum and Facebook), etc. as many folks are, and seem to lack the willpower (or whatever it is) to step back a bit more and regain some of the attention/focus I used to have. (It’s even worse working at home full time, when there’s no one around to see what I do minute by minute during the day.)

              So, let’s not lose the charm of the one major spectator sport that forces everyone to slow down a bit for three hours.


    Server problem for me today, can’t connect

    • 1st – I am sorry you are having network connection issues

      2nd – Sunday night’s Episode was unique in that it did feature a Guest Star who’s “hearing impaired” (we learned Bleeding Gums Murphy had a Son who is deaf and can’t hear his music – Lisa was on a mission to do something about his music used for a lottery – I wish this was a 2 Parter, because there was more I wanted to know). We got Lisa and Murphy’s Ghost meeting up at their favourite bridge! 👍🏻

  5. Hey tappers,
    I haven’t posted here in a very long time, but I’m a avid tapper too. Been around this game since… eek… 2014… that is so long. Anyway I’m hoping EA reads this and maybe some people agree with me. But playing this long, I have a good following of characters, just over 500. And honestly it’s a lot to tap everyday. I would love … love… a button like the golden finger statue where once a day you could click it and it would ‘tap’ everyone at once who had completed their jobs. This would be my wish EA. It’s a great game and I honestly love it. There’s quirks for sure, and we all have them. This would be my only request if I had a Tapped Out genie to grant me one wish. Cheers and so looking forward to the next car event!

  6. Thank you for trying to help me with the monorail, but I haven’t anything for the monorail except for the very first building. Nothing in the quest bar or box. And nothing in my storage. The quest does look like a monorail, right? It seems like I saw in the past where people were having problems with it. Thank you again for trying.

  7. How did I miss an item limit increase ??
    Last one I saw was Northward Bound upping it to 15,000 items.
    Just seen a post elsewhere where someone found out the hard way it’s currently at 16,000 items.
    No idea when that happened or if Northward Bound added more than they said, but I’m not complaining 😊

  8. Happy Sunday Tappers! 😀

    Holy guacamole, did you watch Alissa’s YouTube video regarding the next Multi-Act Event (aka TSTO’s 223rd Event)? 😲

    SPOILERS (kinda)

    Event Prizes

    2 New Characters
    1 New Character Skin
    1 New NPC
    6 New Buildings
    18 New Decorations


    4 New Combos
    (one of these offers up 2 Characters + 1 Building)
    (one of these offers up 1 Character + 1 Building + 3 or is it 5 Decorations? Tap along and we’ll find out next week, because EA didn’t give Alissa enough details on what looks like a Premium Bundle!)

    1 Gil Deal aka
    Gil’s 5 Car Bundle
    (Alissa was admiring the Bonnie and Clyde 🚗 – which you can still see at Stateline aka Primm inside Whiskey Pete’s ! I got a 😂 at the Jesus Christ Super 🚗 ! I’m looking forward to Safi’s choices on New Content!)

    🍩’s Bundle

    1 Lame 132 🍩’s Bundle for $9.99 (seriously? please don’t make Alissa do a, “should I buy?”, because it’s a 🍩’s Bundle even she says ‘nope!’ to in the video).

    Mystery Box

    There’s a New Mystery Box
    Yes, it takes 🪙’s
    (🪙’s cost 🍩’s – or real 💵’s – to obtain! you decide if it’s worth it! Alissa and Safi will do a great job of letting Tappers know if it’s Prior Content already available in our regular Mystery Box!)

    I don’t think I spoiled anything, but from what the TSTO ADDICTS YouTube video revealed? I will say there’s New Content (40%?) I can appreciate (including 1 Character Costume, as well as 1 NPC that’s a 🚗!), but the rest (60%?) is just too many vehicles I won’t care for (ie 🚗 ‘s that don’t offer Character Tasks, or don’t drive on a road – I won’t Tap for Crap like that, my Storage is just too full of Crap Prizes!)

    I can’t offer a – Good, Bad, Ugly – regarding any Event anymore (that changed last year when I quit completing an Event as I lost interest in the Prizes / Gameplay!) So from now on? I can offer a generous score for New Content I am enjoying, followed by an immediate F Grade for what failed to interest me (lol – I guess you can call it ‘the High / Low of the Event’ for me!)

    Have fun today! 👍🏻

  9. Good morning, everyone. Not sure where to start to find out how to get the monorail quest. It started and I received the main junkyard and then it went away, or so it seems. Thank you in advance for the help.

    • Anything you receive goes right into your Storage if you don’t immediately place it in your Springfield … and let us know what Level you are at (plenty of Tappers here to offer help). Monorail begins with several Buildings (3 – each used to accumulate metal plastic & bottles) with Characters required to Task at them (you also have your Dump Pile). This was the beginning of what we call Task for Crafts (you are literally sending Characters on Tasks to create the parts necessary for the Monorail, Stations, Tunnels, etc).

      • Hi, CJBrown and also, Graham-S. I am at level 145. There isn’t anything in my storage except pier tiles and add ons for the buildings in Springfield Heights. The quest started and I received the main junkyard and then the quest was gone. I did fill the junkyard and maybe I shouldn’t have done that. I tried storing it to see if it would empty out, but it didn’t. Been hoping that the rest of the quest would come back, but to no avail. When I tap the white notebook, it doesn’t do anything except go to the daily challenges. I was hoping there was more that I could do and I just didn’t see it. When I went into help I didn’t see anything to troubleshoot this issue. Thank you for getting back to me.

    • Two ways to see where you’re up to with the Monorail Prizes if there’s nothing in the task book. Tap the Railyard or the White Notepad thing up in the top right for Daily Challenges then tap the Blue Notepad that shows up in the pop-out panel just below the white one.
      If you’ve had quests you’ve ignored for a while they get grouped in the Task Book. Look for something at the bottom of the task book list if you’ve got other quests on the go that looks a bit like a storage box. Tap on that and it “expands” to show archived tasks and tap again to put them away. If you have no other quests on the go it will show those anyway.

  10. Happy Sunday everyone
    (Back to sleep)

  11. Finally got my monorail connected through the new frontier!!

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