Hell on Wheels Building Tasks

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Now that the Hell on Wheels Event is over, it can be a bit overwhelming to take a look at the prize haul and figure out just what to do with everything.  With an event that ran 5 weeks (almost) it can be hard to remember what arrived with week 1 and just want it did.  It can also be hard just remembering what the heck came with this event.

While I break down each item individually and include character tasks there, if there are any, it can be difficult to remember just who goes where.  So I’ve compiled one list of all the character tasks associated with a building.  Now you’ve got one place to go back and look to see which character animates which building from the Hell on WheelsEvent.

So let’s take a look…

Note: In this list I only included “Odd Ball” characters to animate the buildings.  Meaning regular Springfield characters, not associated with the building in general, who have a task at one of the event buildings.  If the building came with the character it’s not included in this list.

Building Character Task Length
Gasso Station Skinner Complain About Gas Prices 2hrs
Renter-Prise Dent-A-Car Skinner Rent a Cool Car for the Weekend 20hrs
Kliff’s Kar Chalet Grampa Try to Buy a New Jalopy 16hrs
Springfield Auto Show Wiggum Check Out Latest in Police Vehicles 10hrs
Crazy Vaclav’s Place of Automobiles Wiggum Try to Sting a Dealership 16hrs
Parking Garage Brockman Double Park Because He’s a Big Deal 16hrs
Springfield Car Wash Snake Get Getaway Car Cleaned 16hrs
CarGo CBG Get Car Upgraded 16hrs
Springfield Demolition Derby Cletus Try to Get an Autograph 16hrs
Springfield Physical Therapy Barney Get Back Adjusted After Sleeping in Gutter 6hrs

Thoughts on the list?  Have you been sending these characters on tasks at these buildings?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

11 responses to “Hell on Wheels Building Tasks

  1. Baldy Sinclair

    I just want to say this is awesome! I often see tasks in a character’s list and wonder, what is that? So, I’ll try it out and then Marge spends twelve hours in a barely animated weird building that I placed behind some other weird building. However, I always enjoy discovering these tasks and the building I didn’t think did anything. I’m going to try all of these tasks! Thanks for making this list!

  2. I got a Retro Area for
    _Gasso ⛽ Station
    _Springfield Car Wash

    I got a Future / Tomorrowland Area for
    _CarGo Building

    I got Krustyland with the
    _Parking Garage*

    I got Springfield Airport with the
    _Renter-Prise Dent-A-Car

    4 Buildings were Act Prizes, 1 Building was part of a Premium Combo, I’m very happy with all of them (they all have Character Tasks!) ☺️

  3. This is great, thanks for taking the time to do it!

  4. Thank You!

  5. I wonder why they used “odd” times instead of ones you might be able to make use of by tapping the UO – oh, well . . .

    • To me, the issue isn’t that the buildings require 16-hour tasks, is that the UO doesn’t have an option for 16-hour tasks. Those tasks are really helpful for times when you’re too late to use 12-hour or 24-hour tasks, without perpetuating the lateness…16-hour tasks are good for “resetting” things. I think the UO should have ALL the time options! Even if not have character has a team for a given time length, you could send those that do, and then send the rest on a shorter one (or whatever).

      • ^^ like if you tap at midnight UTC and know there’s an event gonna start in 16 hours ?!?
        It’s also handy for a quick character count when they’re all on jobs that show up as an x Hour task in the UO

  6. Wouter Van Eenaeme

    I don’t even know why they include these anymore. I hardly ever use anything other than the general 4/8/12/24h tasks.

    • Because we complain when buildings don’t have tasks…

      • Lets face it, we’ll even complain that there’s nothing to complain about !?! 🤪

      • Here’s one thing that definitely isn’t a complaint.
        I did some quick math earlier . . .
        While they’re giving us 5 new prizes and a premium per act or mini event and doing 6 of each a year that’s at least 180 new items every year along with anything they throw in as a Gil Deal.
        That’s an average of a new thing every 2 days 😊

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