New Event Starts Next Week

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

EA has released the next event spoiler packet to us…and then promptly put the splash screen on Facebook.

Saf and I are planning on recording a spoiler video ASAP on this…but obviously, we’ve both been at work all day and haven’t had the chance to do much with the spoilers.  So look for the spoiler video to go up tomorrow (Saturday) for a preview of what’s to come with the next event.

In the meantime, as I’ve mentioned over and over again the last week, be prepared for this new event to start on Wednesday, August 10th. We will not see the typical one week break this time around.  This is EA’s way of catching up in the schedule to be sure the rest of the year’s events launch in a timely fashion.  (expect this event to end on Sept 14th, the next mini-event to start either on the 14th or 21st, and Halloween to start on October 5th.  No, I don’t know that for certain…I’ve just been doing this long enough to have a pretty good guesstimation of when things may start up next)

Anywho…for those that want to know, I’ll post the splash screen below the fold, and remember to look for more details with our spoiler video tomorrow.

See you tomorrow with more…


12 responses to “New Event Starts Next Week

  1. Hugh F Parker (DiagonalLine)

    Alissa: Magnificent new Shure microphone! Truly professional! How far your little project has come! Thanks so much for what you and Safi do. I wish old baldy would come back and help you!

  2. Katelyn Simpson

    Always loved the game wish I can play it though ever since I reinstalled the game it still tells me that I have connection issues even though I don’t. Now I’m not really happy about it been trying for months and customer service just keeps telling me the same thing not that it could of been a bug or something anyways I’m not here to just bitch. I’ve always loved the Simpsons especially when I was a little girl back in the early 2000’s. Hope no one else is having the same problem I am.

    • I’ve never had a problem in the 10 years I have been playing Tapped Out. May I ask what kind of device you are using? Connection? I don’t understand why a few people are experiencing problems when the majority has no problems. I’m glad you enjoy the show! I’ve been watching ever since the first season. I always thought I was Bart. Now that I’m older… I’m leaning more towards the Homer side a bit! Anyway, just trying to help.

  3. Has Weird Al ever been re-released for purchase?

  4. Well that looks interesting!

    Yeah, EA has been doing a great job of milking me for Shattered Dream tokens. I was able to get a bunch of stuff including the Isotope Stadium from years past gone…

    I wonder if I get to keep it all and call the bank and just blame the charges on the kids. Ya know. Like Homer!

  5. Hi Safi,
    Thank you 😊
    I will wait in anticipation and I will try to get some tapped out land ready… 🐱

  6. So when does this event start? I don’t see that mentioned anywhere…Just kidding 😂
    I’m sure you will get this question tho from people who are not joking… 😐 Thank you for the info Alissa

  7. Thank you for the heads up Alissa …. and I always look forward to those Saturday ☺️’s on YouTube with Safi n’ You ! Wow! EA is locked in with the rest of 2022’s Events to appear in the Game App up like clockwork! 😀👍🏻

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