Should I Spend Donuts On Hydrangea & Cosmic Wars Ranch?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Lights! Camera! Actions!  Krusty’s making a Sands of Space squeal, but will his movie survive the studio’s crazy crossover?  Only time..and 5 weeks of tapping will tell!

As we all know, that limited-time label can tempt us to grab everything in sight because it’ll be gone soon.  But don’t sweat it!  That’s where we come in to tell you what’s worth those donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add Hydrangea & Cosmic Wars Ranch to your Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding this combo to your town…

Building/Decoration: Cosmic Wars Ranch
Character/Skin: Hydrenga
Donut Cost: 150 Donuts
$135, 15xp/4hrs
Vanity +400
Can Be Placed:

Leaves stores September 14th

The Rundown:
-Standard price for a character/building combo
-Full character for Springfield
-Helps earn event currency at a premium rate
-Comes with questline
-Not voiced
-Visual Tasks are 4hrs and 8hrs

What Did I Do?:
Standard price and a full character,but this is one i’ll very likely be passing on.  Jsut doesn’t appeal to me.

Here’s a look at the tasks…

Hydrengea’s Permanent Tasks:

Task Length Earns Location
Sign Autographs 1hr $105, 26xp Cosmic Wars Ranch
Fight Crime 4hrs $260, 70xp Outside/Visual
Sunbathe 8hrs $420, 105 Outside/Visual
Yell at Cletus for Farming Tomacco 12hrs $600, 150xp Cletus’ Farm
Grow a Garden 24hrs $1,000, 225xp Cosmic Wars Ranch

And here’s a look at the Turbo Tappin’ version of the questline…full dialogue will be up later…

Barking up the Wrong Tree Pt. 1

Make Hydrangea Fight Crime- 4hrs
Make Wiggum Ponder New Laws- 4hrs

Barking up the Wrong Tree Pt. 2

Make Smithers Arrange a Meeting With Hydrangea- 4hrs
Make Hydrangea Meet With Mr. Burns- 4hrs

Barking up the Wrong Tree Pt. 3

Make Hydrangea Listen to a Proposal- 4hrs

And that’s it my friends, the details on Hydrangea and the Cosmic Wars Ranch!

Thoughts on the Hydrangea and the ranch? Will you be spending the donuts to bring it to your Springfield? Did you already?  Why or why not?  Where have you placed it in your town? Design plans?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

And feel free to share some photos of your design plan as well! If you need help (or a refresher) posting photos in the comments, check out this post

7 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts On Hydrangea & Cosmic Wars Ranch?

  1. The scale of the house seems small compared to some of the other houses.

    • Hydra’s house only seems smaller compared to the huge villas of Robot Marge, Ziff Marge and Panther Marge, otherwise Hydra’s house seems bigger than Simpsons home.. (is that a pattern, does Marge have a fear of small spaces?)

  2. I for one welcome my new plant overlord (or overlady?) I got her immediately because I love plants, I love Poison Ivy from the Marble universe and I love more female characters running outside the Simpson house. Only disappointed she’s not voiced GRRRRR

  3. I was waiting for this one, Day 1 purchase

  4. I spent 30-odd years fighting computers for my local parks department, so I couldn’t resist a superhero flower, could I? 🙂

  5. Day 1 purchase for me. Especially as Superheroes are definitely my bag!

    Anyone else disappointed at how small Chinnos was?

    • I don’t have enough donuts to buy Chinos yet but alreadydisappointed at Hydra & Quetzaleca not being voiced, hahah. I also want the fractured Moon and to get Miss Scratchy from the Event Box first. Maybe I’ll get Chinos if I have enough donuts after that

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