Showbiz Showdown Premium Dialogue: Chinnos and Hydrangea

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Lights! Camera! Actions!  Krusty’s making a Sands of Space squeal, but will his movie survive the studio’s crazy crossover?  Only time..and 5 weeks of tapping will tell!

Act 3 of this event ushered in one new premium character to help navigate this event and one new character via Gil.  Hydrangea is an all-new premium character for Springfield, who will not only help earn event currency but also comes with a short questline.  While Chinnos is part of Gil’s latest gimmick, who also comes with a short questline.

So let’s take a look at the questline for both Hydrangea and Chinnos, here’s the full dialogue for Barking Up the Wrong Tree and A Lesser Evil…

More details on Hydrangea can be found here…

Barking up the Wrong Tree Pt. 1

Kent Brockman: We’re live from downtown where Hydrangea has just caught Snake in the midst of an armed robbery. Hydrangea, any comments?
Hydrangea: I’m just doing my part to help make Springfield a cleaner place.
Snake: Yo, lady, watch the thorns. That’s like police brutality.
Wiggum: Police brutality?! We can’t be too careful these days. Better let him down, Hydrangea.
Snake: I can’t believe that worked. So long, suckers. *starts running*
Wiggum: Aw, jeez, he’s getting away. Catch him, Hydrangea! Use all the police brutality you want!
Hydrangea: I’m on it. *uses superpowers*
Snake: What the?! A giant Venus flytrap?! Eaaggh! *gets eaten*
Wiggum: Whoa, what did you do with him?
Hydrangea: It’s best you don’t know.
Wiggum: Okay, I’m pretty good at not knowing.
Make Hydrangea Fight Crime- 4hrs
Make Wiggum Ponder New Laws- 4hrs

Barking up the Wrong Tree Pt. 2

Burns: Whenever Hydrangea uses super plants to thwart criminals she’s praised as a hero. When my nuclear radiation creates one, everyone casts me as a villain!
Smithers: You’re right, sir. It’s a complete double standard.
Burns: I wonder… Is there any way to leverage Hydrangea’s unique talents to our benefit?
Smithers: I’m not sure. Given your reputation as a tyrant.
Burns: A tyrant? Who said I’m a tyrant?
Smithers: Certainly not me! Just…every other person in Springfield.
Burns: Yes, well, all the more reason to enlist a superhero to our ranks. Go. Make it happen.
Smithers: *sigh* A boring desk job sounds so wonderful to me now.
Make Smithers Arrange a Meeting With Hydrangea- 4hrs
Make Hydrangea Meet With Mr. Burns- 4hrs

Barking up the Wrong Tree Pt. 3

Burns: Thank you for agreeing to meet with me, Hydrangea. I find myself in need of your services.
Hydrangea: Look, I’ll tell you what I tell everyone. I cannot grow medical mari—
Burns: No, no. You misunderstand. I’m afraid there are some extremists that claim the pollution caused by my power plant is having an adverse effect on the local fauna.
Hydrangea: Yeah. I’m one of them.
Burns: In that case, would it not be in both of our interests to come to an agreement?
Hydrangea: I’m listening…
Make Hydrangea Listen to a Proposal- 4hrs
Burns: So, the next time our radiation produces another abomination; you turn it back to normal with your superpowers. No more lawsuits.
Hydrangea: Isn’t it wiser to stop the radiation leaks that cause the problem?
Burns: You obviously don’t understand the ins and outs of nuclear energy but maybe you’ll understand this. *opens suitcase full of cash*
Hydrangea: You can’t buy me off. In fact, now I’m going to work twice as hard to make sure you wind up behind bars.
Burns: Smithers! Release the hounds!
Smithers: I did, sir, but Hydrangea has subdued them by surrounding them with calming chamomile.
Burns: *sigh* I cannot wait until this superhero fad is over.

More details on Chinnos can be found here

A Lesser Evil Pt. 1

Marvin Monroe: Thank you all for attending today’s anger management seminar. Who would like to begin?
Hank Scorpio: I still don’t see why I have to be here in the first place.
Marvin Monroe: Because in some circles, seizing the entire east coast from the United States of America is frowned upon.
Hank Scorpio: Pfft. Liberals.
Marvin Monroe: We have a new member joining us. Chinnos, why don’t you introduce yourself to the group.
Chinnos: Hello. Name’s Chinnos. I’m not really sure why I’m here either.
Burns: Agreed. This class is a sham.
Marvin Monroe: Then why are you here, Mr. Burns?
Burns: I’m recruiting promising, evil up-and-comers into my cartel.
Marvin Monroe: I don’t want my seminar used for nefarious purposes. You’re going to have to leave.
Burns: Fine. But before I go, I’m taking Chinnos with me.
Chinnos: And before I go, I’m taking some of the complimentary juice and cookies from the table.
Make Chinnos Go With Mr. Burns- 4hrs
Make Burns Recruit Chinnos- 4hrs
Chinnos: Nice place you got here, Mr. Burns.
Burns: It’s what a life of villainy has afforded me.
Chinnos: I notice you’ve got a bit of a mosquito problem… *shaking hounds off his leg*
Burns: Those aren’t bugs, those are my vicious hounds!
Chinnos: These happy little guys? *tickling hounds* They’re not vicious at all.
Burns: Strange… Usually when my hounds sink their teeth into intruders, they release horrified screams.
Smithers: It seems this man is impervious to pain, sir.
Burns: I could use someone like that, Smithers.
Smithers: For picking raspberries in the thorn bushes?
Burns: No, you ninny, for terrorizing my underlings!

A Lesser Evil Pt. 2

Burns: Just look at him, Smithers. Isn’t he fantastic?
Smithers: Pfft, I don’t see what he has that I don’t.
Burns: For starters he’s eight feet tall and a monster. Tell me, Mr. Chinnos, what are your darkest desires?
Chinnos: Well, I don’t know how dark it is, but I’d like for people to see me in a different light. Not always as an evil bad guy.
Burns: I beg your pardon? Being evil is great. It’s what’s made me wealthy.
Chinnos: But does that wealth bring you happiness?
Burns: Of course, it does! Tremendous happiness! But let’s rewind here and take a moment to find your inner villain.
Chinnos: Only after we get back to the anger management class. I’ll bet they’re wondering where we waltzed off to.
Burns: *angry murmur*
Make Burns Coach Chinnos- 4hrs
Make Chinnos Try to Get Into Character- 4hrs

A Lesser Evil Pt. 3

Burns: My God, man. Was that your best attempt at being evil? That was truly awful.
Chinnos: Truly awful like in an evil way?
Burns: Like in a “you are a disgrace to villains everywhere” way!
Chinnos: Alright, I guess it’s time I brought out the big guns…
Make Chinnos Use the Doomsday App- 4hrs
Burns: Another colossal failure. I’m beginning to question if you’re even supervillain material.
Chinnos: Please, Mr. Burns, give me one more chance!
Burns: No, I’m through with you. Smithers, see Mr. Chinnos out.
Smithers: Right away, sir. Will you be needing any other evil deeds carried out for the day?
Burns: Eh, I’m exhausted. Just knock an ice cream cone out of a child’s hands and call it a day.

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