App Store Update Available

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

There is an app store update available in the stores that will bring the files for the next mini-event into your game,  this mini-event will not start until tomorrow (Wednesday, November 16th).

This update is called The Atom Smasher…and here’s a quick little look at the characters that’ll be incoming.


Hoping to run through the files tonight and get some info out to you guys as soon as it hits tomorrow….

Until then, be sure to download the update!

54 responses to “App Store Update Available

  1. Is anyone having trouble with the Day Old Donuts task? I click on it and it just brings me to the Store. I don’t have any Golden Tickets to spend on donuts (which is what the tasks requires). Thanks!

  2. William L McVicker Jr

    It also seems that with this update all my friends disappeared. People can visit my game but I suddenly have no one. Very strange.

    • Happens when the game’s been left running for a while or your device is low on memory.
      Quit the game when that happens then restart it to visit neighbours and they should be back.

  3. Hello everyone, I wasn’t too excited about expending $49.99 only to get a character that only gives you 3 doughnuts per day (at least it isn’t like Yahweh that it has to go through a bunch of task to finally do the donuts task) but then I wanted to get everything the golden box was offering and I got it, and got everything from that box (very happy with that though) but I have a question, do I have to use all my tokens? Or can I keep some for future events? Thank you and happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate.

    • Only the Shattered Tokens carry over, all other tokens only work for the event they’re introduced.
      You will have the option to trade them for donuts but only do that if you’ve emptied the Gold Box because the content is worth a lot more than a dozen Ds

      • Thank you very much, I got everything from the gold box (I think because I don’t have a gold box anymore) I was planning on saving those tokens for future events but now I’m going to get more donuts instead I don’t want my hard money to go waste (you know even more) if I’m going to lose my tokens.

    • I wasn’t able to able to make any last minute Halloween purchases, because when I opened my tablet it did 🙃 an automatic update. I’ve been playing for almost 10 years so can’t remember if that’s ever happened before. Oh well. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. And a special one for Alissa and her 3 beautiful darlings.
      Also, for my neighbor Margo Fargo, who’s been with me since the beginning. 💜

  4. My main game only has the gold box, poor form as I am still missing many many characters. They seem to only offer the same content over and over. 😩

    • That is strange that you only have 1 box on your main game. I guess you have everything else that they are offering this time around… That’s the only thing I can think of. I think they should have put more into the boxes.

      • My second game has almost the same problem, although I have different characters in my list from playing in a different time period. I only got 1 new character. In my third game I picked up around 50 characters. These are great but I was hoping to get some from my long list of missing characters for my main games. This has been the way it has been for a long time, same characters offered in boxes every time we get them. I hope we get others at Christmas, 😊 1st world problems I guess

    • Rafphilray I had only 1 box with one item in it, the new Jackpot Realty; when I bought the building the box disappeared. There are no other Black Friday boxes available. I wish they’d introduce Black Friday boxes for items that are not unique.

      I’m a longtime player and have always tried to buy everything when it was offered (though in recent years I’ve not bought all the characters only available through a real money donut deal.) It’s a blessing and a curse to be caught up – the event is boring and unchallenging without the Black Friday boxes component, but at the same time I’m glad that my game is so complete that I have great, extensive design options.

      I really dislike the Shattered Dreams box because the randomness of prizes awarded functions just like the infamous Prize Wheel.

  5. Hi,

    I have only been playing for a year or so. If I buy gold mystery box tickets, I need to use them all during the next two weeks. Is that correct? I have a lot in the gold mystery box so it seems like a good deal to me. I am just curious if I get 25 from the 900 donut purchase plus all from the Black Market Event if I will need to use that box over 60 times. Thanks.

  6. The Black Friday dialogue says use gold tokens to buy the Gold Mystery box. I don’t have a Gold Mystery Box, only Silver and Bronze.

  7. Update changed compatibility requirements.
    I can no longer play on my iPad (4th gen) very disappointing. Game was playing just fine. Hopefully I can still use my phone without having to light back in to the iPad because it’s a forced update.

    • Now even Homer forces us to keep up with the times! I loved playing TSTO on my iPhone 5c and using its resources….
      Thank you Alissa and team for this site!
      Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

    • Same here. After so many years I guess this is the end of the road for my Tapped Out town… 🙁

  8. Does anyone know what happens to the surplus Golden Tokens? I only have one item in the Mystery box that requires tokens, so will have a lot left over.

  9. Anyone else on iphone not able to update the game today? I get the “update” screen but then just a blank when it tries to go to the update.

  10. WOWWWWW. thanks EA. make us spend $40 to get new gear. Then we aren’t even guaranteed which items we get. I saved all summer long for black Friday in hopes of getting anchor management…and he’s locked in a 50 donut Loot Crate with 100 other items. EA-ssholes

    • Yes very sad how the game has gone in this direction

      • EA literally was sued for this style of Loot Crate/Mystery Box transactions. They’re illegal in Europe cause its considered gambling.

      • Also, recently in the Yearbook Mystery box. The “Big” prize (ie Kamp Krusty, Jacque, and the Springfield Sign) have just to happened to be the LAST item in the set. There is not a true 20% chance of each item like they claim.

    • I feel the same about Golden Goose Realty

    • Is this a recent change? It used to be whichever 5 items you lined up in the mystery box was what you had a chance of winning so 20% but I just did it with my free token and it was not one of the 5 that I lined up. Same for the yearbook if you didn’t win what you were going for you could try again and there would now be 4 possible items then 3 and so on so long as you didn’t refresh.

  11. I’m all for supporting the game by throwing EA a few $ from time to time but the Black Friday 2022 event seems like a total money making swindle… Has Gill taken over the game?!

  12. Just bought the mech, gave a quest for 3 donuts on a 24 hour task. It has an animation for that task. Not sure if it’s worth the $50 but that’s up to y’all, happy tapping friends. Oh and obviously you get the haggis stand and car, both with a quest line.

    • Thanks for the information on how many donuts you get a day. I was hearing 6, but from your post, it’s only 3. I don’t think it’s worth the 49.99.. just my opinion…

      Happy Tapping

      • Buying the 900 donut package.. for 49.99 and it will give you every prize in that track. so the coins, car, stand and Mech become yours.

  13. you only have to purchase the 900 bundle, I bought the 60 and got the 12 and 60 so I think you only need to do the one to get them all

  14. Wow!!! Can you believe the amount of money you will have to spend for the donut mach??? It will probably only spit out 6 donuts a day. Not sure if I am willing to spend that much money on that!!! What do you all think????

  15. Any idea how many donuts the Donut Mech actually produces and how often?

  16. Woo Hoo!

  17. Was going to spend around 100 more donuts on Halloween content, and then they pulled it all two hours early. Why don’t the programmers seem to think things through?

  18. Aaaah it’s here! I am so tempted to just buy eeeverything… But where can I put it? ahaha

  19. Don’t do the update until you have everything you want from the Halloween event. I was going to buy a batch of wailing walls but I did the update first. Now all the Halloween stuff is gone. D’oh!!

  20. The update pulled the Halloween content from my store, except the Frankenscratchy donut bundle. I have been grinding for donuts to go on a last-minute spree and now I can’t buy any of it.

  21. With this update comes the notification fix. A lot of players lost notifications when the Halloween Event hit our pocket sized towns. But, with this update, it seems that the notifications are back on!!!! Happy Tapping.

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