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It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons or current Tapped Out event) but for the most part, you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So, here is your Open Thread…..

Lots of things you may have missed this week around the Addicts Site:

Simpsons are back tonight with a brand new episode!  What do you think will happen?

Halloween is almost over, ends Wednesday, what are your thoughts on this year’s THOH event? What do you think we’ll see next?

How’s your Springfield design coming?  What are you doing with your town? Share some photos in the comments below! (If you need a refresher on how to add photos to the comments check out this post)

Don’t forget Springfield Showoff this week. Send those designs in by Tuesday night. More details here

Any weekend excitement going on in your neck of the woods? Have anything fun planned?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of! (Just no politics, it never ends well)  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!

38 responses to “Addicts Open Thread

    So, a few years ago this came out and you can put (Christmas) Kang & Kodos in there to ‘Battle B.S. League’ and there were several others that could do animated 4 hour tasks with them. (Conductor Otto, Rabbi Krustofsky, Jesus Christ, Santa, Gautama Buddha…maybe others?) and usually 4 characters at a time.

    Here’s the issue. Something happened awhile back where it won’t allow 4 characters to do animated jobs anymore. Now it’s only 2. However, I learned that if I can tap on their respective 4 hour tasks quickly enough, I can get 3 in there to see the animation.

    Any ideas why this happened?
    Has anyone else been irked by this or have even noticed it?
    Am I just a weirdo too interested in Christmas aliens and their woes? (the animations are fun to watch)

    Talk to me. 🙂
    -Bobby Brewski

  2. So I clicked most of the way through Lisa, Gill& Cookies “tutorial” before I realized I was supposed to be reading it because “no one ever reads the tutorial”. Anyone got a breakdown of what they were going on about? I seen something about maps and something about needing the frontier land expansion!! That’s about all I got LOL

  3. New UPDATE available for Android. “The Atom Smasher”

  4. What does the Halloween plunger look like? I can not find it in my Springfield? Thanks for your help.

  5. Atom Smasher update now available

  6. Wondering what will happen in less than 24 hours and trying to decide if I should have a stock of donuts ready, or just use the remaining on Wailing Walls, I have gone from around 950 – 1200 bonus % through this event, mainly because of these and some intense donut/KEM farming.

    • I’ve been tapping for bout 7 years now, I just bought 50+ wailing walls, now at 3,000 percent. Best bang for the buck, if you ask me.

  7. I have three shattered dreams tokens. If don’t use them will they carry over to the next event?

  8. The game keeps asking me to Login almost every day now. Is anyone else experiencing this?

    • This has been an issue for a lot of players. What device are you playing on? Have you went to your EA profile, made sure everything was up to date on there?

      • Yeah had the same, all I did was to fully close that window when the message comes up again and then go straight back into the app. Just make sure the window is fully closed, as in that it wouldn’t show in your browser history👍👍👍apologies if it doesn’t work for you but worth a shot

      • This worked. I had to go to EA website and update my profile. After changing my password everything was fine.

    • Yeah had the same, all I did was to fully close that window when the message comes up again and then go straight back into the app. Just make sure the window is fully closed, as in that it wouldn’t show in your browser history👍👍👍apologies if it doesn’t work for you but worth a shot

  9. Today’s song .

    Time of your life

    Green Day

    This goes out to you Ashley .

    See ya bye . 👽🖖

  10. I am almost done with this event. I should get the last prize by tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing what the shattered dreams mystery box contains. Hoping we get a thanksgiving mini event. I am also waiting for the new Simpson to start this evening.

  11. The timer on the Shattered Dreams Mystery Box ends on Wednesday, I assume that’s when the next Mini Event starts? If so, I guess we will be getting a new update on Tuesday?

  12. “make people get bored of sideshow chicken” glitches. I have 260 characters doing task and they are ready. When i tap thumbs i get money and xp. Still shows that task is done in left corner. I go to friendlist and back to town i can tap thumbs again. Farmed about 40M cash and 200 donuts and got bored.

  13. Iam looking forward to some NEW things to come along for Christmas. We had a lot of snow here in Ontario over night and this morning . It has kicked me into the Christmas mood! 😅

  14. I’m trying to do pt3 of farther Ben’s quest line (to exercise a demon) but it’s saying it’s locked and needs a character – who do you need?? Thanks!


      Demon technician, was discussed in a previous post I believe

    • Have to have the ‘torture conveyor belt’ with the blue demon technician out.. It’s an item from a few years ago.

    • You need demon technician.

    • When EA removed the spooky tree collection? It was 5% for 20 Donuts. I’m a little upset.

    • Figured it out by playing around a bit, and it’s the opposite of what some folks thought… I had to STORE the Demon Technician to get Father Ben’s 12-hour task to become available. I think maybe it’s because there’s (another?) blue Demon Technician in that task’s animation, and maybe they didn’t want both showing in the town at the same time? However, you can store the Demon, start Fr. Ben’s task, then put the Demon back in town. But, if you store Ben to release him from his task and put him back into the town, the task is locked again. Maybe they’ll fix this mess in the new update?

  15. Finished up the event questlines. Event was OK, but with Lovecraft and Poe I thought it could have been better. I hope EA is going to bring back some of the old jobs during these events. It’s getting pretty boring. I can only do the same format so many times.. I broke my Horror area up into two spots, but with the time I have til the next big or mini event I’m thinking about moving it into one area and moving something else. I have three items in the Shattered Dreams box, nothing special but I’ll probably grab all three.
    Is anybody familiar with “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” by Gordon Lightfoot. A friend recently turned me on to a cover by the Canadian band The Headstones. It’s a rocking fast version and it’s great. Check it out on YouTube. Here’s a link to the song:
    Anyway, I hope everybody has a good week.

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