Update Alert: THOH XXXIV

THOH 2023 splash
We interrupt your regular scheduled tapping to bring you the following announcement: There an app store update circulating to get your games ready for the next event …


That’s right, it’s Treehouse of Horror time, woohoo !!

Starts tomorrow, Wednesday Oct. 4th, 15:01 UTC
15:00 UTC is US 11 am EDT or UK 4 pm BST


Act 1 starts at 15:01 on Wednesday Oct. 4th
Act 2 starts at 15:01 on Friday Oct. 13th
Act 3 starts at 15:01 on Sunday Oct. 22nd
Act 4 starts at 15:01 on Tuesday Oct. 31st
Event ends at 15:00 on Wednesday Nov. 8th

App store sites:

I’ve been checking the websites and found it shown on the following –
( these may help if your app store isn’t playing ball, but they’re from a UK search and may not be the one for your region )

Android: Finally found here !!
iOS: Found here
Amazon: Found here

^^ Huh, Amazon beat Google to the release ?!!

What EA Said: The overview …

The people of Springfield are ignoring Reverend Lovejoy’s sermon and speculating on what crazy things are going to happen this Halloween. However, all of their ideas sound lame to Bart, so he clandestinely uses Professor Frink’s new Deep Space Social Media Transmitter to try to entice the Ki-Ya Karate Monsters to come to Earth…by insulting them. Unfortunately, his message is received by the Xylem, who come to Earth and try to take over Springfield with monster trees. Before that situation sorts itself out, the Karate Monsters finally show up, angry about being dissed and looking to fight everyone and everything in Springfield. When Ned Flanders prays for salvation, a Mixed Martial Arts-obsessed Jesus is not what he expected, but maybe a two-fisted Son of God really will finally save Springfield!

Who you’ll want free:

For the Intro –
Rev. Lovejoy, Prof. Frink, Bart, Lisa and 5 “Springfielders” for 6 seconds

For Part 1 –
Lisa and Xylem ( if you have that already )

For the Currency Jobs –
Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Quimby, Wiggum, Skinner
The new premium + cash items both earn too


Back when it goes live with the Rundown

13 responses to “Update Alert: THOH XXXIV

  1. Still no sign of update in store

  2. Beginning to wonder if Google have taken the day off !?!
    Files went out around five hours ago and Apple released ’em over three and a half hours ago – but nothing yet for Android

    C’mon Google, I need to get started on posts !!

  3. Ha, after logging into my Springfield after updating I see I have a donut balance ending in 666.

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