THOH XXXIV: Turbo Tappin’

THOH 2023 splash
It’s time to take a look at the quests and tasks to get those Act 1 prizes.

In case you scroll a little too fast here’s what’s included in this post:
• Notes on Xylem and Kodos + Kang
• Intro: Encounters of the Not-Very-Spooky Kind
• Prize Track: The Horror Happening parts 1 to 5
• Currency Jobs

Notes on Xylem and Kodos + Kang:
On Xylem: if you have the Pod Patch then for now at least you won’t get offered Xylem, sorry.
It has been raised with the Devs, but what they might choose to do about it is anyone’s guess.
If Xylem isn’t available you won’t need to do those quest tasks.

Oh, they’ve used the icon for a Shattered Token, but I’m pretty sure it’s a regular Token for the event Mystery Box you actually get.

On Kodos + Kang: You’ve no doubt seen the teaser dialog, but nothing else will happen until you have completed all 4 acts and the Outro.
I’ll tease that if you need one or both you’re gonna like this.
Back with more in Act 4 …


Intro: Encounters of the Not-Very-Spooky Kind
● Make Rev. Lovejoy Try to Finish His Sermon – 6 seconds
● Make Springfielders Try to Guess What’s Gonna Happen – x 5, 6 seconds
● Make Frink Try to Get Attention for His Experiment – 6 seconds
● Make Bart Use Frink’s Transmitter – 6 seconds
● Make Lisa Reluctantly Help Bart – 6 seconds


Prize Track: The Horror Happening

The Horror Happening part 1:
● Xylem and Pod Patch Bundle (Character and Decoration) if you don’t already have them, or Mystery Box Token if you do.
Xylem Pod Patch Mystery Box Token
● Collect Alien Fruits – x 115 Alien Fruits Currency
● Make Lisa Consider Ethics of Eating Psychic Veggies – 4 hours
● Make Xylem Try to Disguise Himself – 4 hours

The Horror Happening part 2:
● Alien Portal Device (Decoration)
Alien Portal Device
● Collect Alien Fruits – x 155 Alien Fruits Currency
● Make Xylem Explain the Whole Name Thing – 4 hours
● Make Homer Make Fun of Alien Plant Weirdos – 4 hours

The Horror Happening part 3:
● Alien Pod Field (Decoration)
Alien Pod Field
● Collect Alien Fruits – x 155 Alien Fruits Currency
● Make Springfielders Criticize Aliens – x 5, 4 hours
● Make Xylem Get Fed Up – 4 hours
● Make Lisa Tell Bart She Told Him So – 4 hours
● Make Bart Hate Boring Halloweens – 4 hours

The Horror Happening part 4:
● Alien Flora Bundle (Decorations bundle)
Inc. Alien Bush, Alien Flowers ( 3 kinds ) and Alien Trees ( 3 kinds )

● Collect Alien Fruits – x 155 Alien Fruits Currency
● Make Xylem Animate More Trees – 4 hours
● Make Mighty Oak Leader Stretch His Branches Menacingly – 4 hours
● Make Bart Laugh at Trees – 4 hours

The Horror Happening part 5:
● Monster Treehouse (Skin for Bart’s Treehouse)
Monster Treehouse
● Collect Alien Fruits – x 195 Alien Fruits Currency
● Make Xylem Be Disappointed In Trees – 4 hours
● Make Mighty Oak Leader Make Everyone Be Still – 4 hours
● Make Homer Fidget – 4 hours
● Make Bart Wish Karate Monsters Would Show Up – 4 hours


Currency Jobs: Collect Alien Fruits
Alien Fruits Currency
● Pick Alien Fruits – 4 hours, earns 5 Alien Fruits Currency
Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Quimby, Wiggum, Skinner

● Order Alien Fruits Online – 4 hours, earns 8 Alien Fruits Currency
Alien Bart, Mighty Oak Leader


Back after the Calendar with a look at the Premium offering.

16 responses to “THOH XXXIV: Turbo Tappin’

  1. rosa di benedetto

    I have the pod patch, but no Xylem, I want Xylem. Also I got the shattered dreams token not the mystery box token that u were supposed to receive.

    • For Xylem, the Devs have been made aware but what they do about, if anything, it is anyone’s guess.

      For the Token, as said above they used the wrong pic and it is an event Mystery Box token – again the Devs have been made aware

      • I emailed EA as I have the same issue, got a standard thanks we have received your email and will be in touch about your issue response, then no further contact, just closed the case and sent me a survey to fill in which basically asked if they had resolved my issue – yes/no answer.
        Not sure if this is because they are already aware as you say, and working on a resolution or whether they cba to do anything at all. Guess only time will tell 🤷🏼‍♂️

  2. I don’t have Xylem or the pod patch (or I can’t find it) but only offered the token.

  3. Is the mystery box out now? I don’t have it so I’m guessing I have everything in there but I’m still missing characters from previous thoh events 

  4. I don’t have Xylem but he is not showing up as the first prize, only the Mystery Box token.

    • The post includes ” Notes on Xylem and Kodos + Kang ”
      The bit on Xylem has your answer

      • I don’t have the pod patch or Xylem and also am not offered Xylem. The first prize is only a token.  From your note it sounds like if we don’t have either it should be the first prize. Seems weird to not be offered if I never bought the pod patch. I hope it gets straightened out. I would like to have Xylem. 

        • The game tests 2 things :
          Do you own Xylem
          Do you own the Pod Patch

          If both are No you’ll get them, if even one is Yes you won’t
          The game knows if you have at least one of ’em, even if it’s stored or you can’t find it.

          • Thanks so much!  I hope we’ll have a chance to buy him later in this event.

          • Don’t have either. Only offered token. Think there’s a bug.

            • The Pod Patch was re-issued about 5 months back.
              If you had neither it’d offer the bundle

              I have 3 towns:

              1 is from 2015 and has both Xylem and the Pod Patch so I got a token

              1 is from late 2019, it does have the Pod Patch from For All Rich Mankind earlier this year but Xylem was only available in 2018, so I got a token

              1 is from this January and does not have Xylem or the Pod Patch, so I got the bundle

  5. Thank you. ^^

    • Yeah I’m one of those who has the patch but not Xylem. I hope they make him available for us later.

      I was a bit confused at being offered a Shattered Dreams token as the first prize because it seemed odd to not get an actual prize for the first part, but this explains it. Wonder what happened that the wrong icon was shown.

      Fingers crossed they fix it and let us get Xylem. I have no idea where or when I got my patch, but it’s in my zoo area. I was trying to figure out where everyone had gone for the quest. 😄

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