THOH XXXIV: Act 1 Prizes 4 and 5

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Right then, time for the second part of the prizes posts.

You can find the post on the first3 prizes here

Here’s what’s included in this post:
• Prize 4: Alien Flora Bundle …
… Inc. Individual details
• Prize 5: Monster Treehouse

Prize 4:
What you get:
● Alien Flora Bundle (Decorations bundle)
Inc. Alien Bush, Alien Flowers ( 3 kinds ) and Alien Trees ( 3 kinds )

• Built: Instant
• Premium: No
• Bonus: None
• Earns: Nothing
• Animated: See the individual details
• Job(s): No
Buy more: Cost 20 $$s each when unlocked

Individual details:
Alien Bush:
Alien Bush
• Animated: 3 looks, tap to change
The 3 looks
Alien Bush 3 looks

Alien Flowers, 3 types:
Alien Flowers 1 Alien Flowers 2 Alien Flowers 3
• Animated: tap to open / close flower buds

Alien Pod Trees, 3 types:
Alien Pod Tree 1 Alien Pod Tree 2 Alien Pod Tree 3
• Animated: No

How you get it:
The Horror Happening part 4:
• Collect Alien Fruits – x 155 Alien Fruits Currency
• Make Xylem Animate More Trees – 4 hours
• Make Mighty Oak Leader Stretch His Branches Menacingly – 4 hours
• Make Bart Laugh at Trees – 4 hours

Prize 5:
● Monster Treehouse (Skin for Bart’s Treehouse)
Monster Treehouse
• Built: Instant
• Premium: No
• Bonus: None
• Earns: Nothing
• Animated: Always
• Job(s): Nothing new

How you get it:
The Horror Happening part 5:
• Collect Alien Fruits – x 195 Alien Fruits Currency
• Make Xylem Be Disappointed In Trees – 4 hours
• Make Mighty Oak Leader Make Everyone Be Still – 4 hours
• Make Homer Fidget – 4 hours
• Make Bart Wish Karate Monsters Would Show Up – 4 hours


Well that was easier than I thought, but I didn’t have the bundle last night and thought it’d need a bit each for all seven items.

That’s the prizes done, back tomorrow with the Dialog Recap.

15 responses to “THOH XXXIV: Act 1 Prizes 4 and 5

  1. I had to uninstall my game but now I’m back in business

  2. Praise Jeebus!!..I was finally able to get into my ludicrously eclectic town…thank you Graham the Man! Your steadfast advice and never ending devotion to the game and this site should be hailed by ALL! Let’s hear it for Graham…hip hip hooray! Although I’m a little perturbed that my moonshine crop had wilted…just kidding…love you Graham!

  3. I was able to login into the game (not spinning). I had to uninstall and install the game. Everything seems to there.

  4. Tyler Grant🐶🖤

    Not able to log in still

  5. I wish I could’ve gotten a final pic of my least. Oh well..

    • Oh ‘eck !! Did you lose an anonymous town or is it just not loading for you yet ??
      Have you checked last nights ( meant to be ) good news post – there’s new stuff on there …

      • No..didn’t lose my town…just get spinning donut. There’s so many posts, corrections, back and fourth…I’m just not sure what to do, I’m worried about uninstalling/reinstalling..I don’t want to lose my town. I was just thinking about giving up…

        • If your game is connected with an account then your game is safely stored on a server – all you need to do is get your device and the server talking again and a complete uninstall and re-install should do that

          • Yea…probably..but my attention is now on the start of WWIII…only 1 more domino to fall. What are the Vegas odds on the date of China V. Taiwan? Anywho….F Harvard. Time to fall back on Mr. Adams’ advice..Don’t Panic…and don’t forget your towel.

  6. The update is finally on the app store!

    • Any luck getting into your game Nancy? I did the update a few hours ago…and am still spinning…

      • I’m curious…for those whom the update did not help, I wonder whether doing an uninstall first, and then installing the new version might make a difference? Is it possible there’s are still bits of the bad code that are sticking around, even after the update? (Just a wild stab in the dark, admittedly…)

  7. Just got the update through App Store…..after update….still spinning donut..oh well.

  8. Any word on this update through the App Store? Still nothing for me…and I finally got hit with spinning donut Patty…first time in years..

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