From EA: Latest news on iOS issues and Xylem

Message on the TSTO FB page from EA:

2nd edit – Oct 13th – new message on FB and AHQ …

We’re still working to get an update out to you, but in the meantime if your account is bound to an EA Account, it is absolutely safe to try deleting the app and redownload it. Then sign back into your EA Account, and you’ll be back into your Springfield and tapping to your heart’s content. Many players are reporting this has solved their issue.

If your account is not an EA Account, or you’re unsure, please take no action at this time. The upcoming update should allow you to get back in without losing any progress.

While we know hearing “Coming Soon” is dreaded – it is coming, and the plan remains the same. Once the issue is resolved with an App Store update, we will extend the event and provide an in-game token of appreciation to our iOS users, along with the Xylem bundle fix.

We apologize for the disruption and thank you for your continued patience while we work to resolve this issue once and for all.

1st edit – Oct 13th – no news yet on when the update might be out for this

The original message from Oct 12th: See that here

We think we’ve chased out the raccoons and are just making sure they didn’t let in any ghosts before we release a new update! While we’re looking for signs of haunting, let us share our plans to address some additional concerns you’ve raised:

First, all players will receive an extension to the current event’s timeline to give everyone the chance to play through the entire event. Second, for any players affected by the Xylem bundle issue, we will be awarding the missing items that should have been granted. Lastly, iOS players will be receiving a little something in-game as a token of our appreciation for their patience during this week’s troubles.
These changes will be available shortly after we release the next update.

We understand the frustrations of not being able to play the highly anticipated Treehouse of Horrors event and continue to resolve this issue. Thank you for your devotion and love of The Simpsons™: Tapped Out.

I’ll look out for any changes to the dates or anything else and let you know when I can, and if I get any idea of what the iOS players will see when that update hits.

Looks like everyone needing Xylem will be happy though.

Right, nightcap time so I can be up to write a Rundown for Act 2 …

34 responses to “From EA: Latest news on iOS issues and Xylem

  1. Hmmm, EA said “iOS players will also receive their token of appreciation”…

    Ok, I guess we were to take them literally? Except I got TWO mystery tokens… however, I don’t even have the mystery box available to me!

    So, where’s the “EA love” for players like me?

  2. I got the fix update (#2) but now I’m getting the Bart retry screen over and over. It’s nice to not have the spinning donut but I want to play so bad!

  3. Deleting and reinstalling did the trick for me. My game is working once again.

  4. Still not working!

  5. I hope they can get it working again soon. Even after the update, I still can’t play.

    • I’ve been unable to login since Friday when part 2 began in the UK. Tried reloading the game several times, still not working this morning. If I try to login the game closes down, only works in anonymous mode.
      Worked for a few minutes yesterday, managed to do login once, then went back to shutting down.
      Using 2 phones, both Android, very frustrating.

      • How old are the devices and how much memory – not storage, system memory for what is running ??
        Next 2 Qs – how many other apps are on the go at once and how often do you fully quit and close TSTO ??
        If TSTO is left running and there’s a lot of other apps also in the background it won’t help
        This game uses a lot of storage, memory and battery and is best totally shut down and then later restarted for a new day / next tap

        TIP – always pop to the Friends Towns bit before quitting – it saves your game to the servers

        PS – the devs have no confirmed Android players with this iOS issue, so it is probable that it’s either a device, connection or account issue that should be fixable by the player.
        Do keep posting with device and OS version if it persists and include the ways you tried to fix it in case this iOS glitch has hit Android too.
        My 3 towns on 3 Android devices are fine so far, so I hope it is something you can solve easy.

  6. I’m on iOS and had the eternal spinning donut for a couple days. None of the fixes worked for me, but not too long after I added my info to the help post, my game started working again.

    After last night’s update, I’m back to the eternal spinning donut. I’m about one more donut away from giving up on it.

  7. I haven’t been here in a while, but I’m still playing the game. So far everything’s been okay for me up until this morning. The game won’t open, the donut just spins. Guess I better start reading back posts about the problem. I was close to done with the first part of the event: I only had one more thing to get. Sounds like it’ll be fixed soon. I knew I could find out something over here! 😎

    • Providing your game is linked and saved to an EA account did you try uninstalling and re-installing it ??

      Don’t do that if it’s an anonymous game, you’ll lose everything and start again at level 1 !!

      • I haven’t done the uninstall/install thing – sort of nervous about doing that but I guess it is on EA’s servers.

        I read someone else’s post that it was working on their phone but not the iPad, so I tried that & sure enough it’s working on my iPhone, but not the tablet. I don’t play on my phone much though since it’s so small! 🤨

        I’ll probably give it a bit more time…

        • I was worried about the uninstall/reinstall as well, but like Graham said..if you’re connected via an account, you should be safe. Also I’ve seen people post that when they enter the code they received via email and hit the paste button, it doesn’t work. I always enter the code and hit verify..and it works fine for me.

        • It seems to have problems connecting to the server quite often on my iPad but not usually as much as this. I hope they fix it soon I always love THOH events.

  8. This is the most responsive I’ve ever seen EA! 👍 Good recovery on their part (assuming that the next fix does a better job of fixing things and everything else goes as planned).

    • I’ll let you figure this …
      Imagine a shopping Mall with a building owner and lots of stores …
      How much do they talk to each other when there’s a problem ??
      EA owns the Mall, the the store is the Studio that does the game is a simple way to view it.

      At least that’s how I see it

      • While I understand the mail metaphor, I’m not sure I get your point. I was just saying that I thought a good job was done being responsive to the various problems with this event, which hasn’t always been the case in the past.

        • Often the Devs say nothing or what is said is kept confidential, so the EA Team has nothing to say meaning I and others with a little bit of access don’t have anything but work-round tips and guesswork to share – that’s why the Mall Hierarchy analogy.
          Even on AHQ the Community Team usually leave us Heroes to reply on posts, so yeah, it is good when it’s EA Official news

  9. I have the pod patch from the treehouse of horror XXIX event but I don’t have Xylem… and nothing in this current event to get him.
    Does this mean EA will just give out Xylem fro those who don’t have him.. just a bit confused on what they are and are not giving out for free

    • Seems so, if you finished Act 1 Pt 1 I’d expect it, but it could even happen for anyone with the Pod Patch …

  10. Oh yeah! It will be nose to play again!

  11. Whooo Whooo EA is giving everyone Xylem

  12. Mercedes. I’m on an ipad pro:. Two things that worked for me were logging in thru the App Store by hitting open. Then I uinstalled and reinstalled. The problem seems to have been fixed now thru the new update.

  13. I haven’t been able to play on the iPad all week. I hope whatever it is will be fixed shortly.

  14. I feel guilty…? I completely the act so early on, I never encountered any of the login/etc issues until well after I’d finished all the tasks…

  15. Can we please at some point get a collect all for character jobs? Thank you

    • You do know we here are not EA ??
      We write about what EA do for this, that’s all

    • I too have wanted an option like that since I have over 460 characters, but it does miss the point of the game as it’s called Tapped Out so it makes sense you have to tap out all the characters individually. At least we can assign them all at once to a particular time frame. With my weekend schedule though, I end up having to tap them all individually to get them on their 8 hr premium tasks so I can get back to my weekday schedule. (I have the Chez Guevara building so most of my adult characters have the premium task of Dance the Senior Burns and I have the Big Bug House building so all the kids have the premium task of Get Caught in Webs.) This process takes about 30 minutes or more. Good thing we can tap out early for 0 donuts when all of them have at least 48 minutes and 0 seconds left on the clock for each of them.

  16. The “little something” was 30 donuts after hitting the weekly challenges!

  17. Well I feel better already thank you for the update..

  18. I can’t log in I’ve tried everything can someone help? I’m using a iPad 17.0.3 version 5th generation

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