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Easter Removal Update is Live! (for All)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Photo May 13, 12 32 59 PM

Easter Removal is live on iOS, Android AND Kindle!

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2014-05-13 17.36.23

Well it looks like EA has decided to remove Easter once and for all.  TSTO v 4.8.1 is here and it looks like it’s just the removal of Easter!  Similar to what we all experienced after Christmas, where the app store update simply removed the previous event & brought nothing new with it.

Here’s what the app description says:
“The bunnies have gone the way of the snakes and fled Springfield.  All that’s left are piles of spoiled eggs, heaps of burnt hair and a ton of droppings – Springfield may never smell the same again but at least those pests are gone!
Stay tuned as we have more Tapped Out characters, quests and donuts coming soon.”

Does this mean we won’t get an update?  No.  It just means that EA decided to simply remove Easter today and there should be another update on the horizon.  My guess is we’ll either see an Episode tie-in tomorrow (Wednesday) or another update on Thursday.

For now, if you’re sick of Easter, head on over to your App Store and download the newest version of TSTO.  But if you want to try your luck, until they force you to update, at zapping a few more bunnies you can do that too.  Just don’t update until they force you too.

Good news tho.  If there are a few items you didn’t yet purchase but were hoping to get…you may be able to update after all as not everything was limited-time.   Continue reading