Easter Removal Update is Live! (for All)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

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Easter Removal is live on iOS, Android AND Kindle!

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Well it looks like EA has decided to remove Easter once and for all.  TSTO v 4.8.1 is here and it looks like it’s just the removal of Easter!  Similar to what we all experienced after Christmas, where the app store update simply removed the previous event & brought nothing new with it.

Here’s what the app description says:
“The bunnies have gone the way of the snakes and fled Springfield.  All that’s left are piles of spoiled eggs, heaps of burnt hair and a ton of droppings – Springfield may never smell the same again but at least those pests are gone!
Stay tuned as we have more Tapped Out characters, quests and donuts coming soon.”

Does this mean we won’t get an update?  No.  It just means that EA decided to simply remove Easter today and there should be another update on the horizon.  My guess is we’ll either see an Episode tie-in tomorrow (Wednesday) or another update on Thursday.

For now, if you’re sick of Easter, head on over to your App Store and download the newest version of TSTO.  But if you want to try your luck, until they force you to update, at zapping a few more bunnies you can do that too.  Just don’t update until they force you too.

Good news tho.  If there are a few items you didn’t yet purchase but were hoping to get…you may be able to update after all as not everything was limited-time.  

A couple of other changes…

-Baskets have been removed from my Springfield.  I had 4 there, they’re gone. (I can confirm from my “A” game that the baskets are also removed from inventory.  Had 2 in there, they’re now gone.)
-MKI (the free one we all got from the questline) now earns $300, 30xp every 12hrs
-MKII (was premium) now earns $500, 45xp every 24hrs
-Carrots are no longer an option at Cletus’s Farm
-No cash value for remaining eggs
-As of now, no decorations from Easter are allowed in Krustyland.

You can still purchase:

Obviously everything from Level 40, as that was a permanent addition to the game and not part of Easter.

Crazy Cat Lady and Her House- 180 donuts
crazy cat lady house crazy cat lady

Fireworks, Candy & Puppies– 60 donuts
firework store

Kodos and Kang Topiaries 15 donuts each
kang topiary kodos topiary

Sumatran Century Flower– 40 donuts

That’s it for now my friends!

We can all resume our normal lives once again….or can we? 😉

What do YOU think of the Easter removal?  Are you glad to finally see it leave Springfield?  What do you think the next update might be?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

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230 responses to “Easter Removal Update is Live! (for All)

  1. melissa krause

    I’ve played this game for well over a year and have spent enough money on it and when I tried going on today it somehow had me signed off which I didn’t notice so I tapped the screen to sign in and it begun a whole new game. How do I sign into my origin and pull up my springfield?? My log in is amethyst81100.

    • Restart TSTO. On the splash screen you should see the origin login in the bottom left corner. Tap login. Reenter your Origin ID and password and you should be good to go.

  2. hairyladybird

    Is there any news about the glitch fixing yet? I’m not playing whilst its like that cause its frustrating and now I’m having withdrawal symptoms lol

  3. So glad I held off on the Easter removal update. In the 11’th hour (13’th even as it ended two days ago) I FINALLY won my remaining pink (non-dominant) unique item, Chirpy Boy & Bart Jr.! That means the only thing I missed out on was Sherry Bobbins who I can live without. Thanks to all my Easter friends who hung in there with me and helped to fill my two pink baskets this morning.


  4. Not really…
    It’s a little bit better, as long as you collect the money “per hand”.
    If you try to move around the town, it still freezes. “Automatic money collect” makes the game a still life for along time. Took me ages to send my zombies to their next jobs…

  5. Are there any news about the “repair” after the update?
    At the moment, it’s nearly impossible to play. Every movement around my town causes a loooooong freezing and the guys don’t walk anymore, but move like a zombie army.
    Aaargh! Should have stayed with the bunnies…..

  6. I am still playing easter! I am still collecting eggs and I have egg baskets out. Sadly 2/3’s of my neighbors have updated and we can’t visit each other and collect eggs but the 1/3 of my non updating neighbors are in full action. I am still winning prized in pink blue and gold box.
    I still don’t have some of the things I want, Shary Bobbins, Sean, and Kang Topiary, and I probably won’t get them, but I am so glad I still have a chance. This morning the gold box gave me the stupid Easter gate again, but hope is still alive.
    For future I highly suggest people turn off auto-updates.

  7. Just out of curiosity, is anyone else having a zapping withdrawal problem, or thinking they see bunnies in their town? I seriously keep looking for them every time I’m in my SF. Maybe it’s a good thing they didn’t extend the event LOL

  8. *****BREAKING NEWS********

    From EA in response for the Glitchy OS.

    An unforeseen turn of events. When we remove the bunnies and retired them down to the basement, we forgot to leave them food and the chewed through the server wires. Please be patient as we have Animal Control on the scene and as soon as the rabid rabbits are cleared we will send in our best technician to solve the problem. Estimate time to completion: by Thanksgiving. We appreciate your concern and hope that you will still spend money on donuts so we can pay the techs who are trying to repair the situation. Thank you for being a TSTO fan!

    • bwahahahahahaha

    • Wait! The BASEMENT??? ****NOOOOO***** OUR Bunny is down there!

      Great post btw LMBO 😉

      • Hince the issue. Alissa hasn’t fed her in a few days and she started chewing. Now wookie has to fly out there to fix the issue. Can I say that I just spent the last two hours clearing towns and I crashed 12 times. Sent a report for each one.

        • Alissa? Our Alissa?? Starving our poor Bunny? To think I thought she was the sane one 😉 I bet she locked Wookiee in the attic…yes, I do believe she said that, so he would study… I wonder if she’s starving him, too?

          EA is gonna l o v e you LOL

          • Poor abused children.

            • I was going to “like” your post Ryan, but couldn’t bring myself to like “poor abused children” LOL

              • If you can read this bunny. I have contacted the local authorities and they are sending out SWAT. Hang in there help is coming.

              • Is THAT who was banging on my door late in the middle of the night?! 😉

              • granmamaDar

                Actually that was all of **us**! We couldn’t get SWAT out fast enough 😉

              • lol makes sense then!

              • granmamaDar

                At least Bunny is still alive (albeit more cray cray than normal), but so far from what emails I’ve gone through, nothing from the big guy. I know he is cramming, but I get worried easily 😉

              • Don’t worry about me. I’m always around but just focusing on school to keep my grades up. You know how the final weeks are. Essay, finals, etc.

              • granmamaDar

                LOL, why would I worry about you? You are the mighty Wookiee! Now start cramming 🙂

              • Wow bunny I think we wore out granmamadar last night. And she said that I couldn’t hang.

              • granmamaDar

                No way Ryan! I wasn’t getting any emails or notifications of postings, so I figured I was the only one here LOL I also had done all the things I could do (or was so inclined to do), on my game. So , no whimping/passing out here. Besides, I **do** have to work today LOL

              • They left us hanging all night. I demand a moderation schedule be posted so we know when we can harass each other. Lol and who at addicts we can harass when.

              • lol we’re like a box of chocolates…you never know what you’re gonna get 😉

              • granmamaDar

                You know what my momma always says, life is like a box of chocolates, some are FULL OF NUTS! LOL!

              • And some just have one bite taken out of each and every last one. 😉

              • granmamaDar

                LMBO! I think sometimes they are thinking “get a room” 😉

              • lol nah. There are moments when I’m like..”we should do open moderation” but then there are those that ruin it for everyone and say hateful & hurtful things that make us say…nope no open moderation.
                That and when there are questions that need to me answered I like knowing they’re in moderation so we can get to them & answer them. Helps us make sure all your questions get answered 🙂

              • Or at least Skype each other.

              • The issue is…we have no schedules…I never know when sleep will hit, so I grab it when I can. 😉

              • granmamaDar

                There were a few times when I thought you were the Energizer Bunny & never slept LOL!

              • Some days I don’t. Go for a few days then crash. That’s how I know I am sick…I sleep. Alissa worries when I sleep. Makes her nervous. More than 3 hrs at a time is a LOT for me.

              • Try melatonin tabs they are great.

              • Meh…I have tried tons. Those did nothing to impact my sleep. Nothing at all. Lol.

              • I take like 10mg and with in 45 min I am out cold. (3x the bottle dose)

              • granmamaDar

                Is that healthy? :/

              • My doctor put me on it, I thought the same at first so I did a google search on it and found that they use very high doses like 50-150 to aid in different types of treatment. Its just melatonin. All natural.

              • granmamaDar

                RYAN! That’s so awesome… see, I knew you were young LOL. I don’t know why you were afraid to let us see your pic?!? You are a good looking young man!

              • Bunny I wanted to tell you that I crashed going into addicts the first attempt today. I haven’t had a problem since. Also I did a minor redesign tonight ( not like I have much to do) and left a stamp just for you. It will be bigger soon. I am focusing on getting money to expand. I got 4 squares today. More to come…..

    • Akkk!!! The game won’t be fixed till Thanksgiving!!!
      That Really Sucks!!

  9. Hey ummm maybe you can help… Did you know that the new update was glitchy??? I mean really what can you do to help, Should I contact EA??
    I wonder if I scroll through the comments I could see if someone else is having the same problems and see what you responded in the comments. Naaah I want to be productive and write you a post. Just so you know that I still love you . I have nothing better to do now cause all my bunnies are gone.

    HAHAHAHA ROMAL!!! But seriously people, use the space between your ears!

  10. Still no forced update, couple of spins and…….oh another fence & gate 🙁 I can still visit about a 3rd of my neighours 🙂

  11. Dear EA: thanks for giving us the opportunity to win prizes during this Easter event. However the prize system was the most frustrating thing ever. Don’t get me wrong the ideas behind the event were aweosme (tapping bunnies, egg baskets, exchanging eggs with friends etc.) But the lottery system was just nonsense. It tooK forever to win golden boxes, such that i eventually gave in and purchased two truckload of golden eggs on the last day of the event (for 100 donuts). What a waste…i just won junk! I just wanted to win ONE of shary bobbins or father Sean, is that too much to ask? This event could have been a success but you’ve angered many of your fans.

  12. I was lucky enough to get all the buildings but I did buy the truckload of donuts to get a massive amount of spins for each color. Very unsuccessful in getting characters from the gold prize batch except for the useless winged bunny #24601 lol! I really wanted Shary Bobbins and Father Sean, heck I would have liked Hugs Bunny too…but nothing. Overall I think the spinning thing is terrible! Whether it is Xmas, Valentines or this. They should have treated the eggs like the FP and just made the goal higher to reach to unlock items.

  13. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know for a fact if the Easter baskets disappear from your inventory after updating?

  14. Woke up to the update. Was sad, but Freak cheered me up 🙂

    I miss the pretties.

    • 🙁 update sadness but hey we still have 1 bunny that could cheer you up.
      Although my words to her…after I updated…”One bunny in my life is enough!” To which she replied “well you’re already out of lucky because you got Bunny 24601 AND Hugs so that’s THREE Bunnies in your life! Bwahahahahahahaha!” lol

      • True, 3 now, but who is the cutest & orneryesterester? She does have a knack for cheering us up 🙂

        • lol meh she has her moments 😉

          PS I can get away with that because she’s sick in bed again….actually I don’t think she ever really fully recovered from the last time

          • I figured she wasn’t quite up to par yet, she’s usually chiming in with a remark just when you least expect it LOL.

            Well tell her to get better soon & that’s an order, we miss her! Seriously, I hope she feels better soon (((Furry One))).

            • lol her lack of comments..and my ability to post a redesign post (like I said I finger paint next to her and Wookiee) sure signs she’s still under the weather!
              I’ll pass it along to her. 🙂

              • granmamaDar

                Don’t discount yourself, maybe the lack of Bunny (& wherever Wookiee has been lately), is bringing out the best in you 🙂

                Where has Wookiee been, anyway?

              • I’m right here. Last two weeks of school… nuff said.

              • granmamaDar

                Muy Comprende!

                no excuses after that, though 😉

              • He’s got finals coming up…so I locked him in the attic so he’ll study 😉

              • granmamaDar

                Shhhh, he’s still watching us LOL 😉 BTW Wookiee, I forgot to say GL on finals 🙂
                (I’m sure you’ll get your HS diploma this time)

                JUST bustin your chops Wook 😉

              • Darn it! I thought I fixed that hole in the ceiling! 😉

              • granmamaDar

                Oh you poor girl! Wookiee in the attic & Bunny in the cellar? No wonder you have to be the adult 😉

                JK JK Wookie, I know you are an adult… now Bunny on the other hand 😉

              • Lol… some day. If only they taught in Shyriiwook.

              • granmamaDar

                If they did, you’d be the Yoda of it 😉

  15. mander2431874

    I’m holding off on updating so I can get my last fences for the donuts….please add me if you are waiting to update too!!

  16. In case it hadn’t been mentioned, at this point, vandalizing does not activate that flashy spinning donut download thingy… 🙂

  17. marlboromanmat

    Aaargh!!! I’m so close! I have 47 fences, so if anyone can help me with eggs in the next day or so before EA force us all to update, it would be much appreciated.

  18. It’s Cguy, with a completely unexpected follow-up from the Easter Front. It’s D+1, and no one expected the battle to last this long. Speaking of Mary Poppins, several of the nannies interviewing for the job were actually men in drag.

    No one thought the battle would go on this long, some major logistical error has delayed the inevitable. Over 50% of the units have just dropped out of the fighting. I hate to report that some of our troops are so disconsolate that they are committing atrocities. I have seen some units discard their non-lethal bunny stunners, and instead have taken to boppin’ em on the head. In one particularly gruesome event, soldiers poured warm cheese sauce on the captured bunnies! (I think it was a Welsh unit, if that wasn’t clear earlier).

    The bunny commander (who this reporter would have to admit looks particularly fetching in her uniform) is getting noticeable agitated over the treatment of her troops. She has been seen on several occasions hopping up and down, and screaming “Bring me my cake! Bring me my cake!”

    Hopefully this will be my last report from the Easter Front – but at this time, there is no telling. All I can say is that our tactician, Edgar Armstrong (we call him EA for short), had better fix those logistical problems, or it’s **sploosh** – warm cheese sauce for him!

  19. This event was a total rip-off. I was left with 49 fences, one short of the free donuts. I missed out on most of the characters after spinning countless times. Now after updating, the game crashes before opening. I deinstalled and reinstalled. Now I get a WARNING that my town isn’t saved on my other device. I don’t have it on another device. I selected “play anyway” and got a second more ominous warning saying some progress may have been lost. I deleted the app again and that’s it for me. EA can’t seem to find it’s butt with both hands. I’m so sick of the glitches. The last event started just before Easter and lasted weeks after. Same thing with all the events since I started playing last October. I’m done.

  20. im not going to update now especially because of the glitch. i still need help in blue eggs, but pink eggs are fine because it will help me converting into blue eggs, anyone can help?

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