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TSTO Anonymous… The Birth of an Addict

Well hello there Addicterinos, Tapaholics and TSTO Junkies,

I find it hilarious that none of these terms seem offensive to me.  What a cool thing it is that being “addicted” to a mobile app is something we treasure here on this site.  In a world full of some really uncool and bumerrific stuff, there are so many worse things than really, really, really liking a silly, little game based on The Simpsons.

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Hi, my name is Bunny and I am…what…wait…will you people stop saying “hi” back…hey…excuse me…trying to talk here…SHEESH. Some people’s children. Now, where was I? Oh yah…I’M BROKE!! FOR REALS!! I had almost $400,000 saved up this week and its gone. ALL GONE! EVERY LAST DROP! What? NO! Not in my ACTUAL bank account. My GAME silly. What did you think I meant? This IS a blog about the game you know. 😛

The following information is about how my addiction with TSTO and especially 2Ds is causing me to not be able to progress in the game to the point I can’t even play the basic scratch-R. Yah, it is that serious. Will I get help? Will I stop? NEVER!!!


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