Hi, my name is Bunny and I am…what…wait…will you people stop saying “hi” back…hey…excuse me…trying to talk here…SHEESH. Some people’s children. Now, where was I? Oh yah…I’M BROKE!! FOR REALS!! I had almost $400,000 saved up this week and its gone. ALL GONE! EVERY LAST DROP! What? NO! Not in my ACTUAL bank account. My GAME silly. What did you think I meant? This IS a blog about the game you know. πŸ˜›

The following information is about how my addiction with TSTO and especially 2Ds is causing me to not be able to progress in the game to the point I can’t even play the basic scratch-R. Yah, it is that serious. Will I get help? Will I stop? NEVER!!!


So this all started with a couple lil eggs that were littering my town when I really started playing the new downloaded game in May. I found not only could they be broke aka whacked, but I could also move them around. Because I had no way of telling who left them in my town, and thought the ones I left had same issue…I came to conclusion I would make initials or write my name in the other towns. This was my “free sample” to 2D art. It always starts with something so small and simple. And thus an addiction was created.

bunny eggs

Fast forward a bit…I was now full swing into the game. Even though I was on upper levels…the game play had me several behind still. That whacking leveled me up so fast, I didn’t have time to keep up. Now all that was behind me, I was trying to make my town reflect my level. Sadly, I started getting bored…then the cravings kicked in again. I dabbled in a lil doodling here n there in 2D art, but nothing was quite fulfilling. I realized then, I need to buy more to make more. I started purchasing a few decorations to keep stockpiled for my art. A few small bushes here, some fences there, and still not enough. I wanted MORE. GIMME MORE!!! So I spent all my saved money (without realizing) on decorations.

decoration stock

A few more months passed…I was now fully ADDICTED and couldn’t stop. I found the more expensive the decorations, the cooler 2Ds. My 2Ds continued to get bigger and bigger, more and more pieces, and my poor town’s buildings were losing more and more room. My poor town was just a mess. No room to move. Buildings and surrounding areas were suddenly uprooted to make way for Link, or Kirby, or the Enterprise…and so much more. The time came that my 2Ds took MORE precedence over my town. I needed to do something. So I uprooted my ENTIRE town and made a GIANT “artists palette and canvas”. Then redesigned my buildings AROUND the palette. Now I didn’t have the hassle or headache to find room to make my art…or so I thought.

Bunny Palette

I recently made a Maggie 2D for my friend Em. She had also asked me to make her a Marge. Knowing a baby needs her Mommy, I was happy to oblige. So I started on Marge. Problem is, her hair is soooo big it kept running into Burns Manor. So what do I do? Move Burns away and pull apart his area. Priorities. (I will go into more detail and breakdown of making Marge down the road). Now her hair is a CRAZY shade of blue. Only one decoration that is blue will work. Dumpster. Just take a guess at how much that cost me. Lets just say I AGAIN spent every last penny I had to make her…and ran out before completion.

Marge hair

I’m a sick sick sick individual. But yet I will still refuse help (unless someone wants to send me real life money to pay for my “habit” πŸ˜› j/k ). I am almost as sick and obsessed as…well…Sideshow Bob is with Bart. HEY…speaking of. Lets just see how sick I am. Now let’s…Hey…I KNOW Sideshow is in my game TSTO…I am making him right now. He…what…there’s ANOTHER Sideshow in my game? Oh. Right. This is a game. Fine Fine…where is the lil bugger. **WHAP** DONE! (Notice I still have $$$)

Bob Palette

So here is me going mad with an addiction making a 2D. Shhh…be very very quiet…you are watching a wabb…err…BUNNY! I start my design at a kinda east west angle. I just get the hair done to the point I like and then frustration kicks in. I spent FOREVER on that hair. **sigh**His stupid face just looked like crap…yah, I said crap. Deal with it. πŸ˜› (It is at this point I should mention I am using standard small bush and those odd newspaper dispensers to make his hair. Having a few around town, some that I won in the joke that is a weekly mystery box, and a lil in inventory…I knew I would need more eventually. Man this is gonna get expensive.

Sideshow 1

So I flip him North to South…ish. Again I meticulously spend time trying to get each poof and angle of his hair just right. This addiction has its hold on me. Finally it is taking shape…wait…ran out AGAIN? *sigh* More money to buy more dispensers. I will just put them a lil further apart. It’ll be ok, right? I just keep telling myself it’s for the art. Gotta do it.

Sideshow 2

Now for his goofy face. Eyes. Nose. Boy his nose just will not cooperate with me. Not at all. After about 15 different rhinoplasti (that’s a word, right?), it finally looked ok. Mouth. K, he is looking good.

Sideshow 3

NO! That was a lie. He needs more color in his hair. It his HAIR that makes his character. Back to my bank of money. Back to buying even more dispensers. K…he is looking even better.

Sideshow 4

A nice outline of Sideshow Bob. Or not…grrrr. NEEDS MORE COLOR!! The tweaker in me DEMANDS more! Back to the bank acc…uh…where’d all that money go? I only have a lil bit left. Meh, it won’t cost me THAT much. ON TO THE FILLING!! Hey, his hair is kinda cool yellowish (this is what it looks like when you have to buy/place as you go and not have inventory to just place). Groovy man.

Sideshow XP



FINE! I will just go borrow from my neighbors, can’t be much more now. On to the 3 tap neighbor visit. REALLY?! YOU’RE HERE TOO? ***WHAP*** Go home Sideshow…you’re…ummm…

2Bob town

Next neighbor. This town looks cool bu…AGAIN?! You following me freaky clown? ***WHAP*** Not anymore.


This neighbor always has cool stuff…and…WHA??? Empty town AND a clown too??? ***WHAP***


That’s it…I’m going to Krustyland. He can’t follow me…spoke too soon. *WHA…NOOOOOOOO!!!! It booted me out completely. @^$#&%#*# Now I gotta log back into my game. Not amused. I’m gonna get that clown. Back in…travelin to Krustyland…and he is STILL there…I will show him…I’m taking you back to he…home with me Clown…travelin back to Springfield…POOF…HAAHAHAH. Didn’t know I could do that did yah clown? Just have to bring yah with me and **WHAP**. (FYI this does work if he is in Krustyland, just go to the shuttle and take him back to Springfield to tap on him).

8 7

Oh yah…Blog thingy. Ummm…where was I. Oh yah, making a clown. Hair. Lots n lots n lots n lots n lots n lots n lots n lots n lots n lots …. *breathe in n out*…lots n lots. Phew. That’s a LOT of dispensers. Can you guess how much?

Sideshow partial fill

…and there is…NO! GET OFF MY ART CLOWN! ***WHAP***

4 1

…and here is my Sideshow Bob.

Sideshow filledSideshow pic

THIS is where all my money has been going lately. My addiction is out of control. I’m takimg money from children to feed my habit. (Rodd n Todd are STILL waiting to be built). Is there no end to my madness? Is no one spared? NOPE!

I wonder if there are others out there like me. Sacrificing their level play to feed an addiction. Are YOU addicted?

Did I waste enough of your time yet? Yes? Oh, ok then. I guess I will sum it up and be done with it.

So there is another piece of art for my addiction wall. I will keep adding them as long as I can. Or until I can’t make anymore money. Or until the fuzz shut me down. πŸ˜›

Just for fun. I want all the readers to guess the FINAL tally count for the dispensers. Then, guess the total cost for all those dispensers. One of you lucky guessers will get a special 2D from me. πŸ™‚Β For anyone keeping tabs…I am out of money, at LEAST 3 levels behind in game play, and making yet another 2D. IT’S AN ADDICTION!!! πŸ™‚




  1. Amazing design, I just don’t have the patience to build something like that lol

  2. willielikesthat

    This is my first time seeing this page. From the post title, I had thought that it was going to be some “real-life” serious stuff, like… getting fired at work. Or perhaps, family members that arranged an intervention.
    It has been about 18 months since the original post. Does Bunny now have this situation under control? lol O_o πŸ˜›

  3. I enjoyed reading this u got mad skill

    • Awww well thank you very much. This is my sleep deprivation creativity in effect. Made me giggle so much because no matter what I did, Sideshow Bob kept popping in my town while I designed it. He was all over. Lol. πŸ˜‰

  4. U are very talented…TSTO 4Life!!!

  5. So what was the final count?

  6. I love this post. So funny and enjoyable to read. Thanks!

  7. PS someone at work thought i was crazy, cos at lunchtime i was reading this post having a little WT chuckle πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  8. I’m going with 312, at whatever the cost of 312 times the cost of them (cos i can’t remember and can’t be bothered to look it up) minus the cost of 27 you won in mystery boxes… πŸ™‚

  9. I can’t guess, I imagine some of the other 2D artists can give a general idea. The dumpsters made a huge dent I imagine, then all the items bought here and there over time. All the buildings have been exspensive so you are 100,000s $ behind maybe a mil. You have fun though and love your game. You are good at what you do and everyone seems to anticipate each new creation you build.

  10. Love the Jack I saw in your town tonight πŸ™‚

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