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4-24-14: In Game Update

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Little update just hit our games….

Photo Apr 15, 12 27 12 PM

At first glance this update is labeled Hotfix 2…which tells us that it’s glitch fixes.  We’re combing through the files now to see if there’s anything else that has changed…BUT if you were experiencing the basket glitch and it’s now resolved please let us know!

We’ll be back with and updates from the update if we see anything!

Happy Zapping!

Update 1pm EST: 

What’s new?
-You can now tap Clausco, Metal Christmas Tree, Guinea Pig Rescue Center & Shamrock Cafe when visiting neighbors for eggs


Update 130PM EST from Bunny:

It still looks like many have the basket glitch and “Thank You” screen issue. 🙁 There still may be another Update coming for those. Hang in there. They were working on it as of last night when I was on a call with them. We are looking for confirmation if anyone else’s Egg Generators are now putting out the RIGHT color. MK1 should be your COMMON main player color. MK2 should be your UNCOMMON non player color. We also want to know if those with the Bunny Stunner/Zapper are still having issue with it going to the edit screen. Let us know.

Still picking through files to see if anything else stands out.