4-24-14: In Game Update

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Little update just hit our games….

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At first glance this update is labeled Hotfix 2…which tells us that it’s glitch fixes.  We’re combing through the files now to see if there’s anything else that has changed…BUT if you were experiencing the basket glitch and it’s now resolved please let us know!

We’ll be back with and updates from the update if we see anything!

Happy Zapping!

Update 1pm EST: 

What’s new?
-You can now tap Clausco, Metal Christmas Tree, Guinea Pig Rescue Center & Shamrock Cafe when visiting neighbors for eggs


Update 130PM EST from Bunny:

It still looks like many have the basket glitch and “Thank You” screen issue. 🙁 There still may be another Update coming for those. Hang in there. They were working on it as of last night when I was on a call with them. We are looking for confirmation if anyone else’s Egg Generators are now putting out the RIGHT color. MK1 should be your COMMON main player color. MK2 should be your UNCOMMON non player color. We also want to know if those with the Bunny Stunner/Zapper are still having issue with it going to the edit screen. Let us know.

Still picking through files to see if anything else stands out.

203 responses to “4-24-14: In Game Update

  1. When will the Easter event be over??

  2. I can’t use my zapper to zap my bunnies!

  3. I have eggs in my basket but I cannot collect them??? Why??

  4. i want to remove the easter baskets from my town it wont let me how do i get rid of them

    • Unfortunately, you can’t until their full and you tap on them (I realize this may not be something you can do if you have the basket glitch) or until the event is over. The baskets are designed to stay in your town until they’re full then they disappear. They can’t be stored once you place them in your town.

  5. i try store the egg baskets away but they wont let me store them away it says i can store them. how do i remove them from the simpsons app

    • You can’t. Not until they’re full and you’ve tapped on them or the event is over. I realize you may have the basket glitch so they might just be sitting there dead in your town, but unfortunately, they were designed to stay in your town until used. They cannot be stored once placed.

  6. My basket-tapping always worked fine, but since completing the main quest-line 4-5 days ago I haven’t received any new baskets. It has really slowed down my “blue egg income” and I am down to about a box per day… feeling quite disappointed.

  7. It seems i still have basket problems – i had 2 eggs in the pink basket and about 4 in the blue one, but they just disapeared 🙁
    Did i lose them for good?
    Also when i get a notification while in game it snaps and goes back to home screen. Sometimes i have floating $ and XPs around not collected yet.
    I never payed enough attention, but do i lose those too?

    • I found the eggs in the next basket i put out! 🙂

    • For the baskets, contact EA. This is a glitch effecting lots of people so my advice is to avoid baskets until you hear it’s fixed. For the XP and cash, you don’t lose it. It just collects automatically.

  8. I’m still having trouble with my baskets. They are empty but none of my friends can leave me eggs. Also, I saw my friend fill my basket by making four exchanges, but when I logged on, it was empty. When we tried to do it again, the exchange was saved in his game, but not mine (he kept all the exchanged eggs). And then after that, no one could exchange eggs in my basket anymore.

  9. Can’t tap on a lot of friends baskets and I had 5/6 with 2-4 eggs in most and now all the baskets are empty. How do I report this? Thanks

  10. How Do You Buy A Easter Box .?

  11. Free Donuts
    To all you donut hoarders who refuse to pay a penny for donuts like me, I have seen to run across a glitch I must share. I notice then when I visit friends and painfully tap for an hour strait, I noticed more donuts then I originally had. So the next few times I went through and paid attention. When I clicked on a metal tree in my friends neighborhood I got a donut. I’ve been trying to focus on metal trees now and got 2 free my last run through. Too good to not share, good luck tappers and take out those metal trees from your storage.

  12. Hey, I’m having an issue with a pink basket. I set it down and no one can put anything in it and I can’t put it back in my inventory. Is this the basket glitch you guys are talking about? And I dunno if I am having just really bad luck but I have not got a basket in about 4-5 days.

    • It is most definitely the basket glitch. Please contact EA and open a help ticket for the issue. They are slowly trying to reaolve the issue. I just want them to know all who are still impacted by the issue. Sorry.

      As for the baskets they are so random. I went a couple days with none, then got 2 from zapping bunnies at the farm. It’s hard to say when you will get them. Just have fun. Play and enjoy the event. Give it time to get more. Still over 2 weeks left.

  13. I’ve bought a pink Easter basket but I don’t know where my prizes are. Where are they supposed to be, I though they would be in my Inventory but they’re not. (I am definatley not an expert at this game btw LOL!)

  14. Does anyone else have issues with eggs disappearing from their baskets? I had eggs in 3 seperate baskets and now all my baskets are empty. This issue combined with the game constantly freezing is really irritating!

  15. I randomly got 2 extra baskets (not complaining about that, was just confusing, and now have a egg in one of them and when i click it does nothing?

  16. My dead baskets are back up, but not all friends I’m seeing working, a and I have enough of both color eggs I should see floaters (not nearly as many dead; it was in every town).. No egg award, though.
    I feel like this basket thing was a big fiasco for the event… it’s too bad. For the average free tapper its going to be difficult to get to 20 gold baskets to try for sharry without the baskets. Even if they had worked, the random awarding of them is too random. one of my towns I’ve gotten 4 baskets so far; the other close to 20! Instead of it feeling fun and social it’s been frustrating. Because so few people (at least on my list) have been using baskets and so many had dead baskets, finding a neighbor who even had an open blue basket took forever! At least I knew with the valentines I could benefit all my neighbors equally. Ah well.
    Still enjoying the zapper, though. Hello bunny skektons!

  17. I bought a pink basket with my eggs. I can’t find it anywhere… Where is it supposed to be found?

    • I guess I am a lil confused by your comment. Did you mean you purchased an easter basket with your donuts? Or you won a basket in the gold box with your gold eggs?

  18. My basket glitch seems to be fixed, as if Thursday or so. I’ve also gotten a ton of extra eggs added to my totals, twice. Around 1500 total each time. Refund maybe? If that’s a glitch, I’m ok with it. Lol. I can now exchange with my neighbors as well. So I’m stoked.

  19. Just hit a basket glitch boooo

  20. Game keeps force closing

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