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App Update Available- Splash and Burn

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

App store update is out for the next update in TSTO.  This will not go live until tomorrow (7/27) at 11am ET but for now download the update so you’re ready when it’s set to go live.

This update shakes out to be another mini-event, called Splash and Burn.  As always with mini-events, we don’t release spoilers unless they’re given to us by EA.  So more details will follow when the event launches tomorrow.  For now here are some shots of what’s to come directly from the game…

That’s it for now.  Nothing to do but download the update and wait for it to launch at 11am ET tomorrow (Wednesday July 28th).  Oh and make sure you’ve gotten everything out of the shattered dreams box if you wanted something…that will disappear when this event starts up!

Thoughts?  Comments? Concerns? Sound off below!