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Friday Filler- Finding Normal in the New Normal

Thank Grog Its Firday!

I suppose there is some mild comfort and relief from the fact that EA dropped “something to do,” on players stuck at home with “nothing to do.”  And in light of the way things are going, and the way things are being mandated at every level of government, “Nothing to Do” is going to very much be part of everyday lives for a bit…if not a long bit.

I was actually relieved myself to see something happen in our games.  And although I am rational enough to know that this Mini-update was programmed weeks ago, before the real crazy started, somebody had to make sure it got loaded to the servers, and triggered.

So…maybe Bob, the part-time EA programmer has had to give up his Pizza Delivery job during the shut-down in California, or he is actually like many of us, able to work from home.

Whatever the case…THANKS BOB (and EA).  We can use some distraction from our boredom. Right?

If I am honest, I have to admit that I may in fact be on the “Other Side” as the lines are being drawn over the whole, “THIS IS THE END OF THE WORLD- vs- CALM THE FREAK DOWN! WE’RE OVER-REACTING!!”

And the lines are not more obvious than on Social Media…
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