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625 Million Gift Bags and counting… the Second Community Prize

And heeeeeeere’s Santa!  Well, not really but definitely a place for him to rest his caboose.  Yes that’s right Tappers and Tappettes, we got our second Community Prize.  Santa’s Workshop is ours!  Does anyone else feel like the last 175 million counted down real slow?


Wait, I’m getting word from the control room that Kent has breaking news on this development… let’s go over to him and see what’s going on…. Continue reading

450 Million Gift Bags! The FIRST Community Prize is here!

Woo frakkin hoo!  We got our first community prize!  You might be an Addict if you watched a countdown in real time for over 30 minutes.

After 8 days of wishing and hoping and thinking and praying, the Krusty Themed Totem Pole is finally ours.  Coupled with the good news of EA agreeing with our fears of not getting all the prizes due to steep community goals and making them more obtainable, I’m a happy Wookiee!  We actually should be able to get all five community prizes before the event ends on January the 7th.  Cue the celebratory fanfares!  Let’s all sing: It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas….

Tapped_Out_Krusty_Themed_Totem_Pole_snow Continue reading