Turbo Tappin’ Tap Ball: Act 3

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Here we are in Act 3 of Tap Ball!  Seems like just yesterday we were making our way through Act 2 collecting those hats and now here we are smack dab into Act 3 and collecting pennants.  Oh wait.  That was yesterday!

Anyway we’re in the final Act of our fun little summer sporting event..and with a new Act rolled out that of course means a new questline!  The Act 3 questline is similar to the act 2 questline…in that it’s short.  Very short!   But nevertheless let’s still breakdown Turbo Tappin’ walkthrough for Act 3…tapballturbotap

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Turbo Tappin’ Tap Ball: Act 2

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Here we are in Act 2 of Tap Ball!  Seems like just yesterday we were making our way through Act 1 collecting those foam fingers and now here we are smack dab into Act 2 and collecting hats.  Oh wait.  That was yesterday!

Anyway we’re in the middle Act of our fun little summer sporting event..and with a new Act rolled out that of course means a new questline!  The Act 2 questline is nothing like the Act 1 questline…first off it’s short.  And second it really doesn’t do much for you for game directions.  But nevertheless let’s still breakdown Turbo Tappin’ walkthrough for Act 2…tapballturbotap

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Tap Ball Act 2 Is Live

UPDATE BUNNY 7/3: So we got a lil update in our games. You now can see a running total of your Amateur Bucks in the Lower Left Corner of your game along with the Hat Count. Soccer balls too.

You will also notice that your Fans in your own Springfield have some added help, Amateur Bucks. So you can now get the Hats (20) & Amateur Bucks (1) from tapping on them. WOOHOO!!

Still checking a few other games, but so far… it looks like the Neighbor Actions are 90 for Act 2. When tapping the Fans there, you will ALSO get 1 Hat & 1 Amateur Buck now. WOOHOO!!

Checking for any other noticeable changes, but so far… those are the main ones. 🙂


Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Good Morning to you all.  It’s about 4am here on the East Coast and Period Act 2 is Live!

Remember…this is an automatic change in your game.  Nothing to download, it should just start up in your game..

Homer will kick things off for Act 2…

Just what does Act 2 have in store for us?  Let’s take a look…

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Community Prize #4: Yeeeeesssssss?! The Yes Guy is here!


Hey Howdy Hey Gift Bag Dropping Tappers!

Well 4 down 1 to go!  We’ve hit the magical 975 million mark in our community prize goal and you know what that means….the Yes Guy is here!



That’s right Tappers when you login to you Springfield today you’ll see the message that the Yes Guy has been unlocked and should be live in your Springfield!  He does come with a full list of tasks AND his own questline…not bad for a free character huh?

We’ll be back with the Turbo Tappin’ version of the Yes Guy’s questline AND a WDTCF (yes he’s appeared in several Simpsons episodes) but for now enjoy the new free character we’ve unlocked!

Here’s to 1.2 billion gift bags and the Candy Cane Power Plant skin!

P.S. He is voiced! (Sorry I had my sound off at first…)

Bunny here…Turbo Tappin done and ready to drop on you all in a few hours (it’s so fun to make you wait in anticipation. Muhahahahah.) In the meantime, Yes Guy will be the one to keep available, of course. First up will take 60 min, after that well…I guess you will have to wait n see. 😛

625 Million Gift Bags and counting… the Second Community Prize

And heeeeeeere’s Santa!  Well, not really but definitely a place for him to rest his caboose.  Yes that’s right Tappers and Tappettes, we got our second Community Prize.  Santa’s Workshop is ours!  Does anyone else feel like the last 175 million counted down real slow?


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COMMUNITY PRIZES: Christmas Edition 2013

Note from Alissa: Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!  Just dropping in with a quick note.  First off as of this little update note (4pm EST on 12/17/13) we’re sitting at just shy of 403,000,000 Gift Bags dropped.  So keep dropping those Gift Bags my friends.  We’ll unlock the first prize by this weekend!  
Second, and this is a biggie so listen up!  According the game files it looks like EA has dropped the requirements to reach the community prizes DRASTICALLY.  It looks like the NEW totals are as follows:  
1st Prize: Remains the same at 450 million.    
2nd Prize: Dropped to 625 million (down from 1 billion)
3rd Prize: Dropped to 800 million (down from 1.5 billion)
4th Prize: Dropped to 975 million (down from 2 billion)
5th and final Prize: Dropped to 1.1 billion (down from 2.5 billion) as of 12/29/13 EA again has changed the total. 1.2 billion now.
I’ve added next to Bunny’s numbers to show the new estimated total according to the files.

Clearly EA is hearing the complaints of the goals not being reached fast enough and they want to ensure we unlock ALL of the prizes.  Of course we won’t know for absolute certainty until we unlock the first prize and see what in fact the next goal in the game is…EA is sneaky like that.  But i’m fairly certain they’re not trying to be Grinchy this Christmas and want to make sure we unlock EVERYTHING.  
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Where did THAT come from- King Homer’s Skyscraper

30 BILLION GOO!!!!!  Can you believe it?  EA rocks and this final community prize is sooooooo cool!  Like usual, we’re here at Addicts to let you know just where it comes from.  Ahhhh… still basking in this awesome addition…  all hail King Homer’s Skyscraper.


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Where Did THAT Come From- Frog Prince

Welcome to Hogwarts, err… I mean TSTO Addicts.  Wookiee here ready to explain once more just where the heck EA finds these decorations we get in our game.  Congrats to all of us worldwide for reaching 20 BILLION GOO (Insert Dr. Evil laugh here).  If you’d told me 20 days ago that there’d have been that much GOO collected in 20 something days, I’d probably have locked you in the basement with Bunny.


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20 Billion GOO & The Frog Prince: Kiss Me-Ribbit!

Hey Howdy Hey Ghost Busters!

Congratulations!  We’ve all be hard at work busting ghosts and collecting GOO that we’ve finally reached the 20 Billion GOO mark!  Just a week shy of when we unlocked the Ghost Bomb, just over a week of the clawing zombie & 2 weeks from unlocking the very first (and in my opinion so far the best) Community Prize, the First Church of Lard Lad we’ve, as a community, unlocked the 4th Community Prize….the Frog Prince!

Looks like, much in the way of the Zombies & Snorky, the Frog Price is just a character that will roam around your Springfield searching for his Princess….
Of course it’s not an easy task searching for some  girl that will kiss you back into a prince.  So it seems as though the Frog Prince partakes in a cold Duff now and then (or 12).  Bloodshot eyes, stumbles as he walks and of course…the biggest clue…when you tap on him he pukes!
frogprince_vomitsHe’s quite a catch isn’t he ladies?  Hey Froggy, we’ve got a Bunny we can fix you up with!

While there are no quests for the Frog Prince, it’s still a hilarious addition to the game!  He has a little bit of mini dialogue to start when he drops, explaining how he got here.  He also has some hilarious dialogue when you tap him.  Here’s the dialogue:
Frog Prince: Once I was an innocent frog, then an incompetent boy wizard turned me into this nightmare of agony.  Please don’t tap me.  It just makes it hurt worse.
Of course that just makes you want to tap him more!
When you do tap him he makes the best puking noise (trust me you’ll want to make sure the sound is on for this one!) and has some hilarious dialogue!  Here’s what he says when you tap him (in no particular order):
-Hey, cut it out.
-Kill me, please.
Why do you hate me?
Oh the agony.
-Thanks a lot, jerk!
-I’m going to barf on you.
-Congratulations.  You just tortured a frog.
-Hey, I don’t tap you, and you’re no looker yourself.

Anyway..enjoy your FREE gift from EA Tappers!  Have fun and remember to always tap responsibly!

Until Homer’s Skyscraper and 30 Billion GOO my friends!